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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 76-80

Page 76

       and Slloou/ le IFAVCIUIL1F\Y
   9  ETTLING    down to the same old grind un-       field, as authors and
national figures in professional
      derclassmen bewail, the faculty looks back on   organizations.
3     a stirring summer of personal triumph in the     From 53 to one percent
is the drop in the mortal-
      publication of acclaimed works in respective    ity rate of young chicks
brought about by the efforts
      fields, a battle with the invisible coccidiosis,  of two Ag College
professors in experimentation with
death-stalker of farmers' fuzzy chicks, and a flight  the scourge of coccidiosis,
chick parasite. Search for
from Spain, potential title for next summer's book.   a preventative has
been nationwide.  Prof. C. A.
  Students and faculty are becoming acquainted with  HERRICK and Prof. C.
E. HOLMES found that five
broad European backgrounds, new theories and ideal-   percent flowers of
sulphur in the little biddies' ra-
istic philosophy of new professors. Dean Frederick    tions would keep down
losses, or ten per cent sulphur
E. TURNEAURE starts his 45th year with the Uni-       in Wisconsin No. 2
poultry ration.
versity.                                                 "Philippine
Independence" and "Patterns and
  A new language department, Polish, is well into    Principles of Spanish
Art," published recently, are
its stride, under the able hands of Prof. Wilhold    the work of Grayson
L. KIRK and Oskar L. HAGEN,
DOROSZEWSKI, second in renown only to the famous      the latter now on leave.
Kirk's book is recommend-
Professor Nitsch. He is on a leave of only one year,  ed reading for makers
of national policies, Congress-
by government orders, from the University of War-     men and leaders of
pressure groups motivating Con-
saw, and is establishing the course to be carried on  gressmen.  He warns
against making the islands
without him, but with the aid of a $3,500 library,    "babes among wolves."
 Dr. Hagen in two volumes
selected by him and shipped from Poland. He is a      with 100 color plates
has done what critics call a
fluent linguist with   Russian, French, German,       necessary book roundly
elucidating the field of Span-
Czechoslavakian and Serbo-Croatian languages at his  ish artistic expression.
Prof. John M. GAUS is the
tongue's end.                                         author of the awaited
"Frontiers of Public Admin-
  Dr. Alexander MEIKLEJOHN will be a member           istration" in
co-operation with two others. Prof.
of the faculty the first semester of each year, teaching  Ralph LINTON'S
"The Study of Man" is the choice
courses on "Idealism versus Pragmatism" and social    of the Book
of the Month Club in scientific fields. It
philosophy.  His second semesters will be spent in   is the text for his
anthropology course and radio edu-
California, where he has been continuing his work    cation course and was
acclaimed for popular appeal
with the type of education aimed at in his famous    in dealing with a difficult
Experimental College.                                    Prof. John T. SALTER,
author of "Boss Rule,"
  Dean TURNEAURE antedates his College of Engin-     has more recently been
an author contributing to
eering by seven years. He became                                        
"The American Political Scene."
dean in 1903, four years after its                                      
His hobby of snap-shooting the
founding, taking the place of                                           
country's politicians fromward
Prof. J. F. Johnson, his former                                         
healers to big shots pursued many
teacher, killed in an accident. He                                      
years, will take him into the cap-
has watched its growth from 585                                         
itol this winter, stalking the wily
students and 29 teachers to 1000                                        
Badger string-pullers  and  or-
students and 81 teachers. In the  q                                     
meantime be was a dominating                     /                      
   With Prof. Doroszewski a rid-
figure in the spread of Wiscon-                                         
dle for students' tongues is D.
sin's highway net, and he built                                         
the first sewage disposal plant in                                      
Greek Carl Schurz professor of
Madison, as city   engineer in                                          
mathematics   this semester. A
1903.  Another second head of                                           
German-born, Belgian-educated,
a famous school who grew up                                             
Turkish-governed son of a Greek
with  the institution  is Prof.                                         
diplomat, he was first an engineer
Grant M. HYDE, new director of                                          
in Egypt, where he became in.-
the School of Journalism. He                                            
terested in math. Soon Hanover,
succeeds the late Dr. Willard G.                                        
Breslau, Goettigen  universities,
Bleyer, founder and head of the                                         
Smyrna, Athens, and Munich
school since 1 905. He was the    "                                
     sought his services, and lately
first man added to the school staff                                     
Harvard and California univer-
and has been acting director since                                      
sities. With him is his wife,
the death of Dr. Bleyer last year.          Prof. Ralph Linton          
daughter of a Greek ambassador,
Both men were pioneers in the          Book of the Month Club's choice  
prince of famed Semos island.

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