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Berge, A. John (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 41, Number 2 (Feb. 1940)

Greene, Howard T.
The president's page,   p. [99]

Page [99]

   Fellow Alumni:
         Two phases of Alumni Association activity are being mc
   fully developed this year. This message to the Alumni membE
   is one asking for individual help in promoting these activit
                  ....1 - -Sch-o-aships: :-ea-not has pointed-out-in unforE
   table terms the extreme: and dire need for funds for scholar-
   ships.  I cannot improve on his statement but I do want to e
   Phasize one point: Money is not so much needed for large sc
   °  arships but is needed for small scholarships of from $25.00
   $100.00.  Brilliant young men and women are existing under s
*  vere'handicaps for the lack of relatively small sums.
         Our alumni clubs and individual alumni can do the Univ
sity, and incidentally themselves,.a real service by creatin
   large number of small scholarships.  A $25.00 or $100.00 per
   year scholarship furnished RIGHT NOW will be of tremendous_
         2   Placement: Unfortunately, we all know jobs are
   scarce.  Youth, in facing the world, faces the intensely dýf
   cult problem of getting a job.  To m'eet this, the Alumni Ais
   ciation under the enthusiastic leadership of  John S. Lordi
   doing its share. The Placement Committee needs the help ofj
   to continue an outstanding pi'ece of work.
   *   ''May I ask the members of the Alumni Association to gi
   lift to this program? It costs nothing but just keeping the
   thought in mind -- when a job is open, l'et's fill it with a
   consin graduate. I might add, although you know it, too, no
   finer men and women have ever come from the Wisconsin campus
   than those in the receent graduating.,classes.
         .,These requests are not along the lines of-"what-does t.
  'Association do for me?"    I-don't believe'the Alumni Associ
Sti on members: want that kind of Association.  It's a case tod,
   of "what can I do for the University?" and our function as;
   Association is to provide means so that no matter where we 1
   or how we -live, we may be of help to the University.
         The officers and directors send-all our greetings.
                                   Howard To Greene
.The -residentes Pag.e
Wisc~onsin Alumni Association

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