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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Regents welcome gifts, grants,   p. 5

Page 5

Regents Welcome
Gifts, Grants
  Bank of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., $200; Wis-
consin Student Association, $520; S. P. Pen-
ick and Co.,'New York City, $1,560; Trus-
tees of the Smith, Kline, & French Foun-
dation, Philadelphia, $25; E. H. Harrison,
Highland, Ind., $50; the Adams, Waushara,
and Marquette County Bankers Association,
         $600 Dr P.B. lancart CearbrgWis.,
$1O0; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burton, Rich-
mond, Ill., $5; Mrs. Charles A. Pope, Racine,
$1; First Lutheran Forum, Stoughton, $5;
Elie Grondahl, Stoughton, $45; Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Brigham, Madison, $5; The
Seefurth Foundation, Chicago, .$1,000; Book
Reading Group of White Plains, N. Y.,
$50.50; Zbigniew T. Szatrowski, $10; Mr.
and Mrs. Christian C. Yegen, Teaneck, N. J.,
14 shares of General Motors stock (valued
at $654.50); Glenn B. Warren, Schenec-
tady, N. J., $9.75; Citizens National Bank,
Marshfield, Wis., $200; Dane County Bank-
ers Association, $600; Charles N. Clark, Eu-
clid, Ohio, $25; American Truckers Associa-
tion Foundation, Inc., Washington, D. C.,
$500; Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Karstaedt,
Beloit, $25; Farmers Mutual Automobile
Insurance Co., Madison, two sets of prints
of a series of eight films resulting from the
current President's Committee on Traffic
Safety (valued at $400); Mr. Richard R.
Staven, Waukesha, $5; State Bank of Phil-
lips, Phillips, Wis., $185; The Madison
Chamber of Commerce and     Foundation,
$150; Coddington Memorial Foundation,
No. 492, The American Legion, Rothschild,
     Wi.  1;Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bloom,
Whittier, Calif., $25; Mr. and Mrs. Sanford
Bloom, Whittier, Calif., $15; R. J. Bencken-
stein, Richland, Wash., $25; George A. Pied-
ler, M.D., New York, $100; Dr. J. G. Ros-
enbaum, White Plains, N. Y., $100; Mr.
and Mrs. Harrison L. Garner, Madison, 50
shares of Montgomery Ward & Co. common
stock; Max Ascoli Fund, Inc., New York,
$500; W. H. Charities, Inc., New York,
  National Foundation for Infantile Paral-
ysis, Inc., New York City, $1,250; Parke,
Davis & Co., Detroit. Mich., $5,700; Wis-
consin Law Alumni Club of Chicago, $300;
Guido  R. Rahr Foundation, Manitowoc,
$3,626; Paul Ecke, Jr., Encirnitas, Calif.,
$100; Marjorie Halverson and Lt. Col. J. D.
Miles, $30; Additional contributions to Class
of 1917 Memorial Scholarship Fund, $110;
Faculty of the School of Home Economics,
$60.20; University of Wisconsin Alumnae of
Southern California, $35; Wisconsin Alumni
Club of Southern California, $65; Emil W.
Breitkreutz, $25; Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Bubolz, Green Bay, $1; Mrs. Aileen S. An-
drew, Chicago, 5 shares of Goodyear Tire
and Rubber Co. common      stock (value
$382.48); Mrs. Harold Bubolz, Green Bay,
and Mrs. Carl Sorenson. Oconto, $6; Addi-
tional contributions to John E. Gonce Memo-
rial Fund, $105; Wisconsin Chapter of the
Ninety-nines, $5; Mack    Manufacturing
Corp., Allentown, Pa., $30; Anonymous,
$40; Westinghouse Educational Foundation,
Pittsburgh, Pa., $2,000; Oscar L. Lundgren,
Ravinia, Ill., $250; National "W" Club, and
         (continued on page 32)
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1957
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