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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)


Serials Dept.
  %AMemorial Libr., Univ. of Wi.,
     dlz= 6, wis.
           What Is The Bell System?
  The Bell System is wires and cables
and laboratories and manufacturing
plants and local operating companies
and millions of telephones in every
part of the country.
  The Bell System is people ... hun-
dreds of thousands of emPloyees and
more than a million and a half men
and women who have invested their
savings in the business.
  It is more than that. The Bell
System is an idea.
  It is an idea that starts with the
policy of providing the best possible
telephone service at the lowest pos-
sible price.
  But desire is not enough. Bright
dreams and high hopes need to be
brought to earth and made to work.
  You could have all the equipment
and still not have the service you
know today.
  You could have all the separate
parts of the Bell System and not
have the benefits of all those parts
fitted together in a nationwide whole.
  The thing that makes it work so
well in your behalf is the way the
Bell System is set up to do the job.
  No matter whether it is some sim-
ple matter of everyday operation-
or the great skills necessary to invent
the Transistor or develop underseas
telephone cables to distant countries
-the Bell System has the experience
and organization to get it done.
  And an attitude and spirit of serv-
ice that our customers have come to
know as a most important part of
the Bell System idea.
Bell Telephone System

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