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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 6 (March 1948)

With the alumni,   pp. 36-41

Page 36

Badgers From Rangoon
To London Guide US
Foreign Policy Moves
sented in the US State Depart-
ment, now wrestling with inter-
national prQblems that are
broader in scope and consequence
than probably ever before.
   Especially outstanding in the
galaxy of diplomats are two young
Badgers in South America
(right). They are Thomas J.
Nolan, '34, on the staff of the
American Consulate at Val-
paraiso, Chile and Jean Wilkow-
ski, '44, vice-consul in Bogota,
  Also included among the thousands
of government representatives in the
State Department are the following
  Charles W. Adair, Jr., '35, and
Richard E. Usher, '4-1, in Washington,
D. C.; Mrs. E. V. D. Wight, '27, in
Berlin, Germany; Einar Jensen,_x'26,
in Bern, Switzerland; Mrs. Adrian E.
Walser, '39, in Managua, Nicaragua;
J. Forrest Crawford, '23, in Teheran,
Iran; Mrs. W. C. Affelt, x'38, in Kobe,
Japan; Hugo W. Albertz, '18, in Quito,
Ecuador; Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Jan-
drey, '30 and x'30 respectively, in Mel-
bourne, Australia; Erich A. W. Hoff-
mann, '26, in Tirania, Albania. Mrs.
Henry A. Barber, '16, in Havana,
Cuba; Frederick    L. Royt, '29, in
Jamaica; British West Indies; Fred-
erick L. Jochem, '31, in Rangoon,
Burma; Ralph B. Curren, x'24, in
Cairo, Egypt.
  Mr. and Mrs. John W. Culver, '32
and PhB '42 respectively, in Sao Paulo,
Brazil; Mrs. Nils Ditleff, x'01, in
Warsaw, Poland; Lt. Col. Royal S.
Thompson, '46, in Tegucigalpa, Hon-
duras; John B. Carpenter, PhD '41,
in Lima, Peru; Maurice M. Bern-
baum, x'31, in Singapore, China; John
P. Davies, x'31, in Mukden, Man-
choukou, China; Mrs. P. A. North,
x'29, and George C. Liu, '30, in Nan-
king, China; Howard L. Boorman, '41,
in Peiping, China; Robin E. Steussy,
'43, in Budapest, Hungary.
  Grant G. Hilliker, '42, in Naples,
Italy; Jacinto M. Kamantigue, '11, in
Manila, Philippine I s 1 a n d s; Mrs.
Thomas A. Goldman, '45, in Rotterdam,
Holland; Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Wilcox,
PhB '33 and '42 respectively, in Mexico
City, Mexico; Alfred W. Klieforth,
'13, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Walter C. Isenberg, Jr., '40, in Istanbul,
Turkey; Mrs. Alex T. Prengel, Jr., '39,
in Praha, Czechoslovakia; Col. and
Mrs. Joseph A. Holly, x'19 and '17
respectively, Walton C a n b y Ferris,
x'24, Paul 0. Nyhus, '32, and Mrs.
Sam Berger, '40, in London, England;
James R. Wilkinson, '19, in Birming-
ham, England; David G. Briggs, '42,
and Mrs. Perry H. Culley, '39, in
Paris, France; Wayland B. Waters,
'40, in Dublin, Ireland.
1879 .........      ......      . W
  Word- has just come of the death Dec.
13 of Jessie Martha MEYER in Lancaster,
where she had been a life-long resident.
She was 88 years old.
1889.   .   . .    ....   ...... W
  Dr. Cornelius A. HARPER who, nearing
84, is the nation's oldest public health
officer both in age and length of service,
ended 47 years of service when he retired
last Jan. 31. He was given a testimonial
dinner at the Loraine Hotel in Madison,
sponsored by the Wisconsin State Board of
Health and the Wisconsin State Medical
1890 ...........        ........ W
  Dr. Timothy L. HARRINGTON, veteran
physician and lecturer of the Wisconsin
Anti-Tuberculosis Assn., died at his Mil-
waukee home last Dec. 13. He was 81
years old, a former professor at Marquette
1891 .........       .......... W
  Francis H. De GROAT, pioneer Head of
the Lakes attorney, died last Dec. 31 at
his home in Duluth at the age of 79.
1893 .....     ...........           W
  Mrs. Lillian KAHLENBERG, widow of
Prof. Louis A. Kahlenberg who retired
from the chemistry department of the UW
in 1940 and died the following year in
Florida, passed away last Jan. 11 at a
Sarasota, Fla., hospital. She was the former
Lillian HEALD.
1894 ....         .......... W
  Circuit Judge and Mrs. Robert S. COWIE
of La Crosse marked their golden wedding
anniversary last Christmas.
1896 .........       .......... W
  Word has just come of the death last
November of Charles J. CARLSEN     in
Pasadena, Calif. He was a native of Janes-
ville, a graduate in electrical engineering,
and an officer in the Spanish-American
1897 .........       .......... W
  Elizabeth McNANEY Peterson recently
retired after 26 years as chief clerk in the
pass bureau of the Milwaukee road in
Chicago. She is now living at 16 W. Santa
Inez Rd., San Mateo, Calif.
1898 .......      ........... W
  Dr. Frank W. VAN KIRK of Janesville
recently took his son, Dr. Frank W. Van
Kirk, Jr., into association with him in the
practice of medicine. The younger Dr. Van
Kirk had one year in residency at the
Wisconsin General Hospital and served one
year as an instructor in the UW School of
Medicine . . . Dr. August SAUTHOFF and
Dr. M. K. Green, former UW faculty mem-
bers, both retired Jan. 31 after years of
service at the Mendota State Hospital. Dr.
Green had been superintendent of the hos-
pital since 1924. Dr. Sauthoff was clinical
director and assistant superintendent. Both
have reached the age of 70.
1899 .......      .......... W
  Fred THOMSON, former Milwaukee
banker and instructor in the Milwaukee
Vocational School until two years ago when
he retired, died Jan. 13 at the age of 73.
1900 .....     ...........          W
  Circuit Judge Arthur W. KOPP of Lan-
caster has announced that he will be a
candidate to succeed himself in the Fifth
Judical district election next April 6 . . .
Harry W. ADAMS, general manager of
the Adams Corporation of Beloit, recently
opened a new plant. President of the com-
pany is Alan W. ADAMS, '35.
1901 .........       .......... W
  Professor William H. BARBER, former
head of the physics department at Ripon
College who retired June, 1946, was
honored by the American Assn. of Physics
Teachbrs last Dec. 30 when he received
the Oersted medal for 1947. This medal is
awarded annually to "an individual doing
outstanding work  in  the teaching of
1902 ....         ......    ...W
  Dean Hugo WINKENWERDER, former
head of the University of Washington for-
estry department, died recently in Seattle
at the age of 69. He was founder of the
Washington State Forestry Conference and
served as its president for 23 years . . .
Dr. Lucius B. DONKLE died Jan. 7 in
Chicago at the age of 70.
1903 .........       .......... W
  More people are indebted to John Lucian
SAVAGE than to any other engineer, ac-
cording to Look magazine, which honored
him in a recent issue. Chief designer of the
US Reclamation Service, Savage charted
the specifications for Grand Coulee Dam,
the world's biggest manmade structure ...
E. J. HAUMERSON, president of the Mer-
chants and Savings bank in Madison Pnd
former UVW football athlete, died last Dec.
31 at the age of 67 after an illness of
nearly two years.
THOMAS J. NOLAN                         JEAN WILKOWSKI

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