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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

International scholarship plan growing,   pp. 30-33

Page 30

Wisconsin Women... Mrs. Conrad Elvehjem
(continued from page 15)
  Connie is currently vice-president of the Wisconsin P.E.O.
sisterhood, and last year she drove over 6,000 miles through
Wisconsin organizing local chapters of the organization.
She has been particularly enthusiastic in her support of
P.E.O's scholarships for American and foreign students.
  She is also vice-president of the University League (you
read about her in the January issue of the Wisconsin Alum-
nus) and an active member of the Madison Altrusa Club,
the Madison Civics Club, the Madison Council of Churches,
and the First Congregational Church. In fact, you can
hardly mention a noteworthy Madison organization in which
she has not held a responsible position-and held it with
distinction. Mary Brandel Hopkins, well-known newspaper
woman and a friend of Connie since college days, re-
cently wrote: "We know that her good works cannot be
  Yet even with her many contributions to the community,
Connie's family has always come first. Her son, Bob,
described her this way: "We never know when or where
Mother is going, but she's always back in time to have a
good meal ready for Dad and me."
   Friends of the Elvehjems who have enjoyed their warm
hospitality know how difficult it will be for them to leave
their charming colonial home in Nakoma if and when they
move into the official President's Residence at 130 North
Prospect. Every room of the Elvehjem's home is gay, lovely,
tasteful; Connie is particularly fond of pastels and the living
room with its pale blue walls and deeper blue rug reflects
her love for this color. That living room is more than just
another handsome room, too; it contains a variety of unusual
accessories and prints that are gifts from foreign students
grateful for the opportunity of working with a great scientist
and friend.
   It is a difficult assignment--filling the role which our
beloved Mrs. E. B. Fred (about whom we shall say much
more in June) has filled to such perfection during the past
thirteen years. We know, however, that Constance Waltz
Elvehjem, with her warm, genuine love of people, her dem-
onstrated gifts as a leader, cordial hostess, mother and
devoted wife, is a worthy successor.
   As you, Connie, assume new responsibilities as the wife
of the University's 13th president, all Wisconsin women
offer congratulations and extend their best wishes to you
and your husband.
International Scholarship Plan Growing
  The famed Brittingham Scholar-
ships at the University of Wiscon-
sin-whose Scandinavian    recipi-
ents are selected personally by
Thomas E. Brittingham Jr. on the
basis of such attributes as leader-
ship ability, personality and deter-
mination-will spread in principle
to  other American   educational
institutions, according to a pro-
gram outlined by the Brittingham
International Scholarships Foun-
dation Inc.
  This Foundation was organized
last year specifically to encourage
Americans to "adopt" foreign stu-
dents to the point of sending them
to U.S. colleges and universities,
where they may become familiar
with this country's mode of living.
In addition, the Foundation, whose
president is Thomas E. Britting-
ham III, will handle necessary fi-
nancial arrangements. This set-up
is particularly advantageous to for-
eign student sponsors since contri-
butions to the Foundation are
   "We all seem to agree ... that
the way for peace in the future
is learning to understand each
other," Brittingham declares. "To
try and find the future leaders of
Europe   and  elsewhere  in  the
world; to have them come to our
country for a year or so, and then
go home filled with an under-
standing of the many complexities
that make for our country's great-
ness; what more rewarding con-
tribution could any citizen make ?"
It's a basic principle in the
Foundation's approach that indi-
vidual sponsors have the oppor-
tunity to select the student they
wish to finance. After a rough
budget for the student's living
expenses and tuition has been
worked out (with the Founda-
tion's help, if wanted), a cover-
ing contribution is made to the
Foundation, and the latter arranges
with individual and institution the
disbursement of the funds.
   Further information may be ob-
tained from the Brittingham In-
ternational Scholarships Founda-
tion Incorporated, 251 Delaware
Trust Building, Wilmington 1,
          Wisconsin Alumnus, March, 1958
Wisconsin Alumnus, Marcb, 1958

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