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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 6 (March 1903)

In faculty circles,   pp. 220-222

Page 220

Wiscon8in Alumni .Magazine.
  The magazine has been distrib-
uted regularly to all members of
the faculty, including instructors
and assistants. Unless the man-
ager has been notified to the con-
trary, it has been     taken  for
granted that the magazine was de-
  The selection of Prof. J. C. Mon-
  aghan to an important position in
the newly created department of
commerce is a district recogni-
tion of the University of Wiscon-
sin that must be gratifying to all
alumni and its friends.     It is
proof of the high reputation of
the institution that the eye of the
national government should be
upon it, 'and that it should be
"called upon to assist in the forma-
tion and operation of this impor-
tant department. It is also a matter
of gratification that Prof. Mon-
aghan does not intend to relin-
quish teaching, in which he is
also eminently successful, but that
he will return to the university
after a year's service at Washing-
ton. His new duties, coupled with
his previous experience in the na-
tional service, will be of the great-
est value to him and to Wisconsin.
  It is time for alumni to begin
planning to arrange for class re-
unions at commencement. This
should be made a banner reunion
year. Class secretaries shoula be-
stir themselves and    committee
members see to the getting out of
as large gatherings as possible.
             *  *  *   -/
  Mr. Downer, the athletic editor,
makes a plea for a greater variety
of sports. He is far from alone in
wishing this. An intelligent and
comprehensive grasp of the ath-
letic situation at the university is
shown in his letter in this issue.
  Prof. Julius E. Olson read a
paper on the Norwegian      poet,
Henrik Wergeland, at the meet-
ing of the Madison Literary club,
at the home of Chief Justice Cas-
soday, in Madison, March 9.
  A patent has been granted to
Professor C. F. Burgess and Budd
Frankenfield, now with the Nernst
Lamp Co., of Pittsburg, but form-
erly an instructor in the univer-
sity, upon some apparatus for the
regulation of electric circuits.
  Dr. B. H. Meyer is preparing a
book for the MacMillan Co., en-
titled Railway Legislation in the
United States. It is one of the
series in the Citizens' Library of
Economics, Politics and Sociology.
This book is divided into three
parts as follows: Part I, the in-
troduction, has to do with rail-
ways, part II with the progress of
railway legislation, and part III
with the past and future of the
interstate commerce commission.
  Book III of the Republic of
Plato, translated by Prof. Alex-
ander Kerr, has made its appear-
ance. Prof. Kerr has previously
translated Books I and II.
  Augier et Sandeau, Le Gendre

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