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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 8 (May 1950)

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Official Publication of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
* gd,/e/i "e.
reunion celebration next month just
because you weren't graduated in a
year ending with a "0" or a "5" or
a "17".
  If you went to Wisconsin four
years you likely knew students from
seven different classes. If not, at
least five. And no matter what year
you were graduated, one of those
five classes near yours is making
special plans for a reunion this year.
If you didn't attend four yours, the
chances of a nearby class reuning
are still good.
Lake Mendota from Elizabeth Waters
  So if you're looking for an excuse
to come back to campus in mid-J une,
you've got it.
  Many former servicemen whose
campus years were split by the war
have even a larger choice of classes
with which they can join; many of
them started with a class scheduled
for graduation in the early '40s and
returned to get their degrees with a
much later class. Meanwhile, all
alumni who were graduated before
1900 are welcome to join with the
Class of 1900 which will next month
become a part of the exclusive Half-
Century Club.
  Reuxions are for everyone.
Vol. 51                  MAY, 1950                      No. 8
Paving a Hard Cash Road through College By Marion E. Tormey
Is the UW Doing Its Best to Get Jobs for Seniors? By Trayton
    G. Davis, '50
"JOC' Says to Plan Ahead" One way Wisconsin students help
    themselves break into the job market
4 Ways to Help the University By George B. Luhman, '10       10
Where Doctors Aren't Made by Mass Production -------------12
Cooperation at Tabard and Andersen By Winifred Brockhaus, '50,
    in collaboration with Dean of Women Louise Troxell ------- 14
WANTED, $13,557,000 for University Buildings in 1951-53 ----- 18
REUNIONS ... June 15, 16, 17, 18 ------------------------26
Keeping in Touch with Wisconsin By John Sarles, '23
Financial Aids for Students By John Berge, 22
The State of the University
    Student Life
    The Campus through the Camera
    Faculty  ---------------------------------------------22
    On Wisconsin in Sports By Art Lentz -------------------24
Alumni    ------------------------------------------------26
Badger Bookshelf By Emeritus Dean George C. Sellery -------- 27
With the Classes  ----------------------------------------27
John Berge, '22 ------------------------------Managing Editor
Dwight A. Johnson, '49 --------------------------------Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 -------------------------Field Secretary
Art Lentz, Athletic Publicity Director --------------Sports Editor
Emeritus Dean George C. Sellery -----------------Book Reviewer
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published monthly, October through July.
and entered as second class matter at the post office at Madison, Wis.,
under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included in membership
dues of the Wisconsin Alumni Association), $2 a year; subscription to
non-members, $4 a year. Editorial and business offices at 770 Langdon St.,
Madison 6, Wis.
MAY, 1950
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