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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1955)

With the classes,   p. 14

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1943-1944     ........ W
  The new manager of the cost department
of Morton Packing Co., in Louisville, Ky.,
is James J. FIELD, '43.
  Dr. Donald L. BENEDICT, '43, has been
appointed director of physical sciences re-
search at Stanford Research Institute, Stan-
ford, Calif.
  Pakistan is the current home for Mrs.
Dorothea SCHALLER Bonavito, '43.
  The rank of major in the Army has been
awarded to Frank GABRHEL, '43.
  Working in the advertising department of
the Prange Store in Green Bay is Mrs. Pa-
tricia RYALL Krueger, '43.
  Warren H. FRISKE, '44, is a senior engi-
neer with the Westinghouse Atomic Power
Division in Pittsburgh, Pa.
1945 .......        ..........        W
  Mr. and Mrs. William WENZEL, '45, are
now living in New London where he is
principal of one of the city's two public
grade schools.
  Charles W. DECKER, '45, has been ap-
pointed executive assistant to the Vice pres-
ident in charge of sales of the Le Roi Co.,
Milwaukee. The firm is a subsidiary of the
Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
   The Gosin Clinic, Green Bay, has an-
nounced the addition of Dr. George W.
IWEN, '45, to its medical staff. After
graduating  from  the University  Medical
School in 1947, Dr. Iwen spent five years
at University Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa,
where he interned and had a residency in
surgery. He then served for two years as
assistant chief of surgery at an Army hos-
pital in Germany.
   Marcia METCALF, '45, is in Germany
 where she will teach at Nuremberg for the
 next two years.
   Dr. Arpad Louis MASLEY, Jr., '45, and
 Evelyn Lois Larkin were married recently
 in Seattle, Wash. They are living in Bre-
 merton, Wash.
 1946 ......       ...........         W
   Patrick J. LUCEY, '46, has been granted
 a real estate broker's license by the Wiscon-
 sin Real Estate Board. Lucey is now in busi-
 ness in Madison as the Lucey Realty Service.
   La Crosse's newest real estate service,
 Gerrard Realty Co., is being operated by
 William GERRARD, '46.
   A  University College of Agriculture
 graduate, George E. NETTUM, '46, recently
 completed his first year as tobacco specialt
 with the Vernon County extension office.
 Before moving to Viroqua last year, Nettum
 was teaching agriculture at Stoughton.
   Roger McINTYRE, '46, has been ap-
 pointed assistant counsel for the Northwest-
 ern Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Milwaukfe.
   Dr. Gregory C. Smith, '46, sends his
 greetings from Phoenix, Ariz., where he is
 now practicing medicine. Dr. Smith, who
 finished his medical training at the UW in
 1950, says he will enjoy reading about Wis-
 consin's first cold spell while he is in the
 swimming pool or on the tennis court.
   Jane Lois SCHMITZ, '46, became the
 bride of Carl R. BURKARD, '51, in a
 recent ceremony in Manitowoc. Burkard is
 associate editor of the American Surgical
 Trade Association Journal in Chicago, while
Mrs. Burkard is an editorial associate with
the National Furniture Review, also in Chi-
  Named to the formula feeds division staff
at Doughboy Industries, New Richmond, is
J. Russell SOLHEIM, '46. Prior to accepting
his new position, Solheim was a dairy effi-
ciency expert in Barron County.
  Miss Dolores Ann Szymarek and Dr. John
Anthony PALESE, '46, were married re-
cently in Milwaukee.
1947 ...........          ....... W
  Robert D. ROSENBLUM, '47, has moved
from New York City to San Diego, Calif.,
where he is with the American Housing
  Head football coach at Milwaukee Exten-
sion is Bill RITTER, '47, who also handles
the swimming and baseball teams.
  The first woman president of the Society
  of Industrial Editors of Colorado is Miss
Jessie Palmer, '47. She lives in Denver,
where she is woman's editor of the Monitor,
publication of the Mountain States Tel-
ephone and Telegraph Co.
   Dr. Francis J. JOHNSTON, '47, is teach-
ing at the University of Louisville, Louis-
ville, Ky., where he has the rank of assist-
ant professor of chemistry. He formerly was
with the Du Pont Co. hydrogen bomb plant
near Aiken, S.C. Mrs. Johnston is the former
Joyce DOMKE, '50.
   Marcia ROSEN    Cohen, '48, and Elias
 COHEN, '47, became the parents of a son,
 Peter Louis, on Oct. 22.
   Mr. and Mrs. George Wilber, became the
 parents of a daughter, Nancy Olivia, on Oct.
