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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1955)

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors,   p. 4

Page 4

President: GORDON Fox, '08, 109 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 2, IlL.
First Vice-President: GORDON R. WALKER, '26, Walker Forge, Inc.,
    2000 17th St., Racine.
Second Vice-President: LAWRENCE J. FrrZPATWrCK, '38, J. J. Fitzpatrick
    Lumber Co., 3230 University Ave., Madison 5.
Treasurer: RUSSELL A. TECKEMEYER, '18, 1 S. Pinckney St., Madison 3
Secretary: MRs. JOHN A. SCHINDLER, '28, 532 22nd Ave., Monroe
Executive Director: JOHN BERGE, '22, Memorial Union, Madison
                 DIRECTORS AT LARGE
HARRY W. ADAMS, '00, Public Service Bldg., Beloit; HARRIS G. AL-
LEN, '23, 514 Madison, Milton Junction; DON ANDERSON, '25, Wis.
St. Jounial, Madison 3; DR. NORMAN 0. BECKER, '40, 104 S. Main,
Fond du Lac; MARTIN BELOW, '24, Electro-Matic Engr. Co.; 10 W.
Kenzie, Chicago; MRS. WALTER S. CRAIG, '20, 117 S. Division,
Janesville; JOHN L. DAVIS, '43, Hughes, Anderson & Davis, 1228 Tower
Ave., Superior; DEAN CONRAD A. ELVEHJEM, '23, Bascom Hall, UW,
Madison 6; MRS. WALTER L. HAIGHT, '07, 1629 Wisconsin Ave., Racine;
MRS. Lucy ROGERS HAWKINS, '18, 1008 Main, Evanston, Ill.; C USTO-
PHiER HENDRA, '23, Mollib Investment Co., 2304 Huntington Dr., San
Marino, Calif.; MRS. ROBERT D. JOHNS, '41, 1514 King, La Crosse;
DR. MERRITT L. JONES, '12, 5101/2 3d St., Wausau; DR. JOHN A.
KEENAN, '30, Standard Packaging Corp., 551 Fifth Ave., New
York City; WALTER H. KEYES, '45, 123 N. 3d, Sturgeon Bay; LLOYD
LARSON, '27, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, KATHERINE Mc-
GAUL, '25, Tomah; SAM   OGLE, '20, Schusters, Inc., Milwaukee;
JAMES D. PETERON, '18, 135 S. La Salle, Chicago; GEORGE S. ROB-
SINS, '40, Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; MRS. SILAS SPENGLER,
'19, 342 Park, Menasha; Guy M. SUNDT, '22, Camp Randall Stadium,
Madison 6; HOwARD W. WEIss, '39, 942 N. Jackson, Milwaukee.
                    PAST PRESIDENTS
 CHARLES B. ROGERS, '93, 95 N. Main, Fort Atkinson; JOHN S. LORD,
 '04, 135 S. La Salle, Chicago 3; GEORGE I. HAIGHT, '99, 209 S. La
 Salle, Chicago 4; CHARLES L. BYRON, '08, 38 S. Dearborn, Chicago 3;
 EARL 0. VITS, '14. 635 N. 7th, Manitowoc; HARRY A. BULLIS, '17,
 Chairman of the Board, General Mills, Inc., 400 2nd Ave. S., Min-
 neapolis; HOWARD I. POTTER, '16, Marsh & McLennan, 231 S. La
 Salle, Chicago; HOWARD T. GREENE, '15, Brook Hill Farm, Genesee
 Depot; ALBERT J. GOEDJEN, '07, 350 Bryan St., R. No. 6, Green Bay;
 CLAYTON F. VAN PELT, '18, Fred Rueping Leather Co., Fond du Lac;
 PHILP H. FALK, '21, Supt. of Schools, 351 W. Wilson, Madison 3;
 WILLIAMf D. HOARD, JR., '21, W. D. Hoard & Sons Co., Fort Atkin-
 son; JOSEPH A. CUTLER, '09, Johnson Service Co., 507 E. Michigan,
 Milwaukee; WALTER A. FRAUTSCHI, '24, Democrat Printing Co., 2211
 Fordem Ave., Madison 4; STANLEY C. ALLYN, '13, Pres., National Cash
 Register Co., Dayton, Ohio; JOHN H. SARLES, '23, Knox Reeves Advt.
 Inc., 600 1st Natl. Soo Line Bldg., Minneapolis; THOMAS E. BRrTTING-
 HAM, "'21, Room 251, Del. Trust Bldg., Wilmington, Del.; WILLARD G.
 ASCHENBRENNER, '21, American Bank & Trust Co., Racine; WARREN P.
 KNOWVLES, '33, Doar & Knowles, New Richmond; R. T. JOHNSTONE,
 '26, Marsh & McLennan, 1300 Natl. Bank Bldg., Detroit.
 Class of 1952: JAMES D. WHIFFEN, 68 Cambridge Rd., Madison 4;
 Class of 1953: MRs. WMt. R. SEIBOLD, 325 N. Lake, Madion 5;
 Class of 1954: BARBARA MORLEY, 312 Breeese Terrace, Madison 5.
  Beloit: DONALD L. DOBSON, '39, 542 E. Grand Ave.; Chicago: WM.
  ALLEN NATHENSON, '34, 105 W. Adams; Fond du Lac: KENNETH MC-
  LEOD, '33, 104 S. Main; Janesville: WILLIAM G. LATHROP, JR., '47,
  213 N Main; La Crosse: MRs. NORMAN W. SCOTT, '38, 250 West
  Ave. S.; Madison: JOHN G. JAMIESON, '38, 119 Monona Ave.; Mil.
  waukee: HARVEY E. LEISER, '37, 110 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1010;
  Minneapolis: ROGER C. TAYLOR, '41, N. W. Mutual Life Ins. Co.;
