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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11 (March 15, 1955)

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    -                 -~     ~..              .~    4~' {45    .i-4
                                    a. ~
  -                        '-4
                          4.                       5-"
Official Publication of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
MARCH 15, 1955
Articles in This Issue
Reunions  Coming  Up   ------------
Integration B ill  ------------------
H istory of Integration ...........
UW   Position on Integration -------
The Governor Argues for Integration
A Message from Gordon Fox .......
The UW    Explores the Atom -----
A New Y for the UW  -----------
Founders Day Samplings   . .......
The Band Takes a Tour --
You Can Help Foreign Students
Badgers  in the Bushveld ----------
Christian Norgord: Humanitarian __
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     . . 10
     . . . 11
     .. . . 12
     . . . 18
     .. . . 22
- - - - - -2 6
- - - - - -  3 2
Dear Editor
W hat T hey Say  ........ -----------------
K eeping in T ouch ------------------------
U niversity N ew s -------------------------
Cam pus  C hronicle ------------------------
Wisconsin Women
On  W isconsin in Sports -. ----------------
With the Clubs
With the Classes
Necrology  ------------------------------
Badger B ookshelf  -------------------------
 ...... 13
 -  ---- 26
 - - - - - 2 8
. . . . . . 29
...... 30
-- - - - -  3 6
...... 38
John Berge, '22 ----------------------- Managing Editor
George Richard, '47 ---------------------------- Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 ------------------Field Secretary
Grace Chatterton, '25 ----------------- Alumnae Secretary
Art Lentz, Athletic Publicity Director -------- Sports Editor
VOL. 56, NO. 11
  STRINGS ATTACHED          (cover). UW   Director of Bands
Ray Dvorak is nothing if not a showman. This year, for the
band's between-semesters state tour, Ray borrowed an attrac-
tive bit of glamor from the UW Symphony orchestra. She is
Rose Mary Pedersen, our cover girl, photographed at an excit-
ing moment in her young musical career by George Richard
as she made her bow (pun intended) at Sauk City. For more
on the band's tour, see page 22.
  DO IT OUR WAY. For the Joint Finance Committee hear-
ing arguments on the UW biennial budget, a taxpayers group
representative had a suggestion. "Better have the Legislature
look into University policies." A few minutes later he com-
mended to committee members the official report of the Com-
mittee on University Policies, which the Legislature had corn-
mi-ssioned two years ago to do that very job.
   BUDGET-WISE. Two University representatives to a
Founders Day dinner had minor car trouble in a small city
near Madison last month, requiring a tow to a garage. They
asked how much they owed for the tow. Looking at the Uni-
versity insignia on the car, the garageman replied: "Let it go.
You guys are already having enough trouble with your budget."
   TELEVISED     LEGISLATORS. The UW's own experi-
mental television station, WHA-TV, scored a television "first"
recently in televising the Governor's biennial message to the
Legislature. The signals were microwaved from the Capitol to
Science Hall, then co-axial cabled to the TV laboratory at 600
North Park Street.
   THOUGHT FOR THIS MONTH. If an eight pound
human baby grew as fast as a modern broiler chick, he'd
weigh 256 pounds in ten weeks, according to a release from
the UW College of Agriculture.
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December, January, February,
April, May, June, July and September, and three times monthly in October
and November. (These
extra issues are Football Bulletins.) Entered as second class matter at the
pose office at Madison, Wis.-
under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscripion price (included in membership
dues of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association) $2.50 a year: subscription to non-members, 15.00 a year.
Editorial and business
offices at 770 Langdon St., Madison 6, Wis. If any subscriber wishes his
magazine discontinued at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent with
the subscription, or at its
expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a continuance is desired.
                                                          WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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