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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

This and that about the faculty,   p. 22

Page 22

                                /Iou/lie IFA\(CIUIL1FY
     I ERMANENT     retirement of two nationally    are GEORGE M. BRIGGS,
short course and agronomy;
     famed philosophers, Profs. FRANK C. SHARP,    VINCENT E. KIVLIN, short
course and agricultural
     70, and E. B. McGILVARY, 72, head the list    education; CONRAD    A.
ELVEHJEM, agricultural
     of major changes on the University faculty    chemistry; CHARLES L.
FLUKE, economic entomol-
     authorized by the recently adopted budget.    ogy, and BURR A. BEACH,
veterinary science.
  Significant faculty developments extending across   In addition to the
above changes, recently an-
a broad field of University departments include the  nounced, six members
of the faculty announced their
elevation of Prof. MAX C. OTTO, quiet, little storm  retirement or acceptance
of other posts at the close of
center in philosophy, to the chairmanship of the de-  the last semester.
Those men who left at that time are:
partment; the withdrawal of Prof. MARTIN     G.         DR. FRANCIS E. LYGHT,
director of student health;
GLAESER for a year to become                                            Prof.
special advisor to the Tennessee                                        the
engineering hydraulics depart-
Valley authority, and the pro-                                          ment;
motion of Prof. A. H. UHL to be                                         ator
of the geological museum;
director of the school of phar-                                         Prof.
macy.                                                                   the
 German   department; Dr.
  The new school year,- more-                                           JAMES
C. ELSOM, professor of
over, will see the withdrawal                                           physical
education and physical
from the faculty of Prof. MAR-                                          therapy;
GARET PRYOR GLICKSMAN of the                                            head
of the department of eco-
economics department and Prof.                                          nomics,
and Prof. K. L. HATCH,
H. H. SCHAFF of the history de-                                         director
of the agricultural exten-
partment, both of whose ap-                                             sion
pointments have expired.                                                
 Dr. Lyght and Prof. Dawson
  The permanent retirement of                                           became
heads of departments at
Profs. Sharp and McGilvary re-                                          other
colleges; Dawson becoming
moves from the faculty two men                A                         dean
of the college of engineer-
whose combined years of service                                         ing
at Iowa and Lyght holding
total 74 years.                                                         the
position of professor of health
  Sharp, retiring as chairman of                                        and
physical education for men
the department which he accepted                                        at
when McGilvary became an emer-                                          
 Jerome, who resigned his chair-
itus professor several years ago,                                       manship
of the department, is
has devoted 49 years of his life           Prof. E. B. McGilvary        taking
a semester's leave of ab-
to the field of public education,     Retires after 31 years of service 
sence to do federal research work
of which   37 years have been                                           at
Philadelphia. He will return
spent on the campus here. Since beginning here in   at the beginning of the
second semester.
1893 he has attained national prominence as an au-    Prof. Hatch and Dr.
Elsom    are both retiring.
thority on moral life and judgment.                   Hatch said that he
planned to take a rest and look
   McGilvary, a native of Bangkok, Siam, has been    after private affairs.
Dr. Elsom, who has been on
professor of philosophy here since 1905, during all  the faculty over 40
years, is also planning a rest from
of which time he was department chairman until      his work on the Campus.
recently. Before coming here 31 years ago, he had
achieved distinction in philosophy at Cornell uni-     Faculty shorts: The
thirty-fourth annual health
versity and the University of California.             conference, held in
Washington, appointed Dr.
   Five prominent teachers in the college of letters and  HARRY STEENBOCK,
inventor of the Steenbock ir-
science won promotions from associate to full profes-  radiation process,
to a permanent sub-committee in
sorships. They are HARRY GLICKSMAN, junior dean     the field of food research
and nutrition. . . PERRY
with rank of professor and lecturer in English; H. A.  WILSON, of the agricultural
college staff, has been
SCHUETTE, chemistry; H. H. CLARK and HELEN C.       awarded a Guggenheim
    fellowship, carrying six
WHITE, English, and L. A. COON, Music.                months at Cambridge
University in England, for
   Three long-time veterans of the University staff,  work in the study of
nitrogen fixation by bacteria.
Prof. J. R. COMMONS, economics; W. F. GIESE,          . . . Dr. H. L. EWBANK,
speech professor and na-
French, and A. R. HOHLFELD, German, were retained   tional president of Delta
Sigma Rho, speech frater-
for still another year as emeritus professors.        nity, was recently
given one of the first four national
   Five members of the College of Agriculture staff  honorary memberships
in the National Forensic
were promoted from associate to full professors. They  League.

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