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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Here and there with the alumni clubs,   p. 199

Page 199

                    THERE Asa ALUMNI CLUBS *
     -Akron Badgers GO       to Town              for Wisconsin.  One of
the most important by-
                                                   products of our meetings
has been the growth of new
  THE Wisconsin Alumni in Akron have numerous        friendships whose common
denominator is the cam-
ways of sticking together. As is true with all such  pus at Madison. Another
has been that some of
groups, somebody had to start the ball rolling, and  our alumni have taken
a renewed interest in Wiscon-
this began through a chance meeting between two      sin through meeting
with a group interested in the
recent alumni, who deplored the fact that such pleas-  school. In some cases
this has resulted in renewal
ant encounters were so infrequent. A list of many    of membership in the
Alumni Association; but
local alumni was discovered, and a meeting called to  whether formal affiliation
with the Association has
which 66 Badgers or members of their families turned  resulted or not, many
members are closer to Wiscon-
out. With this good beginning, a defunct club was    sin than they have been
for some time.
revived. Officers were elected, and the retiring presi-                ARTHUR
GOSLING, Secretary
dent spoke of the glories of his administration, dur-
ing which "no dues were collected, no money was     Washington, D.C.,
Organizes Club
spent, and no meetings were held."
  Not wishing to harm a good thing by over in-       ON   January 15th twenty-nine
alumni of the
dulgence, the group decided to meet about four times  University of Wisconsin
met at Scholl's Cafe here at
a year. We have had picnics, bridge parties and the  Washington, D. C., and
organized the Wisconsin
like. Occasionally, there has been a speaker.        Alumni Association of
the District of Columbia. A
  The community of interest in the group has led    constitution and by-laws
of the new organization
to a natural and gradual increase in the frequency of  were adopted and officers
were elected. The follow-
meeting. The alumnae now have monthly bridge       ing are the officers elected
under the constitution to
parties, under the leadership of Mildred (Harpster)  serve for a period of
three months after which time
Hess, and the men have a luncheon at the University  their successors will
be chosen to serve for a period
Club on the second Saturday of each month, with      of one year.
Fred Nimmer in charge. The December meeting was      President:  Mr. Frederick
P. Mett, '33
addressby Ray Albright,7'17, andTthe January         V.Presdents:  Mr.ynn
Elcidge, '32
meeting will have E. F. Riesing as a speaker. These                Mr. George
Worthington, '12
meetings are in addition to the general gatherings,    Secretary: Mrs. Jane
McKaskle, '32
which still occur quarterly.                         Treasurer: Mr. Benjamin
J. Free, '33
  The climax of our revived activities occurred in     According to the constitution
the above persons
December, when Harry Stuhldreher came to town.     in addition to the following,
elected as members con-
It was our good fortune to hear that he was spending  stitute the executive
committee of the organization:
some time in his nearby home at Massillon, and we    Dr. Mary E. Reid, '10,
2210 Pennsylvania Ave.,
went after him. Not that this was such a task, for   N. W., Washington, D.
Harry is a loyal Badger,                                                
    Mr. Robert M. Ben-
friend of several of our                                                
  nett, '32,  Westchester
members,  and  a  rea                                                   
  Apts., Washington, D. C.
booster. We invited                                                     
    The following com-
local high school coaches                                               
  mittees were appointed:
and sportswriters as our                                                
  Constitutional Commit-
guests. These men all                                                   
  tee to revise the consti-
knew about Harry, andtuinadb                                            
                  they bad beard about the                              
~~~~~General Arrangements
monkey gland treatment                                                  
  Committee to take charge
he was giving to Wiscon-                                                
  of the Founders' Day
sin athletics.  They                                                    
  Celebration. The chair-
jumped at the chance to                                                 
  man of the General Ar-
meet one of the immor-                                                  
  rangements Committee is
tals. That meeting was                                                  
  Miss Esther Auerbach,
an outstanding success.                                                 
  and the other members
Any club fortunate                                                      
  of the Committee are the
enough  to entertain a                                                  
  memnbers of the Execu-
guest from the Campus                 A part of the Akron group         
  tive Committee.  Next
can begin some real work          Picnics have always been a lot of fun 
  meeting, February 6.

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