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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

In the alumni world,   pp. 204-208

Page 204

             fl$/ tl EAL unlfll World
         Class Of 1879                               Class of 1894      
                        Class Of 1902
  Miss Susan A. STERLING, who has been        George S. WILSON, after 34
years -of         Dr. Henry C. TAYLOR is one of the two
visiting her sister, Mrs. G. L. Lindsley,   continuous  service as secretary
 of the    U. S. delegates to the International Dairy
in Stockton, Calif., will also  visit her   Board of Charities and director
of Public   congress to be held in Rome, Italy, from
cousin, Mrs. Annie Dean Young, in He-       Welfare of the District of Columbia,
will   April 30 to May 6. Dr. Taylor is already
lena, Mont. Miss Sterling will return to    retire in the early spring. 
                in Rome as the American member of the
Madison probably late in June.                                          
                permanent committee of the International
                Institute of Agriculture.
         Class 0f 1885                               Class OX 1895
                                               Dr. Victor F. MARSHALL, Appleton,
now              Class     Of 1903
  Elizabeth WATERS, who died a year ago     has associated with him his son,
after 40 years of service at the Fond du    '30.-Aloys WARTNER was elected
presi-          Anne H. MAcNEIL Johnson writes from
Lac High school, was honored at a public    dent of the First National bank
of Ha-year's
memorial meeting in February under the      vey N. D., in January, 1934.
The bank        campaign to secure funds to send indus-
auspices of the Fond du Lac chapter of      is an ffiliate of the First Bank
Stock corp.  trial workers to Bryn Mawr and Wisconsin
the A. A. U. W. Members of high school      of                          
                Industrial Summer schools. Invitations are
                                              ofMinneapolis. Mr. Wartner,
classes from  1893 to 1931, when Miss       has not given up his law practice,
and is   being sent to various university groups,
Waters was teacher, principal and assis-    city attorney of Harvey and president
of    to owners of industrial plants, and to in-
tant principal, attended and heard her ca-  the board of education  of the
Harvey        dustrial workers to attend this meeting.
reer as an instructor and public spirited   schools.                    
                Several women who are prominent in club
citizen praised.                                                        
                and civic work are much interested in this
                movement. Classes are held for industrial
                                                      Cl1  1 bean  W~ass
 of 1897        workers, both men and women, during the
         Class     of 1886                            Clas              
  * 1          spring months as a preparation for the
                                               Fred H. CLAUSEN is now serving
as di-     summer's work."
  Among the members of the Milwaukee        rector of code activities  for
the  Farm
Veteran  Druggists' association  are: Dr.   Equipment industry, with headquarters
Edw. KREMERS, E. G. RAEUBER, '89, Fritz     Chicago.                    
                         Class     Of 1904
MEISSNER, '93, and Hermann EMMERICH,
'94.  The association was organized in               r1          r      
                  Solon J. BUCK, director of the Western
1921 with 21 charter members. The limit              Class     of 1899  
               Pennsylvania Historical survey, Pittsburgh,
of membership is 25 and the requirements      Orsamus COLE was recently appointed
       has been elected vice president and chair-
for membership are 25 years of active       secretary of the General Employers'
Bene-   man of Section L (Historical and Philolog-
work in the drug business. The officers     fit committee of the Pacific
Tel. & Tel     ical sciences) of the American Association
of the association are a president, a vice-  co., San Francisco.-Mr. and
Mrs. C. A.      for the Advancement of Science.
president, and a secretary-treasurer.  The  KELLER vacationed in Florida
during the
organization meets for dinner on the third  month of March. Mr. Keller, whose
home                Class     of 1905
Thursday of every month. No one is asked    is in Wilmette, Ill., is budget
director of
to join the association but he must make    the Commonwealth-Edison co.,
with which        John A. CLIFFORD has been transferred
his intentions of joining known to the      concern he has been identified
since 1920   from the Chicago office to the home office
membership committee who are the sole       He is planning to participate
in the 35th   of the Bond Electric corp. to act as assistant
judges of the candidate's eligibility, and  reunion of his class next June.-William
    to the general sales manager. His new
by secret ballot elect or reject the candi-  C. RUEDIGER gave courses in
education at    address is in care of the Bond Electric corp.,
date.                                       the University of Southern California
last  Jersey City, N. J.
         Class of 1891                               Class of 1900      
                        Class of 1906
  Cassie UPDEGRAFF Welch is spending a                                  
                 George R. RAY, president and treasurer
few months in San Diego, Calif., for her      Lynn A. WILLIAMS conducted
the ten         of the Parker Teachers' agency, inc., Madi-
health.                                     year litigation over the Milwaukee
sewer    son, was elected president of the National
                                            disposal system to a successful
termination  Association of Teachers Agencies at the re-
                                            when the Jones patent was sustained
in      cent convention in Cleveland.
         C lass of 1892                     the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  Ruth MARSHALL, professor of zoology       Chicago last month.    Similar
prolonged             Class      of 1907
at Rockford college, is a member of the     litigation against the Chicago
Administration Committee which is direct-   district will probably now  come
to an         James Riley STONE has been appointed
ing the affairs -of the college since the   end.                        
                secretary-treasurer of the Sauk County asso-
death of the president last summer.                   C          £
10                    ciation of the Federal Land Bank of St.
                                                     Class     of 1900  
               Paul.-George H. BARTELT is deputy tax
         Class     of 1893                    Frank M. RODOLF was for the
fifth suc-    commissioner of Milwaukee. Incidentally
                                            cessive time elected president
of the Tulsa  he has been directing a crew of 600 men
  H. J. ROONEY is a candidate for mayor     Country club, one of the country's
most     on a CWA project making a survey of all
of Plymouth, Wis.-Louise WILDER Clark       successful clubs.-Charles R.
ROUNDS is      physical property in Milwaukee.-E    .E.
of Evansville, spent the winter with her    the author of an article, "Do
Poets Think?"  PARKER has been appointed state highway
daughter, Thelma CLARK Lee, '20, at Col-    which was published in the English
Jour-    engineer for Wisconsin.
lege Station, Texas.  Mr. Lee has been      nal for March, college edition.
On March
given a leave of absence from the Agri-     20 he gave an address before
the Torch                Cl          f 1908
cultural and Mechanical college of Texas    Club of Trenton, N. J., entitled
"For God                ass       1
and at present is employed by the Gov-      or Satan?" Mr. Rounds is
head of the Eng-     E. Gordon Fox has been elected vice
ernment as field organizer for the Produc-  lish department at State Teachers'
college,  president of the Freyn Engineering co., a
tion Credit corporation in that district. Lo-  Trenton.-Mell ELLSWORTH  
 Pollard  is   firm of steel mill consulting engineers in
cal associations are set up to give short   teaching in Bismarck, N. D.-Winifred
       Chicago. Since 1920 Fox has been power
term  credit to the farmers. This system    SALISBURY is director of the
Division of    and electrical engineer of this company. He
is designed to be a permanent rather than   Information of the State Temporary
Emer-    spent most of the past five years in the
a temporary relief measure. Mr. and Mrs.    gency Relief administration at
79 Madison   U.S.S.R., where Freyn Engineering co., in
Lee are the parents of two daughters.       ave., New York City.        
               association with the Russian organization,
                                                         Page 204

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