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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

Madison memories,   pp. 43-44

Page 43

where they are now living on W. Townsend
St. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Gibson
(Anna Mary KING) of Aurora, Ill., an-
nounce the birth of a son, Scott King, last
April 12.
1940 .................           . W
  Dr. Kenneth N. CUTHBERT was re-
cently named dean of the School of Music
at Illinois Wesleyan University He retains
his position as head of the graduate de-
partment . . . Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.
nounce the birth of a son, James Randolph,
last April 6 . . . Uta HAGEN, daughter of
UW Professor 0. F. L. Hagen, is playing
the leading feminine role this summer in
A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway
and the play's road tour. She replaces Jes-
sica Tandy . . .Mr. and Mrs. Freeman C.
HUEGEL of Madison announce the birth
of a daughter last April 21 . . . Walter
C. ISENBERG, Jr. was recently transferred
from Istanbul to Bombay as US Vice-
Consul. He has also served at Addis Ababa
     Richard A. KNOBLOCH was one of
the 61 survivors of the first air raid on
Tokyo who reuned receptly in Minneapolis.
They met in -the same hotel where some
six years ago they volunteered for a "mis-
sion of great hazard" . . . Edward L.
KOBLITZ now lives at 16 Tiverton Ave.,
W. Los Angeles. He is an account execu-
tive for the H. C. Morris Co. of New York
and Hollywood . . . Dr. and Mrs. James
W. PAULUS of Dubuque, Ia., announce the
birth of a daughter, Katherine Ann, last
April 16 . . . Elaine H. SONTAG and Dr.
Robert Juni were married last Feb. 28 in
Burkhardt. They are now living at Horse-
shoe Lake . . . Cedric P. VOLL recently
became a certified public accountant at the
University of Illinois. He is living in Chi-
cago at 425 Surf St .... Sprague VONIER
resigned recently as assistant secretary to
the mayor of Milwaukee to join the staff
of the Milwaukee Journal stations WTMJ,
WTMJ-FM, and WTMJ-TV . . . F. E.
Robert ZORN and Phyllis Matthews were
married last April 16 in Milwaukee.
1941 .........        .......... W
  Capt. Charles K. ANDERSON of the US
Air Force reports a change of address:
from Fairfield, Calif., to 373rd Ren. Sqdn.
(VLR) Weather, Kindley Air Force Base,
Bermuda, APO 856, c/o Postmaster, New
York City . . . Mrs. Kenneth BERTSCH
was recently named director of the Waupun
School of Vocational and Adult Education
-   , Dr. and Mrs. Clarence P. CHREST
(Thelma E. FLUKE) of Ann Arbor, Mich.,
annofince the birth of Laura Jeanne last
March 8. Dr. Chrest is teaching in the
department of roentgenology at the Uni-
versity or ivLicnigan tiospitai . . . trace
R. ZAKZRESKI of Stevens Point was re-
cently named as the new children's worker
in the Dodge County Welfare Department
... Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. DENSMORE
are now living at 5010 State Ave., No. 5,
Richmond, Calif. He is taking graduate
work as a psychiatric social worker at
the University    of California and
doing field work for the San Francisco
Juvenile Court. He's in "a new depart-
ment, the Prevention Division, which keeps
its records unofficial and works with the
boy and family to get at the causes for
delinquincy. The work is a challenge, but
it pays off with results." . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Grant HILLIKER announce the birth of
Janet Lee last March 18. Mr. Hilliker is
US Vice-Consul at Naples . . . John E.
HOEFT was recently featured in an arti-
cle in the National Container Digest. He is
a power engineer at Tomahawk . . . Mar-
gery KUPLIC and Dr. Max Schuster were
married last March 30 in Lincoln, Neb. He
is associated with the plant pathology de-
partment of the University of Nebraska
... Clyde D. ("Icy") LAKE was recently
promoted to general manager of radio sta-
tion WOBT in Rhinelander. He and Mrs.
Lake (Joan TAYLOR, '44) announce the
birth of a second daughter, Gretchen, last
Feb. 23 . . . Joseph J. MIAZGA recently
became associated with the Rhinelander
Office Supply Co. as manager . . . Clara
Pauline SOEHNLEIN and Albert Harold
Waschow were married last April 3 in
Okauchee. They are now living at 234 E.
Park Ave., Waukesha. He is employed by
a Milwaukee construction company.
1942 .......      ..........W
  Joe K. ADAMS was recently awarded
the Master of Arts degree in psychology
by Princeton University . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton B. Conger (Charlotte DAHL) an-
nounce the birth of a daughter, Dahlia
Jean, last Feb. 7 at the 97th General Hos-
pital, Frankfurt am Main, Germany . . .
Mr. and Mrs. Robert HAEGER      (Helen
KUCHENBECKER) announce the birth of
a daughter, Patricia Ann, at the 97th Gen-
eral Hospital, Frankfurt am Main, Ger-
many. Both the above fathers in Germany
are correspondents for the United Press.
The two daughters were born five hours
apart, creating quite a sensation in the
press colony there... Gwendolyn BROEGE
is now Mrs. Harlan Daluge. Address: Mer-
mac Hotel, West Bend, Wis .... Mr. and
Mrs. George Francis GURDA (Anita HAN-
NEMAN, '41) at Truax Field announce the
birth of a son, Robert Frederick, last April
