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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

Table of contents,   pp. 181-[182]

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             this 'n' that
   DELTA     ZETA    headed the sorority
       scholastic list for last semester
   with a grade point average of 2.071                                  _
   while Tau Kappa Epsilon lead the                                     
   fraternities with a 1.955 average. The
   fraternefrsoities withian1.9 ereage. Tm        Published at 4400 N. Port
Washington Rd., Milwaukee, Wis.
   average for sororities increased from
   1.764 to 1.773 but the average for all              THE    WISCONSIN 
   fraternity men dropped from 1.530 to                             770 Langdeon
St., Madison, Wisconsin
   1.429. The sledge groups of Acacaa
             1.429. The p ledg  groups of Acaca Earl Vits, '14 ..........President
 Basil I. Peterson, '12.......Treasurer
   fraternity and Phi Omega Pi sorority    Myron T. Harshaw, 'I12. Vice-President
 H. M. EgsBad, '17.     Sec'y and Editor
   lead their respective classes.. . . .                            Harry
Thoma, '28.-Managing Editor
   Financial difficulties connected with
   the annual Mother's weekend, which                                   
   Board of Directors
   will be a combined Mothers' day and                Terms Expire Jlne,
1934                    Terms, Expire June, 1935
   Fathers' day this year, have been ma-   RALPH BALLIERTE, '23 . . . Platteville,
Wis.  WALTER ALEXANDER, '97 . . . . Milwaukee
                                             Louis C.~ HIORNER, '17 . . .
. Chicago, Ill.,  DR. JAMEs DEAN. 'i .   .....Madison
  terially decreased during the past few  WILLIAM S. KIEs '99 .. New York
City, N. Y.  F. H. ELVELL, '08 .Madison
  weeks by a concerted campaign on the    CHRISTIAN STEINMETZ, '06 . . Milwaukee,
Wis.  HOWARD T. GREENE, '15 . . . Genesee Depot
  part of the students in charge to raise  H. DOUGLAS WEAVER, '32 .. Edgeley,
N. D.  MYRON T. HARSHAW, '12 .... . Chicago
  money from    the various organized               Terms Expire November,
1934               Terms Expire November, 1935
  groups on the Campus. New features      LEWIS L. ALSTED, '96 . . . Appleton,
Wis.  B. B. BURLING, '06 . . . . Milwaukee, Wis.
                                             J. B. CARDIFF, '25 . . . . .
Racine, Wis.  MuS. GEORGE LINES, '98 .. . Milwaukee Wis.
  are being planned for this year's pro-  FRANK DU BANE, '04 . . . . . Eagle,
Wis.  HUGH OLDENBURG. '33 . . . Madison. Wis.
  gram which will make the combined       MARC LAW, '12 . ..... . Chicago.,
ll.   L. F. VAN HAGAN, '04 . . . Madison. Wis.
             celeratonsevenmor atractve han BASIL I. PETERSON, '12 . Menominee
Falls, W'is.  EARL VIrS, '14 . Manitowoc, Wis.
  celebrations even more attractive than
  they have been in the past..*VAAaads
  The pledges of the Campus fraternities
             have  orgnizeda  interfrternity VOLUME XXXV                
       APRIL, 1934                   NUMBER        VII
  have   organized   an  interfratemnity
  pledge council in an effort to promote
  better understanding among the under-                               Table
of Contents                          PAGE
  classmen. George Cassidy, '37, out-             The Old Red Armory.   
  lined their purposes as follows: to pro-      The Educated Citizen and
National Defense.183
  mote interfraternity friendships and
  good will through the medium of reg-            The Significance of the
Bowman Bequest for
  ular meetings, open discussions, smok-             Cancer Research at Wisconsin
.                                184
  ers and social functions; to present to         Agriculture and the New
    Deal.                                187
  all pledges the vital problems of fra-          It Was Only a Joke .  
  ternity life and to cooperate with the        Reunion Plans Are Under Way.189
  interfratermity board in solving such
  problems; and to acquaint the pledges           Report of Committee on
Nominations .190
  with the facts of college and extra-            Badger Boxers Win Championship
----curricu1-life-through the-medium- of-         While the Clock-Strikes
the- Hour--                               194 --
  meetings at which Campus notables               With the Badger Sports.201
  and authorities will the alumn World.204
  Marcus Ford, '97, one  of thefounders                                 
..................................        204
  of the Haresfoot club and for many              Alumni Briefs. .     B
        r     i      e       f            209
  years director of the comedy club of            This and That About the
Faculty .211
  Kansas City, presented a recital of
  original sketches on the Union Sunday
  music hour series during March.Is Subscription to The Wisconsin Alumni
Magazine   Change of Address must be reported ten days before
                                             isobtained by membership in
The Wisconsin Alumni  date or issue. Otherwise the Association will not be
  An attempt is being made on the part    Association for which annual dues
are $4.00, $3.00 of  responsible for delivery.
                                            which is for subscription to
the magazine . Family
  Of fraternity men to revive the inter-  rate membership (where husband
and wife are alumni)  Discontinuance-if any subscriber wishes his maga-
  fraternity sing which used to be an     $5.00. Life membership, $50.00,
payable within the  sine discontinued at the expiration of his subscription,
                                            period of five years. The Association
earnestly invites  notice  to  that effect should  be sent with  the  sub-
  annual part of Mother's weekend,        all former students, graduates
and non-graduates, to  scription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is un-
                       is workingwith the  ~ membership. Others may subscribe
for the Magazine  drto htacniuto  sdsrd
  Prof. Gordon iswrigwt          h   t-     at same price, $4.00 per year.
           drto htacniuto sdsrd
  dent committee and present indica-       Entered as second class matter
at the Post Office  Issued Monthly-October to July, Inclusive, Mem-
  tions seem  to point to a successful    Ac Milwaukee, Wis., November 8,
1933, under the  ber of Alumni Magazines, Associated, and The Gradu-
  revival of this tradition. A cup will
  be awarded to the winning house . . ..                                
  Will Rogers, that famous American       have held at the University.  
         known in this country as a militant
  humorist, thinks that University of     Mauritz A. Hallgren, associate
editor   advocate of anarchism and who is now
  Wisconsin students are a "fine bunch    of The Nation, was awarded
the red      touring the country on a special 90
  of young people" according to Alvin     derby at the annual gridiron
banquet    day passport, spoke to a large group
  Reis, counsel for the State Public serv-  of Sigma Delta Chi on March 17.
      of University and townspeople during
  ice commission. The two met on an       The usual panning of Campus figures
    the latter part of March. Mrs. Gold-
  airplane trip to Washington recently.   and  conditions prefaced Mr. Hall-
     man's philosophy remains unchanged,
  .... .. Wisconsin greenkeepers met     gren's address .   .. . Ernest R.
       but her militant spirit has mellowed
  at the College of Agriculture during    Fielder, a student in the Law School,
  with the years .. . All the University
  the latter part of February for a four-  was recently awarded the $1400
Ster-   CWA projects have been discontinued
  day short course. This was the fourth   ling fellowship for study at Yale
uni-  and the results of these surveys are
  such school that the golf course men    versity.. . .. Emma Goldman, well.
     now being tabulated.
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