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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Newly married,   pp. 36-37

Page 36

allay the fears of entering students who are
warned by fellow students that the ILS pro-
gram requires hard work and outstanding
ability. Faculty members teaching advanced
courses often remark that they recognize ILS
students by their ability to tackle problems
and do independent work.
   A second fear, that the creating of an
integrated program  was a response to a
passing fad that in short time would fade
out, has proved unfounded. Without special
publicizing of the course beyond the official
bulletins of the University, the course has
attracted a volunteer group of over 200 new
students each year. These students are pre-
paring for many different fields of work:
mathematics, sciences, and medicine, as well
as occupations in social fields such as law,
education, and civil service. A considerable
number are    consciously laying a liberal
foundation for future careers in business and
finance. Unless current trends change radi-
cally, the need for such a-program as ILS
seems assured. Of most immediate concern
is the prospect of growth to the point at
which some of the values and benefits of a
smaller group may be lost.
   The fear that it might be difficult to secure
good teachers for an integrated curriculum
has been proved absurd by the extraordinary
loyalty of the ILS faculty. Of the present
group of eighteen professors ten have been.
continuously connected with the program
since its founding, and four can claim five
or more years. Practically every change of
senior staff has been occasioned by the res-
ignation of a teacher from the University
to accept a post elsewhere. I believe two
reasons account for this faithful continuity:
one, the freedom to plan, teach, and test a
course without considerations other than the
best development of the students' minds; and
two, the satisfaction and pleasure found in
responsive, alert and   self-motivated stu-
dents. Elsewhere in this issue of the Wis-
consin Alumnus Professor Noland elaborates
his reasons for teaching in ILS.
   The enthusiasm and loyalty of the ILS
 student body have exceeded all expectations.
 An original goal of ILS was to provide a
 "small college" atmosphere on the campus
 of a great university. To this goal the stu-
 dents have  responded  with unquestioned
 appreciation. The ILS office is less an admin-
 istrative center than a headquarters; students
 are in and out at all hours with purposes
 ranging from deciding on a life career to a
 moment's informal chat. The first class in
 1948 organized a Student Council of elected
 representatives, a body which now has ten
 years of service to the students of ILS. Some
 of its activities are described in an accom-
 panying article by current Council President
 Jack Davis.
   Counseling on educational and personal
 matters is readily available to ILS students.
 In addition to the daily office hours of the
 chairman, students have access to a half-time
 professional counselor who not only advises
 students who come to him, but also follows
-up students who show signs of difficulty,
to get them straightened out as early as pos-
sible. At the center of student and faculty
relationships to ILS is, and has been from
the beginning, the departmental secretary,
Mrs. Margaret C. Hundt, dispenser of "coffee
and   sympathy." Her patience and under-
standing in dealing with the problems of
-students and staff have contributed in a
large way to what may be called ten suc-
cessful years of ILS.
Newly Married
  Mary E. KLEMENT '51
CRANE, South Bend, Ind.
and-Wade R.
  Mary Lou STANGE '50 and J. Stewart
SMITH, Chicago.
  Margaret V. MAURER and Garfield J.
Coerper, Delavan.
  Rosa L. Protzman and Robert R. BUSH-
MAN, Baltimore, Md.
  Violet M. Bloom and Loren E. GRAUNKE,
  Judith REINITZ '52 and Monte LAZA-
RUS, Washington, D. C.
  Violet R. SCHMIDT      and Richard L.
GORHAM '57, Neosho.
  Margaret R. Acker     and   Ronald   E.
PIERCE, Madison.
  Gretchen  E. Pendill and   George W.
KEITT, Jr., Ann Arbor, Mich.
  Barbara ATKESON and Rev. Donald A.
Smith, New York City.
  Mary Jo SHEA and Dr. Brian Bannister,
Kalamazoo, Mich.
  Audrey Noring and Allison E. HEINS,
Des Moines, Ia.
  Darlene M. Thorson and Norman F. OL-
SON, Madison.
  Nancy A. Wright and Ralph W. LUND,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Margaret Taylor and Howard KAST, Mil-
  Dorothy E. Baldwin and John 0. PETER-
SON, Evanston, Ill.
  Vicki S. Marquis and Arvid E. HALLA,
Portland, Ore.
  Dohna J. DUEHR and Dr. Tiffany J.
Williams, Baltimore, Md.
  Louise E. ZAHOUR      and H. Harrison
Somers, Wauwatosa:
  Alice Ellbogen and James W. SHORR,
  Elizabeth L. Lewis and Charles M. BOEH-
RER, Milwaukee.
  Joan M. UMHOEFER and Richard W.
DREXLER '57, Milwaukee.
  Doris FELDMAN      '58 and Howard L.
JACOBS, Lewisburg, Pa.
  Marion STEINBERG and Milton Holz-
man, Milwaukee.
  Florence R. WHITE
  Judith D. REIMER
BLOXDORF, Madison.
  Kristin ROZAN and
den, Conn.
Clure, Evanston, I11.
and Robert I. Moe,
'59 and John W.
John J. Barry, Meri-
and George E. Mc-
  Marie H. Brady and Neil C. KOCH,
Columbia, S. C.
  Phila RAFOTH '57 and 2nd Lt. Ronald J.
POFF, Madison.
  Valerie L. KRUEGER '57 and Douglas R.
STUCKY, Madison.
  Marie E. Diekemper and Robert C. -AN-
THONY, Oshkosh.
  Donallee R. Haworth and Orland N.
KUENZI, Beaver Dam.
  Mary J. BEYLER '57 and Richard A.
JENSEN, Madison.
  Audrey E. HOBBINS '58 and James G.
FORESTER, Madison.
  Jane M. JOHANNSEN         and  2nd  Lt.
John H. SCHUMANN '57, Augusta, Ga.
  Susan W. TUTTLE      '57 and John E.
PARKER, Madison.
  Margaret C. Howell and     Richard  N.
WHITE, Madison.
  Josephine M. PARK      and  Thomas J.
Burke, Beloit.
  Sally D. ROOS and Sidney H. Schneck,
New York City.
  Kathryn A. KLUG '58 and 2nd Lt. Ed-
ward L. STOWE, Quantico, Va.
  Lois LaFontaine and Roger GOHLKE,
  Ruth   I. CONNEY       and  Joseph  A.
MOUCH, Chicago.
  Susan L. CORY '59 and Allen M. JOHN-
SON, Milwaukee.
  Janice S. RINDT and Charles F. ASCH-
  Joan E. FREYTAG and John M. PER-
RIGO '58, Madison.
  Nila G. NELSON '58 and Donald R.
BENDER, Evanston, Ill.
  Frede Schwartz and Richard HAMMES,
  Sherill BUTTS and Douglas RANDALL,
  Mary Ann HAND and John W. Smilanich,
  Doris N. Elmer and Dean R. WALKER,
Wisconsin Dells.
  Carolyn HAMBLIN '58 and 2nd Lt. Ray-
mond N. BILES, Ft. Benning, Ga.
  Anne HARDER and William J. FOY,
  Dianne F. BORGWARDT and Robert W.
LEE '59, Madison.
  Barbara J. SCHULTZ      and Robert T.
BEREND, Alexandria, Va.
   Wisconsin Alumnus, March, 1958

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