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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Chatterton, Grace
Wisconsin women,   p. [15]

Page [15]

. . . with Grace Chatterton
Constance Waltz Elvehjem
Will Be UW's First Lady
Mrs. Elvehiem at home, in two recent photographs by Gary Schulz.
O   N JULY 1 Constance Waltz Elvehjem '27 (Mrs. Con-
     rad) will become the first lady of the University of
Wisconsin. And she will be the first Wisconsin alumna ever
to occupy this distinctive position.
   "It must have been fate that brought me here," recalled
Mrs. Elvehjem, who is known to her many friends as "Con-
nie". "In 1923 I had passed the college boards for an
eastern school but late in August I changed my mind and
decided to come here instead.
  "That same fall my roommate insisted on arranging a
Homecoming blind-date with another 'Connie', who hap-
pened to room with her current heart interest. I remember
that I was hesitant, so a sort of get-acquainted date was
agreed upon. That was my first date with my future hus-
band-he took me to a movie at the old Strand Theater. We
liked each other immediately, and subsequently had a gay
Homecoming Weekend, too. After that we dated steadily."
   Her eyes twinkled as she told about a promise given to her
mother not to date during the week. "We tried not to see
each other but I lived on the corner of University Avenue
and -Brooks Street and it was rather convenient for the other
Connie, who lived just around the corner, to happen to be
at the corner drugstore when I had an errand there."
   During Connie's junior year, a Serious bout with pneu-
monia and her slow recovery worried her parents, who
urged her to leave school. But the other Connie had another
suggestion: "Let's get married!" And they did, in June, in
Decatur, Illinois, Connie's home town.
  Happy years followed the marriage of the two Connies.
Once the young wife went abroad with her husband and
kept house for him while he continued his research. Most of
the time, however, they lived near the campus in Madison
and enjoyed being a part of the University community.
  Connie has always had boundless energy. In addition to
being a fine mother to son Robert and daughter Peggy,
she has been an active worker and leader in numerous town
and gown activities.
  This year, for example, she received a pin for her 15 years
of outstanding service to the Dane County Red Cross chap-
ter. She has been vice-president, secretary, and temporary
county director of the chapter, as well as a member of the
executive board. For several years she was also adviser to
the University Red Cross unit.
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