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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11 (March 15, 1955)

Dear editor,   pp. 2-3

Page 2

Laboratory Services
in Bacteriology
    WA R F bacteriologist in the process of plating a milk
               sample for bacterial count purposes.
  As in other fields of activity at the Foundation laboratories, [tle
program in bacteriology has been expanded in response to increas-
ing requests for services. Qualified bacteriologists carry out routine
and special tests, including:
      * Evaluation of Antibiotic Preparation
      " Testing of Antiseptics, Germicides and Fungicides
      * Food, Water and Dairy Bacteriology
      * Checking of Pharmaceuticals for Sterility
      * Examination of Foods for Presence of Extraneous Matter
      * Preparation of Specific Immune Sera for Species Identifi-
         cation Tests
   In addition to performing regular testing work, staff bacteriolo-
gists are available for consultation and for conducting snecial
projects at the Foundation Laboratories.
           Inquiries regarding the Foundation
         Laboratories are invited. A price
         schedule for Laboratory services will
         be mailed on request.
P. 0. BOX 2059                                 MADISON   1, WISCONSIN
         "Somebody Goofed"
    May I call your attention to the picture
  on page 31 of the January 15, 1955, 1is.
  consin Alumnus? It's a large picture of a
  group of school children, and beneath is the
      "Within a decade, these children will
    be part of a tremendous increase in col-
    lege-age youth. Wisconsin must do its
    share in providing them with opportunity
    for higher education.
    The state has no worry about the future
  education of this particular group of chil-
  dren, for, if I'm not mistaken, this is the
  5th grade class of Randall School in Mad-
  ison, in 1940. Not only am I in the group,
  but there are also many of my classma:,s
  who graduated with me from the Univer-
  sity in 1952.
    I'm sure your fine message got across to
  other alumni, but I'm more grateful for an
  amusing look back to grade school days.
    Let's get the decade straight!
            Mary Lou Melham, '52
            Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    I remember the day the picture was taken,
  and my disappointment when I found that
  I had just been cut off the edge of it ...
  I think it might be well for an alumni pub-
  lication representing an institution of higher
  learning the size and calibre of Wisconsin
  to be a bit more accurate.
    In  the lingo  of the present day.
  "somebody goofed."
                 Luan M. Hoesly, '51
                 WGN-TV, Chicago, Ill.
    ... . one of the best laughs I've had in
I ages . .. Practically everyone in the nic-
ture has been a student of the U. Many of
them  are now   married and have future
University students of their own.
  Perhaps a more fitting  caption would
have been: "Within a decade or more, these
children's children will be part of a tremen-
dous increase in college-age youth."
                    Peggy Ishmael, '52
                    Madison, Wis.
  Will you please have a print made for nic
of the entire picture.. ? The picture hap-
pens to be of a fifth or sixth grade class at
Randall School, a class of which I was a
member in about 1938.
                   Vern C. Pfanku, '54
                   Granville, Ohio
       Up Against the Law
  Enclosed find clipping from Jan. 15 issue
(listing "Fields of Endeavor" at UW). if
you will take the time to look into the
beautiful red brick building half way up the
south side of Bascom Hill you will see that
Lawv is also taught at the University. . .
                      Alvin R. Ugent
                      Milwaukee, Wis.
   (Editor's Note: The above comments all
refer to the Legislature's University Policies
Committee report, which was reprinted in
the Wisconsin Alumnus in its entirety, with
no changes. Checking back for Mr. Pfanka,
we found that the picture in question, while
indeed dating back to the late 1930's had
been used in no less than three official state
I   ."            .... r- ...... .... l

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