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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 5 (Feb. 1947)

Dear editor,   p. 2

Page 2

  Enjoyed December Alumnus thoroughly-;
seemed packed to the edges with inter-
esting news and information. Few com-
ments: proud to know we are tops in
"songs written for and about colleges,"
but as you subtly intimate, that "aint"
the thing that's going to get us on top
in the educational and research world-
which is the reason primarily for the
University. . . . Dan Hoan's statement
probably went too far, but can't deny
that many have been lost who made
Wisconsin great; by slipping one could
mean from the very top to eighth or
tenth spot. "One of 10 leading state uni-
versities" is a vague statement.
  Tuskegee Institute, Ala.
  Yes, it was pleasant to receive the
alumni publications during my stay in
the service and I am appreciative of the
gesture and the actuality. I would like
to express my sentiments and a few crit-
icisms just for the record, however.
  It would be foolish for me to elaborate
  on the fact that I will never forget Mad-
  ison, the UW, or think of it other than
  fondly. However, I intensely dislike the
  conventionalities of nostalgia that usu-
  ally go with reuning "rah-rah" gradu-
  ates. My happy years at Wisconsin,
  while most pleasant to look back upon;
  are really a kicker to keep looking into
  the future. I keep in contact with the
  good friends and interests I developed
at the,.UW, and as-'for the rest I'm only
casually interested-very casually. So,
while I realize the advantages and serv-
ices of the WAA-as far as its records,
publications, its service as a medium of
information exchange, etc.-I believe I'll
wait until I'm more sentimental to sub-
mit even the nominal membership fee
you have.
   My feelings on the subject can best be
 described by telling you of my annoy-
 ance many times on receiving the Alumnus,
 Every college alumni magazine I've ever
 seen inevitably consists in each issue of
 startling headlines-followed by "pithy"
 .articles--to the effect that "Alumni Re-
 main  Loyal to  University," "Joyous
 Homecoming P 1 a n n e d," "University
 Commended for War Work." "University
 Granted $25," etc. Of course, and I may
 sound a little jaundiced, this is all very
 -ce to know, but frankly not too inter-
 esting. I want to hear of Wisconsin's
 great achievements. I wish, to be con-
 structive, that alumni bulletins were
 really more pithy In the articles they
 presented, instead of being gossip col-
 umns invested with the rather dried-up
 pedantry that too many universities
 have. I would like, for instance, a rather
 detailed article (albeit in layman's terms
 'for those only mildly interested in the
 subject) by an outstanding professor;
 decent prints of art work put. out by the
 university, students-in general, some-
 thing which continues to be educational
 instead of merely information. And let's
 bury war glories!
                   A. L. BROOKS, '41
                   Berkeley, Calif.
   While I am   a life member of the
 Alumni Association, I have not for some
 years made any contribution to any of
 its special services. Hence I wish to do
 it now. I enclose my check for $10 which
 you. may apply to whatever service you
 determine that this small amount might
 help the most. Please look upon it as an
 expression of appreciation of your good
 work and the benefit that comes to one
 of the alumni as far away as I am.
                J. F. MACHOTKA, 915
                Peiping, China
   I find your magazine most interesting
 and eagerly await each issue. The mate-
 rial is both interesting and well-organ'
 ized. Congratulations on a job well done'
                 MYRON F. ROSE, '31
                 San Jose, Calif.
   The Wisconsin Alumnus is looked for.
 ward to eagerly and read avidly every
 month by those of us who seem so re-
 mote from Madison and the University
 and so I would like to thank you for it
 Wnroeo.ter. Mass.
- ~         '~.     U              U
this Seal Stands .iuard
. For Y
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      guarantees they contain a full quota of Vitamin D -"The
      Sunshine Vitamin." Every product bearing the seal is rig-
      orously tested in the Foundation laboratories at regular
      intervals to make certain it has full potency.
         For twenty years the Foundation has carried on this
      program of research and testing. It licenses only products
      of definite value. That is why the Foundation has won the
      complete confidence of the Medical profession and the
      public. Look to it for your added guarantee.
                       MADISON 6, WISCONSIN
W e  Mass..

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