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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Sports,   pp. 23-24

Page 23

New Outdoor Track Won't Be Ready
Until Next Year
By Mark Grody '60
   Nature is wonderful! An ugly, many-
legged caterpillar changes to a beautiful
graceful butterfly, and a chameleon can
change its colors to blend in with its
   A change is taking place too, on the
western edge of the University of Wis-
consin campus across the road from Guy
Lowman baseball field. There, on the
site of a former UW garbage dump the
sweet smell of victory, it is hoped, will
arise for the UW track team on a new
outdoor track.
   The quarter-mile track, now under
construction, is laid out on a southeast
to northwest angle. It will be nine lanes
(37 feet) wide, and it will include a
straightaway. Track coach Riley Best
says the field will be ready for the 1959
  Many problems have arisen with the
building of the new track. This situa-
tion was not unexpected. Track building
is no snap job as the surprisingly brisk
sale of a book on the subject by former
UW track coach Tom Jones over the
past few years has proved.
  Coach Best said a few    weeks ago:
"We aren't sure yet what the surface of
the track will be. Tests are being run
on various materials. A cinder track
would be the best, but cinders are hard
to get. Coal-burning locomotives are the
chief source of track cinders, and they're
practically obsolete, now. If cinders are
not used, something     like 'Haydite'
(burnt shale) may be the choice.
   "Then there is the drainage problem.
We have to decide which size cinders
or other materials to use in surfacing
the track and also in determining the
track depth; the larger the cinders, the
better for drainage. The new track has
a natural sand base, so we should be
able to have a shallow surfacing. Sand
is good drainage material.
  "The track's nearness to Lake Men-
dota also offers considerable difficulty.
Here the trouble is the wind. After a
track has been run on a lot, the surfac-
ing becomes pulverized and dust-like.
         Outdoor Track
April 19   -Wisconsin, Northwest-
               ern. Iowa. Michi-
                     gan, Illinois at
           25 - 26--Drake Relays at Des
      May   3    --Ohio State at Colum-
           10    -Illinois at Champaign
           17    -Iowa at Iowa City
           23 - 24-Big Ten Meet at La-
           30 or 31--Minnesota at Minne-
      June 7     -Central Collegiate
                     Meet at Milwaukee
           13 - 14--NCAA Meet at Berke-
                     ley, California
           17    -Big Ten-Pacific Coast
                     Meet (Site to be De-
      April 4-10-College  Invitational
                   Tournament at Florida
           11-12-To Be Scheduled
           18-19-To Be Scheduled
           25  -Purdue at Madison
Wisconsin Alumnus, Marcb, 1958
-Illinois at Madison (2)
-At Iowa
-At Minnesota (2)
      9   -Michigan at Madison
      10  -Michigan State at Madi-
              son (2)
     12   -Notre Dame at Madison
     13   -Notre Dame at Madison
     16   -Wisconsin at Indiana
     17   -Wisconsin at Ohio State
     19   -Western Michigan at
     20   -Western Michigan at
     23   -Northwestern at Madi-
     24   -Northwestern at Madi-
              son (2)
May 10-Wisconsin, Columbus, MIT,
           and Boston University at
     17-Eaistern Sprints at Princeton,
           New Jersey
     31-Navy at Madison-Varsity
June 14--California at Madison
     21-I.R.A. Regatta-Syracuse,
           New York
April 10  -Knox College at Gales-
              k-r, , Ill
      11  -St. Ambrose at Daven-
              port, Iowa
      12  -Augustana College at
              Rock Island, I11.
      18  -All-University meet at
              Maple Bluff (18
      19  -All-University meet at
              West Side Municipal
     21        (Final 36 holes)
     21   -Illinois at Madison
     26   -Minnesota and Iowa at
              Iowa City
      28  -Western Illinois and
              Northern Illinois at
May   2   -Marquette at Madison
       5  -Indiana and Notre
              Dame at South Bend,
      10  -Iowa and Minnesota at
              Minneapolis, Minn.
      12  -Northwestern and Mich-
              igan State at Madison
      13  -Marquette at Milwaukee
      17  -Illinois and Northwest-
              ern at Evanston, Ill.
      23-24-Big Ten Meet at Co-
              lumbus, Ohio
June 22-28-NCAA Meet at Wil-
              liamstown, Mass.

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