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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Compendium,   p. 13

Page 13

  In answer to widespread requests
from school teachers, the University of
Wisconsin will experiment this 'summer
with two new four-week summer ses-
sions at Madison. They'll run simultane-
ously with the regular eight-week gen-
eral session: July 1-26 and July 29-
Aug. 23. Thirty-five concentrated credit
courses will be offered in more than a
dozen fields. Full information may be
had by writing UW Summer Sessions,
Madison 6, Wisconsin.
  The year just ended was a significant one for the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin. Among the milestones:
  - Creation of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
     formed by merger of Wisconsin State College and Mil-
     waukee UW Extension Division.
  * Effective beginning of the Coordinating Committee for
     Higher Education, which carried out Milwaukee merger,
     and now is studying educational, building and finan-
     cial needs of state's higher education.
   0 Total enrollment on all University campuses reached
     22,104 students. More than 16,000 at Madison.
  * Completion of seven buildings; four of them class-
     room-laboratory structures, two small dormitories and
   tne tamp Rancdall Mvemorial arnietic practice buldaing.
* Important research findings: how much vitamin B-5 is
   contained in the normal human diet . . . the effect
   of radiation on learning ability and behavior . . . evi-
   dence that fish use the sun as a navigational aid . . .
   and many more.
* A steady flow of articles and books from scholars in
   the social sciences and humanities.
* The fiftieth anniversary of University Extension.
* Ground-breaking for new adult education building,
     the Wisconsin Center.
  * Disappearance, and return, of famous "sifting and
     winnowing" plaque on Bascom Hall.
  Under a new arrangement, medical students at Wisconsin
are gaining clinical' experience in obstetrics and gynecology,
pediatrics and psychiatry by watching and assisting the
staffs at three Madison hospitals-Methodist, Madison Gen-
eral and St. Mary's. City physicians are part-time instructors
both in the classroom and in hospital wards.
  Added operating costs lay behind the Regent action raising
Summer Sessions rates for board and room to a range of
$135-$185 for the eight weeks session.
Study's Effective
  Correspondence study can probably
be as effective as classroom instruction
in many cases, the UW Extension psy-
chology department decided after con-
ducting an experiment involving two
test groups taking psychology courses.
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1957
  Memorial Library use continues to
grow. Thirty-eight per cent more books
were used this past year than in 1952-
53, before the present library was built.
Also getting more use are the various
reference libraries, the rare books,, a
browsing collection, faculty book orders
and reserve books. Total library book
resources  now  available  on  campus
amount to 1,065,940 volumes. Inciden-
tally, gifts account for two per cent of
the Library's book-buying budget.
   Out of nearly 1,000 outstanding high school graduates
who applied for the generous Knapp scholarships of
$400 a year for up to four years, 55 prospective fresh-
men have been awarded the sought-after prizes.
  An adventure in world understanding for German stu-
dents of industrial relations has ended with cutfing of
scholarship funds for European students by the federal
government. A total of 107 German students have studied
during the past five years at the UW Industrial Rela-
tions Research Center.
   UW Hospitals are engaged in a program of clinical
research to diagnose and evaluate cases of muscular
dystrophy, under a grant by the Muscular Dystrophy
Association of America. Dr. Henry Peters is directing
the research.
  With the assistance of a $975,000"
grant from the National Advisory
Council on Health Research and $750,-
000 from the Wisconsin Alumni Re-
search Foundation, a new research wing
to Service Memorial Institutes will en-
able the University Medical School to
bring its research programs together, to
expand existing studies and to initiate
new ones. The federal grant has 'been
offered as part of a 90 million dollar
program authorized by the last Congress.
  The University Extension Division's far-famed cor-
respondence study department got a new job: developing
the first correspondence course to be offered by the
United States State Department for its 10,000 employes
in this country and abroad.
   UW Vice-President A. W. Peterson has recommended
that Wisconsin's Constitution be amended to permit
printing of certain materials by state departments.
   A brand-new booklet entitled "Student Financial Aids"
gives scholarship, loan and job information. Write to the
Committee on Loans and Undergraduate Scholarships, UW.
. . . . . . . . . .

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