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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Here and there with the alumni clubs,   pp. 362-364

Page 362

                      THERE s├ęti ALUMNI CLUBS W
                                                      We all enjoyed the
imitations of Harry Lauder, in-
   Cincinnati Alumni Fete Dykstra                    cluding some Scotch
plaid and a sporran made out of
   FORESEEING himself as a "freshman president,"    a whisk broom.
Next time, kilts are promised, pro-
City Manager C. A. Dykstra, President-elect of the  vided that our sweet
singer of Scotch songs thinks his
   CityMangerC.I   .Dkta      rsieteetoh              calves still have the
bloom of youth.
University, bespoke the aid of Wisconsin alumni in
his new job on April 24 when 200 of them gathered                       
              W. H. HAIGHT
at the Cincinnati Club for a welcome reception and
dinner for him and Mrs. Dykstra.                             Beroe Talks
at Shoboygan
  Notable Wisconsin alumni came from afar to join
in the welcome, some of them being from as distant   ON Thursday evening,
April 8, 1937, the Uni-
as New York City. Educational and civic leaders of  versity of Wisconsin
Alumni Club of Sheboygan
Cincinnati and Southern Ohio joined in the tribute.  County held its first
regular meeting and get-together
  Dykstra, who was introduced by Mayor Russell     and banquet at the Benedict
Heidelberg Club at She-
Wilson as the "greatest administrator in the United  boygan.
States, barring none," said he had passed seven years  This club at
the present time has approximately
in Cincinnati getting ready to go to Wisconsin, ex-  175 members. About 100
of these were in attend-
plaining that he expected his service in Cincinnati to  ance at the meeting.
This club was organized on
be of great value in his new post.                   September 10, 1936,
at which time officers and di-
  Harry A. Bullis, President of the Wisconsin      rectors were elected and
by-laws adopted.
Alumni Association, who had hurried from the Pa-     At the banquet alumni
from practically every city,
cific Coast to attend the dinner, welcomed Dykstra  village and town in the
county were represented, and
in behalf of the 70,000 sons and daughters of the  from the enthusiasm with
which the members re-
University.                                          sponded to the meeting,
indications are that Sheboy-
  George Sippel was toastmaster. Among the short   gan County alumni will
be a very active club and will
talks were those of Dr. Raymond Walters, President  have many interesting
functions in the future.
of the University of Cincinnati; Judge Robert N.     The program at the Heidelberg
Club commenced at
Gorman, representing Wisconsin alumni of Greater   7:30 P. M. At the call
to dinner, Mrs. Ner Friedley
Cincinnati; Dr. John W. Wilce, Columbus, former    was at the piano playing
"On, Wisconsin," and as
coach of Ohio State University, representing Wis-  the guests were placed
at their tables, Mrs. Friedley
consin alumni of Ohio, and Coach Harry A. Stuhl-   played the Varsity toast,
followed by the University
dreher.                                              locomotive, led by Jerome
Zufelt. Mr. Zufelt is chief
                                                     engineer of the City
Water Department at Sheboygan.
     Chicago Luncheons Interesting                   During the course of
the dinner a roll call was taken
                                                     of the members by localities
in the county.
  OUR club continues its luncheon meetings every     President J. F. Federer
gave the address of wel-
Friday according to a custom beginning some time in  come, and introduced
the Meistersingers Guild Male
the nineteenth century.                              Chorus.   The Meistersingers
Male Chorus, well-
  On April 23rd the speaker was Dr. James A.       known throughout the State
of Wisconsin, is an or-
James, '88, dean of the graduate school at North-  ganization consisting
of people from Two Rivers and
western University, and one of our leading authori  Manitowoc. The Guild
is under the direction of
ties on American history. In an informal way, Dr.  Thomas L. Bailey, an alumnus
of the University.
James told us many interesting things, particularly  Mr. Bailey is undoubtedly
well-known to alumni of
about Wisconsin's place in the history of the North-  the University, as
he was director of the University
west Territory,                                      band and the University
concert band during the time
  Wisconsin is fortunate in possessing the Draper col-  he was at the University
from 1923 to 1929.
lection at Madison. As alumni, we regret the lost op-  Jerry Donohue of Sheboygan,
director of the
portunity of becoming acquainted with that valuable  Alumni Association,
spoke about the organization of
historical source. Few of us knew of its existence  the club. Basil I. Peterson,
treasurer of the Wiscon-
in our student days.                                 sin Alumni Association,
was present and gave a short
  On May 7th, Edward F. Wilson, '84, entertained   talk on the financing
of the Association.
us, Scotch style. Scotch style is more correctly called  A. John Berge, executive
secretary of the Alumni
Dutch treat, because Wilson, being one of our mem-  Association, was the
principal speaker of the evening
bers paid for his own lunch. There may be others   and gave one of the most
interesting and enlighten-
willing to pay for a good lunch in order to secure an  ing talks heard by
any alumni club. Mr. Berge went
audience, but in this case it was simply an oversight.  into the history
of the State Association and the local

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