4 ... Richard S. FRAZER has moved from
Winnetka, Ill., to 505 Drexel Ave, Glen-
coe, Ill.... Verne H. KNOLL was recen'lv
elected mayor of Beaver Dam . . . Marvin
L. RAND was recently appointed director
of the newly established news bureau of
Klau-VanPietersom- Dunlap Associates,
Inc. He formerly directed public relations
for the Metropolitan Milwaukee War Mem-
orial, Inc. . . . Bruno 0. ROHLFFS and
Frances L. Reihman were married last
March 31 in Plymouth. They are now-
living at 1637 N. Prospect Ave., Milwau-
kee, where he is studying at the Layton
Art School . .. Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Kocsis
(Fern SCHROEDER) of Fond du Lac an-
nounce the birth of Chirstopher Lee last
March 15 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.
LARSEN (Joyce GROTHE, '45) of Wau-
watosa announce the birth of a son, Mark
Robert, last April 11 . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Donald E. Mac Innis (Helen PAULSEN)
have moved from Palo Alto, Calif., (where
they were teaching at Stanford University)
to Fukien Christian University, Foochow,
Fukien, China . . . Vincent L. MADSEN,
office manager of the Lumina Terrazo and
Tile Co. died last April 23 in Madison at
the age of 31 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Paul R.
MILLER (Judith BRODIE, '43) of Walt-
ham, Mass., announce the birth of their
second child, Toni Ruth, last Feb. 27. Capt.
Miller recently was separated from the
Medical Corps after more than 18 months
of orthopedic surgery work on the war
19,43  .......... W
  Thomas J. DETLING, popular young
Sheboygan attorney, died last April 13 at
the age of 28. Death was due to carbon
monoxide poisoning and was accidental. Mr.
Detling was active in University alumni
work . . . Raymond F. CARLSON and
Maximiliane Koehler were married last
March 26 in Dorchester, where they are
now living . . . Reuben E. GILBERTSON
and Germaine Marie Richter were married
last April 10 in Wausau . . . Ruth Ann
OPP is now Mrs. F. Malcolm Smith. The
Smiths live at 214 Pope St., N. Palo Alto,
Calif. They were married last Sept. 13 in
Detroit . . . Edwin A. ROSENBERG and
Norma Lucille Holt were married last
April 3 in Erie, Pa. . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Karl H. STANGE announce the birth of
a son, Paul Denison, last Dec. 16 at
Peiping, China. Mr. Stange is doing YMCA
work there.
1944 .........        .......... W
  Lt. Merle L. BROSE is now stationed
at Narsarssuak, Greenland, where he was
transferred last March 23 ý from Westover
Field, Chicopee Falls, Mass. . . . Janet
Mayý MiDWARDS        and  Frederic  W.
SCHREMP, '47, were married last April
14 in Madison, where they are now living
at 511 University Ave. She is a research
chemist at Oscar Mayer Co. and he is an
alumnus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti-
tute now doing graduate work in chemistry
at the UW . . . Betty Jane EGAN and
John Charles JACUES, Jr., '46, were mar-
ried last April 17 in Madison, where they
are now living. Both are instructors in the
UW Extension Division . . . Joanne FRA-
SER and John S. Kerper, Jr. were married
last April 17 in Milwaukee. They are now
living in Lansing, Mich. . . . George
MAKRIS is now boxing coach at Michigan
State College. returned to Madison recently
in that capacity for the match with the
UW   ... Floyd W. RADEL is now receiv-
ing mail at US Steel Audit Staff, Room
216, Wolvin Building, Duluth, Minn ...
        (Continued on page 44)
*/MaWczciktcg /Wemc&'ae4
  ONE YEAR AGO, June, 1947: Through death, resignation, and retirement
the University loses this month 25 top-flight professors. Outstanding among
them are C. J. Anderson, '12, Philo M. Buck, Jr., Leon J. Cole, Max Otto,
Jo.Gaus, H. GordonSkll ing, and Stephe Ely, Z7.
Dean of the College of Agricul-
ture, resigned that position five
years ago this month. He joined
the Celotex Corp. in Chicago as
vice-president, recently became
president of the firm.
  FIVE YEARS AGO, June, 1943: Chris L.
Christensen resigned this month as Dean of
the College of Agriculture to become vice-
president of the Celotex Corp. in Chicago.
  TEN YEARS AGO, June, 1938: Dean Lloyd
K. Garrison left this month for England to
study labor conditions there on the Guggen-
heim fellowship which he was awarded re-
  TWENTY YEARS AGO, June, 1928: C. J.
Anderson, assistant state superintendent of
schools, was selected this month as director
of the UW's School of Education. The posi-
tion was held by V. A. C. Henmon until a year
ago and Prof. W. L. Uhl has served since as
acting director.
  THIRTY YEARS AGO, June, 1918: War
notes-500 draftees arrived on campus June
15 for two months of technical training ...
B. G. Elliott, '13, associate professor of mech-
anical engineering, was granted a leave of
absence this month to enter the service of
the Emergency Fleet Corporation.
  FORTY YEARS AGO, June, 1908: Campus
discussion this month has centered on the
new women's gymnasium. Some have sug-
gested that it :e called Bascom Hall; others
think a more central building deserves that
(From the files of the Wisconsin Alumnus)

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