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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 195-198

Page 195

                                        1011/lihe iF AV CIU IL1F Y
     F  OR  years Wisconsin faculty members have         Prof. GRANT M. HYDE,
director of the School of
  I   been known as pioneers in the field of social    Journalism, was named
to the executive committee
      and economic legislation, but LLOYD K. GAR-     of the American Association
of Teachers of Journal-
      RISON, dean of the Law school, was the first    ism. Prof. Hyde was
the retiring president of the
      pioneer from Wisconsin to deal directly with    association.
proposed constitutional changes.                         Football popped
up in the headlines again when
  Dean Garrison, speaking before the Association of     HARRY STUHLDREHER,
director of athletics and head
Political Scientists in Chicago suggested a "series of  grid coach,
was honored by being elected first vice
constitutional amendments which would give Con-       president of the Football
Coaches Association of
gress greater regulatory power over industry, com-    America, an office
which will automatically elevate
merce, and finance in critical years to come.         him to the presidency
next winter.
  Garrison, who gained prominence                                       Speech-makers
named Prof. HEN-
during the early days of the first                                   RY L.
EWBANK of the department of
Roosevelt administration ias chairman                                speech,
to a second term as national
of the national labor relatIion fs board,                            president
of Delta Sigma Rho, na-
said in brief:                                                       tional
honorary forensic society, at
   "Restore part of its (the constitu-                             
  St. Louis, while LYMAN S. JUDSON
tion's) historical meaning to the due                                of the
University, was re-elected edi-
process of law clause,                                               tor
of "The Gavel," official of the so-
      ..In the course of 60 years                                    ciety.
the Supreme Court has expanded the                                      The
only Wisconsin faculty mem-
historical meaning of this phrase,                                   ber
to be elected to an officer's post at
which was intended to insure fair                                    the
American Association for the Ad-
judicial procedure, to a point where                                 vancement
of Science was Dr. FAR-
in the name of due process the court                                 RINGTON
DANIELS, professor in the
can declare unconstitutional any eco-                                chemistry
department.   Dr. Daniels
nofic ~reguhton, state-or federal, wvas namde vice pr                   
                  esidento e -
which seems unreasonable. ..                                         ciation
and chairman of the chemistry
  "The following amendment might                                   
answer the purpose: When applied
to laws regulating industry, com-        Law Dean Lloyd Garrison        SUCCESSFUL
use of foreign dust
merce, or finance, enacted  by the     Proposed constitutional changes  particles
as a preventive for silicosis,
states or by congress, the term 'due                                  the
widespread industrial disease, was
process of law' as used in this constitution shall be   reported recently
by Dr. R. C. EMMONS, associate
deemed to regulate the procedural matters only.       professor of geology
at the University, af the Geo-
  "One final approach might be suggested. Suppose,    logical Society
of America.
first of all, we were to provide in broad general lan-     Dr. Emmons made
his report after a steady two
guage, that 'congress shall have power to promote the   years search for
the preventive. He developed the sys-
economic welfare of the United States by such laws    tem of preventive with
the aid of his graduate student
as in its judgment are appropriate for that purpose.    assistant, Ray Wilcox,
and although Dr. Emmons did
Then, adding, 'congress shall, so far as it deems      not reveal the complete
details, he emphasized the
practical enact such laws in the form  of a general     fat that the s  
 ofslios was      me   possibe by
framework, to be filled in by state legislation and     fact that the study
of silicosis was made possible by
f    to be        filed inw       by state l  and     the Wisconsin Alumni
Research foundation.
agencies subject to such standards as congress may       Fellow mineralogists
bailed the discoveries as an
provide.s s                                           outstanding contribution
to the solution of the dread
                                                      silicosis problem,
and asserted that through controlled
  THE annual elections of American societies and as-    spraying of the "preventive
dusts" in mines and
sociations of science, education, and the social sciences  plants the disease
might be eliminated.
saw many Wisconsin faculty members named to ex-          ALTHOUGH the University
announced 21 new ap-
ecutive positions and committees.
  At the American Society of Bacteriologists, Dr.     pointments during the
last year to the faculty body,
PAUL F. CLARK, professor of medical bacteriology,     the net increase in
university teaching was peculiarly
was elected vice president, and Dr. I. L. BALDWIN,    only one. The new appointments
were "cancelled"
assistant dean of the College of Agriculture, was     by 17 resignations,
one death, and the shifting of
named secretary-treasurer.                            two professors to the
emeritus or retired classification.

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