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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Sarles, John H.
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   p. 4

Page 4

keeping in touch with- WISCONSIN
by JOHN H. SARLES, '23
President, Wisconsin Alumni Association
  * February 5, 2000, the University's
  151st birthday: Are those temporary
  buildings still around? Has the Uni-
  versity been an increasingly useful
  partner of the state? Do we still have
  the best faculty?
     These questions and others can be
  answered the right way every year
  from now until 2000. Here's how:
  Since New Year's Day the owners of various
crystal balls have been having lots of fun pub-
lishing predictions about what the world will
be like fifty years from now.
  This Founders' Day, the 101st birthday of
the University of Wisconsin, is a good time to
ask ourselves a few questions about our Uni-
versity and what it may be in the year 2000.
  Will those Quonsets and "temporaries" still
be desecrating the campus, or will the dreams
which today exist mostly on paper be fulfilled to
give the University a home worthy of its his-
toric greatness and its beautiful natural set-
  Will the third and fourth volumes of the Uni-
versity History record a growth in student
population as large as that of the past half
century? Will we see more concentration in
Madison, or more extension to other parts of
the state?
  Will our University become more of a voca-
tional training institution, or will it retain and
intensity its character as a builder of men and
women who are able to face the world with un-
   (Will the co-eds still be beautiful? Will there
still be football and if so, how will Ivy William-
son's boys be doing? What sort of nickname
will they give to the class of 2003? How long
will you have to stand in line to get a meal?
And will Joe Steinauer still be dishing out those
hilarious stories?)
  Many more questions could and should be
  Will the University continue to attract the
best teaching brains and personalities to its
faculty? Will they keep on generating new ideas
in curriculum and in the techniques of educa-
tion? And will they continue to contribute bril-
liantly to the sum of knowledge in many fields?
  Will the University of Wisconsin increasingly
be a full-time partner in the growth of the
State of Wisconsin? Will its value to the people
of the state increase and at the same time be-
come more evident so the people of the state
will be more eager to help the University live
and grow?
  Most of these questions are of major im-
portance, and this mid-century Founders' Day
is the time to ask them.
  This is a time to re-examine goals and values,
a time to re-study what is now being done, a
time to plan intelligently for better results in
the future.
  Probably each one of us has a different dream
of what the University of Wisconsin should be
and can be in the year 2000. Probably also,
there is a vast amount of agreement among our
individual hopes, because we all want the Uni-
versity to be even greater in the future than it
has ever been during tis long history of service.
  So we must return inevitably to our own
personal responsibilities.
  The goals will not be reached unless the peo-
ple in the University and the friends of the
University continue to work together more and
more effectively to reach those goals. And the
University's best friends are its alumni. Not
"the alumni" generally, but you and I, each one
of us who has grown because of influence of
the University.
  Which brings us to one final question for
today-how best can we help?
  Individually we can do a number of things.
Together we can do much more. That is the
whole, reason for existence of our Wisconsin
Alumni Association. As each one of us makes
an effort to add strength to the Alumni Asso-
ciation by increasing its membership, we for-
tify the strong right arm of the University.
  If we make this our goal today we will not
have to wait around until 2000 A.D. to see
results. We will be able to count them and have
pride in our accomplishment next Founders'
                      WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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