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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number X (July 1935)

The 82nd annual commencement,   p. 301

Page 301

    TIhie 82nd Annual Conmencement
      At. 4rtllzz   A    Curtti-19 902, One
                                                          In his charge to
the graduating class, President
01 fS;l Y to dt~ecei've,~,-4onv raryv:Y~eyPeei      Frank said that the breakdown
of 1929 was of men
                                                       more than a breakdown
of system; that the American
                                                       tradition of private
enterprise and political liberty
 M   ORE than eleven hundred capped and gowned     did not fall.
AA Vlmembers of the Class of 1935 received their      "That tradition,"
he said, "duly modernized on
       diplomas from President Frank at the 82nd    the basis of simple justice
and sound economics, when
Annual Commencement Exercises in the Field House   the tumult and shouting
of these difficult days have
on June 24.   A trifle saddened at the prospect of  died, will still be standing
as a pillar of cloud by
leaving the University and the associations of the past  day and of fire
by night in the midst of the inevitable
four years, their heads were held high, nevertheless,  failure of Fascism
 and Communism, which have
for theirs was the class that would solve the world's  seduced the minds
of so many weary and disillusioned
difficulties. They were the future leaders of the na-  millions. We must
rectify this tradition, but there
tion. They were confident of success, too, for they  is no need to replace
knew that their class placed the largest number of    Secretary Hull also
addressed the assemblage briefly,
graduates in positions about the country of any     dwelling upon the impediments
to the early and
class since 1932. Success must be theirs for they are  complete solution
of the difficulties confronting this
monarchs of all they survey.                           nation. Frank Klode,
president of the Senior class,
  In addition to the undergraduate degrees, six    presented President Frank
with the annual gift of
honorary doctors degrees, one hundred and ninety-  the graduates. This year's
class has set up a rental
eight masters degrees and one-hundred and fifty doc-  library of textbooks
for needy students. In making
torate degrees were awarded.  Those who were        his presentation, Klode
said, "We leave a University
honored by the University this year were Dr. Arthur  which in the last year
of our education has found it-
Hale Curtis, '02, internationally known physician,  self in the headlines
of political publicity.  In the
surgeon, and gynecologist and professor of gynecol-  process of giving and
getting an education a great
egy and obstetrics at Northwestern University; Sec-  institution like the
University of Wisconsin has little
retary of State Cordell M. Hull; James Bryant Con-  time to quibble with
little men on little. things.
ant, president of Harvard University; Frederic Logan  "The Class of
1935, as it turns its face from the
Paxson, Margaret Byrne Professor of History at the  University to the world,
wishes as a last gesture to its
University of California and for almost twenty years  alma mater to proclaim
and reclaim faith in the Uni-
a member of the Wisconsin faculty; Gilbert Ames     versity of Wisconsin,
its president, its faculty and its
Bliss, M. A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor  students.'        
      (Please turn to page 326)
of Mathematics at the University of Chi-
cago; and Thomas Day Thatcher, lawyer
and well-known authority on bankruptcy           A part of the senior procession
as the graduates marched
procedure.                                                 from the Stadium
into the Field House
  Gov. Philip F. La Follette, '1 9, ex-
tended greetings to the graduates, their
friends and relatives on behalf of the State.
The governor decried the present attacks on
education which are rampant not only in
Wisconsin but in the nation at large, stating
that it is a "determined and malicious at-
tempt to scuttle the ship." He said that to-
day public education in Wisconsin is in diffi-
culty. Our schools have been deprived of
needed funds, and a concerted attack is being
made upon educational ideals. In part it is
due to a lack of information, lack of appre-
ciation of the importance of general educa-
tion in a democracy.
   The governor cited excerpts from an ad-
dress made by his father, the late Sen. Rob-
ert M. La Follette, Sr., at the inauguration
of former President Van Hise, 30 years ago,
in which the elder La Follette said that the
state demanded that the University give the
state graduates dedicated to citizenship.
   "It is not enough that this university
shall zealously advance learning, or that it
shall become a great store house of knowl-
edge into which is gathered the accumulating
fruits of research," the governor quoted his
father as saying.

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