  New York City: RALPH B. JOHNSON, '17, Smith, Barney & Co., 14
  Wall St.; Northern California: ANTHONY E. O'BRIEN, '29, 400 Mont-
  gomery, San Francisco; Oshkosh: GENE ENGLUND, '42, 320 Oshkosh
  Natl. Bank Bldg.; Racine: LEROY JERSTAD, JR., '47, 523 Main St.;
  Sheboygan County: CLAYTON M. BOND, '26, Sheboygan Clinic, She-
  boygan; Southern California: EMIL BREITKREUTZ, '06, 1404 Wilson
  Ave., San Marino 9; Washington, D. C.: GEORGE E. WORTHINGTON,
  10, 501 N. Oxford, Arlington 3. Va.
What Do Parents Think?
W       HAT ARE parents thinking about the University-
Wbased on the experiences their sons and daughters are
        having on the campus? There is one good way of
finding out-go ask them.
   That's why the Wisconsin Alumni Association has joined
with the University in promoting a series of informal meet-
ings of parents in the homes of interested alumni in various
parts of the state. Wisconsin Dells, Westby, Rhinelander, and
Shawano have held such meetings, with either Roy Luberg,
assistant to the President, or Erwin Gaumnitz, Conmnerce
professor discussing questions and problems prominent in the
parents' minds.
   These fathers and mothers have been busy making a liv-
 ing, establishing a home, having their children close under
 their jurisdiction. Then suddenly the home is empty of that
 boy or girl who is off to the University and under the teach-
 ings of men and women ofttimes personally unknown to the
 parents. For the first time their "pride and joy" is experienc-
 ing an entirely new and exciting adventure away from home
 and on his own.
   Home come letters, phone calls, and personal visits with
 experiences at the University the central theme of the com-
 munication. What are the comments being made in contacts
 with home? What is happening to that boy or girl on the
 University campus?
   When the University representative arrives at the home of
 the alumnus who is the host to the Parents Meeting, there
 begins a unique and interesting experience. Face to face with
 the parents comes the University representative. He is far
 from the shelter of Observatory Hill-gone is the so called
 "Ivory Tower'--absent is the humble student. Here the pro-
 fessor is faced by mothers and fathers (and taxpayers) in
 their own home bailiwick. They are vitally concerned with
 their children's well being. Only the experienced, under-
 standing person, with a sense of humor and an infectious
 liking for people, can prevail.
    Happily, most comments have been favorable. They run the
 full gamut of student experiences. Some are sharply pointed
 and need care in answering. Many just want to be assured
 that "Johnny" is in good hands. Ofttimes to the Professor,
 "Johnny" is just another student, but to the parent he is thc
 "apple of his eye." Therein lies the fertile field of public
 relations with all the opportunities for good for both the
 students and the University.
    Meetings held so far have also passed another "supreme
  test." When the meetings have closed the parents have
  lingered afterwards, talking about themselves and visiting
  with the professor with an even more informal atmosphere
  than in the meeting proper. A parent sidles up to the Univer-
  sity representative to ask a personal question. And as they
  gradually take their leave, they shake hands and say, "This
  has been a most enjoyable evening. I feel a lot better now
  that I have been able to see and talk with you."
    The special thanks of the University and of the Association
  go to those hosts and hostesses without whose co-operation
  the meetings would not be so successful:
       Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ziegenhagen of Wisconsin Dells
       Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mockrud of Westby
       Mr. and Mrs. Grafton Berry and Clyde Miller of
       Dr. and Mrs. Art Cantwell of Shawano
                                      WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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