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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

UW apartments draw high praise,   pp. [20]-[22]

Page [20]

L AST OCTOBER, graduate student Per Dahl '56, his wife,
    the former Margaret von Planta '54, and their three-
months old son, Eric, were living in an apartment near the
lower campus. The $85 a month rent they paid for three
rooms in a converted residence was quite reasonable when
compared with that which hundreds of other married couples
are paying for similar or even inferior quarters.
  Then the Dahls got a call from the UW Division of Resi-
dence Halls. Would they like to move into the brand new
Eagle Heights housing development, for which they had
applied months earlier? After a quick look at a one-bedroom,
$72 a month apartment in the project, the Dahls answered
with a hearty "yes"--even though it meant forfeiting an
entire month's rent because of insufficient notice to their
   For 147 other student families like the Dahls, the Uni-
versity's accelerating program of providing married student
housing is also a God-send. One hundred of the family units
The Eagle Heights apartments are contemporary in style.
Photographs I
Recent arrivals from Alabama, Mr. and Mrs. John Deni-
son modeled a snow figure during a late January thaw.
Denison noted: "The word on Wisconsin's fine married
student housing is getting around, and it ought to help
to attract high caliber graduate students to Wisconsin."
Each of the 100 Eagle Heights households contains at
least one child (either there or on the way), so sleds,
bicycles and snowmen are very much in evidence. There
are two special play areas with swings and sand-boxes.
The edge-of-the- campus location, away from heavy
traffic and in a sylvan setting, is excellent for children.

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