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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

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Official Publication of the WFisconsin Alumni Association
MARCH, 1958
No. 11
Conrad Elvehjem: 13th President of the University __
Center Dedication on April 11 -----------------
Ten Years of ILS ---------------------------
* Sidelines
Forerunner of ILS ---------------------------- 19
UW Apartments Draw High Praise --------------- 20
International Scholarship Plan Growing ------------30
Gifts, Grants Welcomed -----------------------  34
Reunions Near ------------------------------  39
Campus Calendar---------------------------
Keeping in Touch with Wisconsin--------------
Compendium of University News---------------
Campus Chronicle ---------------------------
Wisconsin Women --------------------------
Sports -------------------------------------23
Alumni News Notes --------------------------24
Alumni Cltb Bulletin Board -------------------- 26
Newly Married Badgers ------------------------36
Necrology ---------------------------------
Badger Bookshelf---------------------------
Association Officers and Directors ----------------
John Berge, '22 -------------------Managing Editor
George Richard, '47 ------------------------Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 ------------------Field Secretary
Grace Chatterton, '25 ----------------Alumnae Editor
COVER. If you have read this far, .you are quite aware that
Conrad Elvehjem '23, famed scientist-administrator and
active alumnus, will be the 13th University of Wisconsin
president upon the retirement of Pres. E. B. Fred on June 30
of this year. (UW Photographic Laboratory Photo).
  TURNABOUT. WAA President John A. Keenan re-
minded us last month that we all went to college on "dif-
ferential scholarships", representing the difference between
the fees we paid and the cost of teaching us. There are, of
course, other kinds of scholarships, too, and Alfred C. Sachs
'47 of Minneapolis recently reminded President Fred that he
held the Charles Kendall Adam fellowship of $350 in 1946-
47 while doing graduate work in history. With this reminder
he enclosed a check for $350 "so that others may benefit
in the future. I shall always feel grateful for having been
privileged to attend the University of Wisconsin. It is truly
a great university."
   STILL HAPPY HUNTING. Despite somewhat uncer-
tain economic decisions, UW  graduates have found they can
still get a pretty decent job if they go after it, according to
Emily Chervenik, coordinator of UW Placement Services.
Job recruiters visiting the campus emphasize quality rather
than quantity-but still offer salaries averaging from $350 a
month in non-specialized fields to $500 in specialized fields,
plus usual fringe benefits.
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December, January, February,
April, May, June, July and September, and three times monthly in October
and November. (These
extra issues are Football Bulletins.) Entered as second class matter at the
post office at Madison, Wis.,
under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included in membership
dues of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association) $2.50 a year;, subscription to non-members, $5.00 a year.
Editorial and business
offices at 770 Langdon St., Madison 6, Wis. If any subscriber wishes his
magazine discontinued at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent with
the subscription, or at its
expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a continuance is desired.
                                             Wisconsin Alumnus, March, 1958
Volume 59

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