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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11 (March 15, 1955)

A new Y for the UW,   pp. 18-19

Page 18

INCE September the University of Wisconsin
YMCA has had a new home.
   And a beautiful home it is, too, not only for the
 109 students who find residence within its walls,
 but for the many other students who make it a focal
 point for a wide variety of actiN ities.
   The new   YMCA     building cost $825,000 to
 build. It is somewhat morc than 70 per cent paid
 for, and committecs are now trying to put the
 finishing touches on a fund raising campaign. They
 stand to gain   $25,000 from    a philanthropic
 foundation If the building can be made debt-free.
   The Y's director. Robert Schumpert, says th,.
 building will be self-supporting through operation
 of its rex enue-producing parts (if there's no debt
 to be rctircd).Thcse: contributing units include the
 rooms and food facilities extensive enough to take
 care of groups up to 120 in number. There's a
 snack bar open 14 hours a day.
   There arc 25)0 actual members of the University
Y and Donald Piepcnhurbg, a senior from Apple-
ton is president. Howeveer, activities are not limited
to members by any lmeans.
   Membcrs and many other students take part in
freshman camp, faculty-student fireside forums, the
foreign student program, intercollegiate conferences,
and counseling (on finances, armed forces service,
alcoholic bexerage consumption, vocation and home
difficulties, to name a few examples.) The Y is
developing plans for programs involving "inde-
pendent" students living in small rooming houses.
  In many of these actixvities the YMCA works
,'--~1a,M, , -     J~Jr                   - Wl;f-til - 1. W~r Y , w *c als
,-3office Ws L  LIIC 1 Wk..A, which also maintains
offices in the new building.
The friendly main lounge of the new University YMCA.
Non-denominational services are held in the
chapel, which is done in contemporary style.
fosr te

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