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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 50, Number 10 (July 1949)


Mrs. Mary Kirsch
  Periodical Rm.. Hist orical Libr..
    Eadison 6, Wl.a
         A History: 1848-1925
By Merle Curti and Vernon Carstensen
Two Volume Set-$10
The Wisconsin Alumni Association has been
authorized by the University of Wisconsin
Press to make a special combination offer-
the two volume UW history and a year's
membership in the Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
ciation for only $10.50. (Regular prices are
$10 for the history and $4 for Association
membership-a $14 package for only $10.50,
-a saving of $3.50). This offer applies to
A dramatic factual history of your University
as well as a chapter in the intellectual his-
tory of the nation. It is the story of how the
people of Wisconsin created their state uni-
versity, told with a clear view of the move-
ments of thought in the country as a whole.
A rich and lively panorama of the first 75
crowded years of UW history, from the
founding of the University with 20 students
through the administrations of Van Hise and
Birge. Nearly 60 illustrations show every
side of UW   activity, including the 1897
women's basketball team and the dome of
Bascom Hall burning in 1916-as well as
photographs of various alumni, presidents,
and buildings.
Pulitzer-prize-winning historian Merle Curti
and his history department colleague, Ver-
non Carstensen, have written with candor
and wealth of detail a unique university
history of which Wisconsin alumni may
well be proud.
present as well as prospective members, to
renewal memberships as well as new ones.
If you have already paid this year's dues
in the Association, your membership will be
extended one year upon receipt of your
$10.50 remittance. You will receive both vol-
umes of the epic UW history immediately.
The second volume came off the presses a
few weeks ago.
Wisconsin Alumni Association, 770 Langdon St., Madison 6, Wis.
Here is my check for $10.50 for the special combination offer -one year's
membership in
the Wisconsin Alumni Association and the two-volume University of Wisconsin
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