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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Rogers, Wayne
Sports,   p. 23

Page 23

By Wayne Rogers, '57
cial gain as the 'main consideration in
selecting a school. We're sure many
good boys will select Wisconsin on all
  Has the University faculty had a
chance to consider this proposal?
  The Wisconsin faculty has not voted
as yet, but must do so before the Febru-
ary 22 meeting of the Conference. We
want to add, incidentally, that we sin-
cerely hope no Big Ten faculty looks
at this proposal as just more emphasis
on athletics. Rather, this will bring un-
der the complete control of the uni-
versities, the awarding of aid to
athletes-something they obviously have
   mendation of the university presidents.  noL au.
   However, this point can be easily mis-      What h
   understood. There would be a maximum     Athletic Bc
   of 100 "tenders" to students, and each      Its mem
   school is to determine the number of     proved the
   tenders made. The universities will em-
   ploy the non-partisan College Scholar-    Wrestling
   ship Service, a national. service, to de-   An inex
   termine the need of individual students.  wrestlers I
   Each university will file an estimate of losing its f
   the cost of attending that institution per  western an
   year, and from these figures will be de- and 14 to
   termined the maximum amount of aid        feating W1
   that can be awarded to an athlete. (At   have been
   Wisconsin the total annual cost estimate
   by  the office of the Vice President of   "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
   Academic Affairs ranges from   $1,100-
   $1,320 for in-state students; $500 addi-
   tional tuition would be added for out-
_-__A-fstat- td nt.    dituor.)
is been the reaction of the
)ard at Wisconsin?
bers .have unanimously ap-
action taken.
perienced group of varsity
tas had indifferent success,
irst two matches to North-
d Illinois Normal, 7 to 24
15 respectively, while de-
ieaton, 20 to 6. The Jayvees
more impressive, winning
the Stevens Point invitational meet
against several state college squads
and Marquette.
  An improving Wisconsin cage team
headed into conference play with
none-too-an-impressive record against
non-Big-Ten foes:
  Wisconsin 56, South Dakota 58
  Wisconsin 50, Butler 54
  Wisconsin 55, Notre Dame 75
  Wisconsin 53, Nebraska 51
  Wisconsin 62, Bradley 74
  Wisconsin 72, Kansas 91
  Wisconsin 64,. Yale 46
Boxing Schedule
February 15-All University tourna-
               ment finals.
          22-San Jose State at Madi-
    March 2-Washington State at
           9-Michigan State at East
          18-Idaho State at Madison.
          23-Michigan State at Madi-
          30-Idaho State at Pocatello.
April 4, 5, 6-N.C.A.A. tournament
  Where is the money to come from
and will past supporters feel as free to
aid in obtaining athletes?
  The agreement provides for no spe-
cial restrictions in obtaining outside do-
nations. We cannot answer the second
part of the question, but would hope
that alumni and friends of the Univer-
sity will continue to show interest in the
school's athletics and funnel all financial
help through the University.
   Would this plan help or hinder our
chances for recruiting good players at
  We hope this plan would cause an
athlete to select the institution he at-
tends on the basis of such factors as
educational opportunities offered, the
general environment, and the coaches he
wishes to play under, eliminating finan-
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1957
The annual football banquet of the University of Wisconsin Club of
Chicago found Badger grid fans enthusiastically looking forward to
better times next year. Here were some of those who contributed
to the banquet's success: front row, left to right, Tony Weitzel, Ray
Ryan, Dr. Sonja Spiesman, and John Berge; back row, William Sficos,
UW Coach Milt Bruhn, and Paul Miller.

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