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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11 (March 15, 1955)

With the classes,   pp. 30-31

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The University of Wisconsin Alumni Club of Chicago paid honor to five Chicagoans
ing in service to the University as the Windy City group celebrated Founders
Day on Feb. 4.
Left to right, seated, are John S. Lord, '04; George I. Haight, '99; Charles
L. Byron, '08;
standing are Howard I. Potter, '16, and Gordon Fox, '08. The latter is president
of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association, the others are past presidents. The main Founders
Day speaker
at Chicago was another ex-president of the WAA-Lt. Gov. Warren P. Knowles.
basketball delegation  composed of
Coach Harold E. Foster, Assistant
Coach Fred A. Wegner, and Sports
Publicist Art Lentz appeared at Min-
   On March 10 plant pathology Prof.
Glenn Pound did the honors at the
1947 .............           ..... W
  A visiting lecturer this year in the eco-
nomics and business administration depart-
ment of Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pa., is
Dr. Bernard St. Clair LOGAN, assistant eco-
nomics professor at the University of Pitts-
  In the social security office in Lancaster.
Pa., is Mrs. Robert E. Benway, the former
Jacqueline GRADY.
Gogebic club and meteorology Prof.
Reid A. Bryson spoke at Platteville.
   On March 17 chemistry Prof. Far-
rington Daniels was scheduled to
speak at Beaver Dam, and on March
19 at Merrill it was to be education
Prof. John Rothney.
  Victor A. RUDE has been appointed as-
sistant secretary with the Sheboygan Falls
Mutual Insurance Co.
  A   recent election named Dr. Paul S.
HASKINS chief of the medical staff at Hud-
son Memorial Hospital, River Falls.
  The assistant treasurer and manager of the
Inland Steel Products Co.'s staff new account-
ing division is Duane R. BORST, Milwau-
  Elizabeth GEYER is assistant to the pub-
lic relations director of the National Asso-
ciation for the Advancement of Colored
People in New York City.
  Wedding vows were recently exchanged
between Sally Ann Martin and Eugene R.
MATHEWS, Green Bay.
1948 ..................            .   W
  Lt. Walter P. ZIARNIK is flying as co-
pilot to Vice Admiral Austin K. Doyle, chief
of Naval air training, at Pensacola, Fla.
  A member of the agriculture faculty at the
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada is Donald R. CLANDININ.
  At Eastern Illinois State College. Charles-
ton, Ill., is Dr. Stuart A. ANDERSON.
  The recipient of a fellowship, Miss Roma
BORST of the U. W. faculty is now in Ma-
drid, Spain for a year's study.
   Newlyweds from   the class of '48 are:
   Jane CONNOR, '49, and Robert 0. DEL.
ZELL, San Francisco, Calif.
   Agnes K. BIRO, '54, and Isaiah L. ROTH-
 BLATT, Racine.
   Claire Dalendonis and Paul SORENSON,
 Geneva, Switzerland.
   Zel S. RICE II is now practicing law with
 his father and brother in Sparta.
   The move to Palo Alto, California of
 Osmon C. FOX and his wife was motivated
 by his new job as chemical engineer with
 Kaiser Aluminum Co.
   In the Du Pont Petroleum Laboratory, pro-
 motion news concerns A. 0. MELBY, who is
 now  supervisor of the Scavenging Researdh
   Carl W. SCHUSTER is now the holder of
 a master's degree in agricultural education
 from the University.
   A case worker in Chicago with the Jewish
 Family  and  Community   Service is Mrs.
 Vera TILLY Lieberman, whose marriage was
 Oct. 24.
   Now the manager of Larro Research Farm
 of General Mills, at Detroit, Mich., is Gil-
 bert J. GAPP.
   Glen A. NEWBY" is a member of the
 technical staff of the Microwave Laboratory,
 Hughes Research and Development, Culver
 City, Calif.
   New little Badgtrs have come to
   Arthur G. MEHL and Lee BALDWIN
 Mehl, a son, William Lee.
    The Kenneth Mirovs, of San Francisco. a
 fourth child, Melissa. She's the former Jose-
 phine COLMAN.
   Wedding     bells have  rung  for Mary
 T'heresa Monahan and Joseph Ernest Mc-
 DOWELL, Beloit.
 1949 ...........           .......     W
    With the staff of Frifrick's Rexall Drug
 Store, Plymouth, is John HENNEY.
    Richard F. NEU is a certified public ac-
 countant in Madison.
    Named associate professor of animal hus-
  bandry at the Pennsylvania State University
  the past fall was Dr. Ralph M. DURHAM.
    Robert ORNSTEIN is now a member of
  the English Department faculty at the Uni-
  versity of Connecticut.
    Resigned from his post as field secretary
  for the Wisconsin Medical Society is Byron
  C. OSTBY, who will now practice law in
    Albert A. MISKULIN has been appointed
  sales representative in northeastern Illinois
  for Inland Steel Products Co.
    A student at the American Institute for
  Foreign Trade at Thunderbird Field, Phoe-
  nix, Ariz., is Richard M. SMILEY.
    Cpl. Meyer B. PAPERMASTER is an
  accounting assistant with the Army Audit
  Agency in Chicago.
                 WISCONSIN ALUMNUS
                     On the West Coast?
  If any Badgers are in the San Francisco area of a Friday noon, they would
be most welcome at the 12 o'clock luncheon of Wisconsin alumni, a regular
event in that city. The group meets at the St. Julien Restaurant, 140 Battery
Street-in the heart of the financial district.

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