 27. Little Nancy has a 17-month-old brother.
 Mrs. Wilber is the former Helen DUR-
 BROW '47.
   Wedding bells have been rung for:
   Eleanor Chesney Miller and Robert Theo-
 dore HOLTZ, '47, Cleveland, Ohio.
   Marion BELARDI, '47, and Lawrence
 Mattelig, Beloit.
   Alcina Ruth Groskreutz and William N.
 BELTER, '47, Wautoma.
   Doris GNAUCK, '47, and Donald L.
 WHITE, '52. Both Mr. and Mrs. White
 are completing work on a Ph. D. degree
 at the University.
             Our Mistake
   Correction, please!
   Appreciative as I am for your running
 my photograph and the news item on page
 37 of the November 15th issue, I do wish
 that your reporter had gotten the basic facts
 more correctly; and in the interests of the
 Association that I head I feel that some
 correction is desirable to avoid the confusion
 that now exists.
   The Associated Business Publications is a
 national organization made up of more than
 150 leading business papers, all paid cir-
 culation-ABC-audited  publications; where-
 as it is the Case-Shepperd-Mann Publishing
 Corporation, New    York, that publishes
   Does that straighten it out for you?
 Thanks for your cooperation.
                    Karl M. Mann, '11
                    New York, N. Y.
  Charles A. McCOTTER, '47, and George
PAPAGEORGE, '47, have received the high.
est award given life insurance underwriters
designations as Chartered Life Underwriters.
1948 .........         ........       W
  The highest academic achievement for
life insurance underwriters, designation as
Chartered Life Underwriter, has been earned
by Robert B. QUALY, '48.
  Extension agronomy specialist at the Uni-
versity of Minnesota is Rodney BRIGGS,
'48. Mrs. Briggs is the former Helen
RYALL, '46.
  Dr. W. E. MEISEKOTHEN, '48, has
joined the group practice of Drs. C. G. Rez-
nichek, R. J. Hennen, and E. E. Skroch at
the East Madison Clinic.
   Sales representative of the International
Business Machine Corp. in Rockford, Ill.,
is Norman B. ANDERSON, '48.
   Spending a year with the primitive people
of New Guinea will be Robert MAHER, '48.
His trip, financed by the Ford Foundation,
will be under the supervision of the Univer-
sity sociology department.
   Now living at Spokane, Wash., is Mrs.
 Ruth RYALL Gleeson, '48.
   Mrs. Howard R. Ross, the former Marilyn
 LUCAS, '48, is in Hawaii where her hus-
 band is a captain with the 25th Army in-
 fantry division.
   Oleg D. KONRAD, '48, is now an artist
 in Paris He has taken trips to Algeria, Mo-
 rocco, Tunisia, Norway, Sweden, and Fin-
 land to date this year.
   A daughter was born recently to Mr. and
 Mrs. Warren Preeshl, '48, St. Paul, Minn.
   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MEHL, '48, became
 the parents of their third child and third
 son recently. Mrs. Mehl is the former Lee
 BALDWIN, '48.
   Joanne Roslyn and Jerry Milton KROOT,
 who were married recently in Milwaukee,
 are now living in Chicago.
   After being  married  in Racine, Lcona
 D'ACQUISTO, '48, and Khemo M. Shahani,
 '50, are now residing in Columbus, Ohio.
 where both are on the faculty at Ohio State
 1949 .........          .......... W
   Mr. and Mrs. Guenther HOLTZ, '49, are
 now living in Cedarsburg. Mrs. Holtz is the
 former Dorothy    ANDERSON, '49. Mr.
 Holtz is associated with a patent law firm
 in Milwaukee.
   The slogan, "Together We Live-To-
 gether We Give," won a 5600 bedroom suite
 as first prize in a United Givers Fund slogan
 contest at Nashville, Tenn., for Charles
 BRANCH, '49, former Alumnus editor.
   In his second year as Viroqua superinten-
 dent of schools is Donald E. DIMICK.
   Dr. and Mrs. Ward C. Coffman, Jr., nee
 Patricia Delphine SAYER, '49, are now liv-
 ing in Zanesville, Ohio. The Coffmans have
 a son, two-years-old.
   Miss Nancy NORRIS, '49, again is teach-
 ing in the physical education department in
 the Tucson, Ariz., schools.
   Dr. and Mrs. Alf F. BORGE, '49, will
 soon be in Madagascar where they will serve
 as missionaries for the Evangelical Lutheran
    Now a member of the faculty at the Uni-
 versity of Kiel in Germany is Henry M.
 TRUBY, '49.
    Donald E. Williams, '49, is doing per-
 sonnel work with the State Department of
 Public Welfare.
                 WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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