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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Up and down the hill,   pp. 333-334

Page 333

                      alp aird dJwn the Hill
        ODERN     romance  has    was a howling success this year.   about
the University, Harry Bullis,
  \&4 lbeen barred from    Ob-    There is no way of telling just   
 Mrs. George Lines, Mrs. Dykstra,
         servatory hill. Chains   how many mothers and fathers re-   and
finally the president himself.
         have been placed across  turned, but it suffices to say that  Mrs.
Ernst Von Briesen, accompan-
         the road leading to the  every event on the program played  ied
(?) by President Dykstra at the
hill because headlights from  cars  to a capacity house.              piano,
led the diners in a few songs.
interfere with work at the observ-     Senior swingout, sans caps and
atory. Thus the modern romance     gowns except for Mortar Board
which flourishes in a parked car is  members, Dance Drama, the inter-   
  THE   staff of the Wisconsin
no more on Observatory hill.       fraternity and intersorority sings,  Union
report that the conduct of
  Old fashioned romance, how-     field day for the girls, baseball   the
Union habitues has shown
ever, may  continue "when it's     games, military drills, dinners,
and  marked  improvement since the
moonlight on Observatory hill,"    crew races kept the parents busy
  Dykstras have been in residence
when astronomers gaze upon the     from one minute to the next.       there.
 The students no longer
stars for scientific reasons and the   The committee in charge really   lounge
about with their feet on the
student swain divides his attention  had something this year when they  chairs
or study    with  one leg
between the shining stars and the  provided special buses for the par-  thrown
over the back of the dav-
shining eyes of the co-ed with him  ents to inspect the Campus. The     enport
and there is no necking in
for reasons far removed from the   students have been envious ever    the
corners.  President or Mrs.
realms of science.                 since, though, and there is definiteDykstra
are likely to drop in and
  The chains do not bar the       agitation for the establishment of  chat
informally with the students
strolling couples who wander to    regular bus service up and down    at
any moment and the whole
the hill top to sit on the grass be-  the hills.
cause shining orbs apparently do                                      p 
               a       .
not distract scientists as do gleam- T    A       A          d          
         ing headlights             ~~THE Alumni Association direc-
             ing headlights.       tors and the officers of alumni clubs
 "ON to Poughkeepsie" has been
                                   in the vicinity of Madison got to-  the
battle cry of a student com-
  BY a vote of 8 to 7 (where have   gether last month and gave the      mittee
selling buttons to help fin-
we heard that before?) the mem-    new prexy a warm welcome. More     ance
the eastern trip of the Uni-
bers of the Senior class council   than  100  enthusiastic listeners  versity
crew this month. Students,
voted not to recommend joining     heard  Judge Alvin   Reis warn     alumni,
faculty and townspeople
the Alumni Association to their    Dykstra  of the   many   pitfalls  have
been asked to put a quarter
fellow  '37ers. A  pretty  good    which would cross his path, John   on
the line as their share of fin-
knock-down-drag-'em-out affair     Lord tell of the great things the  ancing
the first eastern invasion of
resulted before the final vote was  new president had accomplished,     the
"sweepswingers" since 1930.
taken, but the faction in control  Frank Holt give a few highlights   The
New    York alumni are all
swung a--pretty--big -stick and X_ <hepped up about the trip, too,
the expected  happened.   A                                             
 as they are planning really big
group of disgusted seniors have                                         
 things in the way of an all day
started a little campaign of               _                0X06        
outing at the race and subse-
their own, however, and have                                            
 quent entertainment for the
promised the Association more                                           
members than it would have _
received if the class council had                                       
               m        , but
voted to  join.                               Es TIME might march on, but
                             voted to join,                  '.-        
to University health authori-
 ties it slips every once in a
 while. TIME magazine report-
  ONCE again the Union Ter-                                             
ed recently: that college stu-
race has become the most pop-                     i                     
 dents, some of them from Wis-
ular student rendezvous on the                                          
 consin were using  a "new,
Campus, in spite of an unsea-                                           
powerful, but poisonous brain
sonably cool May. The fur-                                              
 stimulant called benzedrine."
niture has been spruced up, the                                       __I
    ded that cases of over-
umbrellas cleaned and the flag                                          
dosage bad    caused students
stones swept spick and span.                                            
 cramming for final examina-
Try this idyllic spot the next                                        - 
 tions to faint, collapse, de-
time you visit Madison. Be-                                             
 vlpismi        n   lce   h
ware of the sparrows, though,
or they'll walk off with yourDrLewlyCohadf
buttered toast when you're not                                          
 tesuethat        lnc   oh
                  looking.                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~poohedTIME's
 Said he had "gone all around."
  PARENTS' Weekend with its                                             
Pound no one who had seen
usual threatening weather and          The Union's lakeshore terrace    
 any evidence of overdosage or
ultimate  glorious  sunshine,        Crowded with students at all times 
 poisoning from benzedrine.

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