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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

In line of duty,   pp. 12-13

Page 12

They Gave Their Lives So That Freedom in This Country and Abroad Might Not-.Perish
   Lt. Col. D. BURGESS, '19, Stoughton,
 died August 20. He had served with the' HQ
 4th Armored Division, at Pine Camp, N. Y.
 from 1941 to 1943. He had also served in
 the first World War.
   1st Lt. Benjamin C. McCARTNEY, '42,
 Washington, D. C.. died of wounds re-
 ceived over Italy, September 22. Lt. Mc-
 Cartney's father is Rev. Dr. Albert J.
 McCartney, pastor of the Covenant First
 Presbyterian Church, Washington, D, C.
 It. McCartney was bombardier on a B-26
 Marauder based in Sardinia. He had re-
 ceived the Air medal..
   Ensign Bradley GOODYEAR, '34, Buf-
 falo, N. Y., was killed in an airplane
 crash in February, 1942.
   Capt. Hugh D. JONES, '41, son iof Mr.
 and Mrs. John D. Jones, Jr., R.. 2, Box
 481, Racine, was killed in action in. France
 August 31. He received his captain's com-
 mission and was sent to England in Decem-
 ber, 1943. Capt. Jones was a member of
 the intelligence section' of the Second Ar-
 mored division. His wife is the former
,Barbara Mattern, '42.
   1st Lt. Enos D. (Bud) LLOYD-JONES,
 '43, son of Ralph Lloyd-Jones, 104 River
 Heights Dr., Mason City, Ia., was-killed in
 action in France on September 13. He was
 serving as executive officer of Co. K, 2nd
 Infantry, 5th division. His wife is the
 former Barbara Thomas, '43. He was the
 nephew of the late Chester Lloyd-Jones,
 who was on the faculty of the university
 for many years.
   S/Sgt. Louis N. HAUGH, '42, son of
 Mrs. E. Haugh, 2502 Chamberlain Ave.,
 Madison, was killed in a plane accident in
 the Aleutians, in June. He is survived by
 his wife, now living in Wauwatosa.
   Lt. Gilman L. SUND, '43, son of Mr.
 and Mrs. Gustav Sund, Westby, was killed
 in action over England, September 27. He
 took his training with the air corps in
 fields at Santa Ana, King City, Calif.,
 Boise, Idaho, and Wendover Field, Utah.
   Pvt. Ora L. COX, '46, son of Mr. and
 Mrs. Ora M. Cox, 3138 Lindbergh St.,
 Madison, was killed in action in France
on October 8. He enlisted - in January,
1943 and took basic training with a coast
artillery unit at Camp Stewart, Ga.
  Lt. Sherman J. COVET, '37, son of
Oscar Covet, 501 Tower Ave., Superior,
was killed in action in the European
theater, August 10. He had trained at
Edgewood Arsenal, Ft. Douglas, and Camp
  Pvt. James H. FLAD, '47, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John J. Flad, Sr., Shorewood
Hills, Madison, was killed in action Oc-
tober 20 near Aachen. He was with the
advance American infantry unit in the as-
sault on the German west wall, and had-
previously been awarded the Purple Heart
for wounds. He entered service in Oc-
tober, 1943 and went overseas in March,
  Lt. Paul A. GEVELINGER, '43, son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Gevelinger, R. 3, Min-
eral Point, was killed in action July 20,
in the South Pacific area. He had been re-
ported missing in action since early in
August. -Lt. Gevelinger received his wings
and his commission as ensign at Corpus
Christi Naval Air station in May, 1943. He
had spent about a year in the S. Pacific
with a naval task force as the operator of
a dive bomber. He had been promoted to
full Lieutenant several months ago.
  Lt. Frederick W. FIEDLER, Jr., '42,
son of Dr. F. W. Fiedler, 822 Charles
Place, Memphis, Tenn., was killed in action
August 24 in France.,
  Lt. Frank W. STAFFORD, '43, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stafford, 1409 Seventh
Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont., was reported
killed in action in Czechoslovakia. He had
previously been reported missing in ac-
tion. Lt. Stafford was a bombardier-navi-
gator on a Flying Fortress and had been
overseas since August. He is survived by
his wife, Barbara.
   1st Lt. Gerald A. PLAUTZ, '40, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Plautz, 4333 N. Mor-
ris Blvd., Milwaukee, died of wounds re-
ceived in action in France. He had been
wounded in the Italian campaign, had re-
covered and then been wounded again in
the Belfort section of France. He is sur-
vived by his wife, Juanita, 3415 N. Mur-
ray Ave., Milwaukee.
  2nd Lt. Elver R. LEISTIKOW, '46, son:
of-Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Leistikow; 2653 N..
82nd ,St., Wauwatosa, was killed in action
in Italy, on October 17. He was, pilot of a
Liberator, bomber, had entered service in
1943 and was sent overseas August 9, 1944.
  Robert A. GITTES, '43, son of Mr. and'
Mrs. A. Gittes, 25 Minetta Lane, New
York City, was killed 'in action in, France,
on October 14.
  Lt. Col. Preston T. VANCE, '14, head of
the Publications department, S-3 Section,
of the Field Artillery school, Ft. 'Sill,
Okla., died in a Ft. Sill hospital on Novem-
ber 17. Col. Vance who had returned to ac-
tive duty in November,' 1942 following
his retirement from the army three years
before, began his army career as an officer
in the Kentucky National Guard in 1916.
Immediately following WW 1 he served
as assistant professor- of military science
with the ROTC at Chicago university.
  Capt. Milton E. DOWSE, '33, first re-
ported missing in action when he failed to
return to his unit on D-Day on the Nor-
mandy beaches in France, has now been
reported a prisoner of war of the German
government. He was in command of a
paratroop unit at the time of his capture.
His wife and two children live in Los
Angeles, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Milton Dowse, live in Kenosha. Capt.
Dowse, entered service in October 1941
and served with a tank unit before becom-
ing a paratrooper.
  Maj. Gordon K. SMITH, '38, previously
reported missing in action in the European
area, has now been reported a prisoner of
war held by Germany. He served with a
paratroop unit. His wife, Martha, lives at
91 Hamilton Place, Fond du Lac, Wis.
   1st Lt. Robert 0. WIERDSMA, '45,
previously reported missing in action over
Germany since October 7, has now been
reported a prisoner of war. Lt. Wierdsma
was a pilot of a Thunderbolt fighter plane.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W.
Wierdsma, Ixonia, Wis.
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