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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1955)

Foss, Robert
Journalism and Wisconsin,   pp. 20-22

Page 20

  This month, the University celtbrat-s the 50th anniversary of Jour-
nalism teaching at Wisconsi.n.
  In this issue1, the Alunmlus recognizes this mile ttone with sezteral
articles relating to Wisconsin jour. n ali . The School of Journalism
itself has been planning a ser'.es of special eeents the weekend of Feb.
25-26 that is expected to draw leaders in the journalism field from,
1hrough}ut the nation. Headline speakers will include Milwaukee pub-
lihher Iru in Alaier, Duluth publisher B. H. Ridder, fr. and Mfarquis
Childs, a widely-knottn iidicatled fat/ure columnist.
  A u'eek earlier, the annual Jladi ,on Founders Day dinner featured an
address by another prominent alumnnus journalist, Dan Allich, '26, the
execlitize editor of Look magazine. For this event, journalism  alumni
in the .Aladison area gathered at a ispecial table. Kick-off speaker for
affair, incidentlly, was jet another Journalist. Sheboigan publisher A.
A1,ltt. Werner. president of the  n'trit) Board of Regents.
Journalism and
NY HISTORY of the University of Wisconsin's School
     of Journalism is a history of one man, Willard Gros-
     venor Bleyer-" Daddy" Bleyer to oldtimers of Wiscon-
sin journalism by first-hand knowledge, and to youngsters of
the present day by legend.
  For it was Bleyer who started Wisconsin journalism educa-
tion a half century ago, infusing it with his own strength and
enthusiasm for its first 30 years, and two of his own proteges,
who studied under him and worked with him and knew him
intimately, succeeded him as its directors.
... being an interesting account
of the first 50 years of
                  journalism teaching
         at the University
    Related by Robert Foss, '30
              University News Service
     Bleyer built Wisconsin's School of Journalism, one of the
   nation's first, solidly from the beginning.
     The school had its start back in 190 i, from a non-credit
   course in the dangers of libel in writing taught by Bleyer in
   the University's department of English. The following year
   this non-credit course grew into Wisconsin's first credit course
   in journalism, designated as English 19 in the University's
   time-table of 1905, and callecd News Writilig.
     One of the memcbrs of that first class in 1905-06, Louis
   Bridgman, '06, who went on to serve Wisconsin journalism
                                   WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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