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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VI (March 1934)

Ten classes announce reunions,   p. 154

Page 154

        Ten Classes Announce Reunions
                               Cla4ia 0#iceri Sevin 7cllrt /ate
                               j  nwe  15,    16,   /7,    /8    Celelta'tilt
F  OUR GALA DAYS of reunion festivities are in store       our invitation
are: Dr. Birge, Dean Turneaure, Dean
     for alumni who return to the Campus on June 15,       Slichter, Dr.
Farrington, Miss Lucy M. Gay, Dr. Russell,
     16, 17, and 18. Ten classes are scheduled to have     Dr. Skinner, Dr.
Kremers, Dr. Sharp, Dr. Kahlenberg,
reunions under the Dix Plan and the five year plan, which  Dr. Elsom and
Miss Susan A. Sterling. In addition to these,
is adhered to by a few of the older classes.               thirty-five members
of the class, bringing twenty-nine guests,
  The Class of 1884 will return to the Campus after fifty  have definitely
arranged to be present. Very many more
years of alumni activity. A small class at their graduation  have tentatively
accepted. We had fully expected Tommy
as compared to the present senior groups, depleted even    Mitchell to be
here from Siangton, Hunan, China, but un-
further by the passing of many of their members, 1884 will  fortunately he
cannot make it this time on account of the
have a small but enjoyable reunion. The Class of 1889,     great distance.
However, we have classmates coming from
remaining on the five year plan of reunions, will gather   both the Atlantic
and Pacific Seaboards and from the Gulf.
to celebrate their forty-fifth anniversary of graduation. 1894  On Friday
noon there will be a picnic and on Friday
and 1899 will enjoy their fortieth and thirty-fifth reunions,  night the
Class Dinner. Meetings and talkfests have been
respectively. Members of the Class of 1909 will join in the  arranged for
Saturday, January 16th, concluding with the
twenty-fifth anniversary of their graduation. Other classes  Alumni Banquet,
President's Reception and Alumni Ball
which will reune are                                                    
                   on  Saturday  evening.
1904,1918,21919, 1920                                                   
                   No definite plans have
and 1921.                                                               
                   been made for Sunday
  Preliminary notices of                                                
                   and Monday, June 17th
the various reunions, are                                               
                   and 1 8th, as it is thought
printed below,   Class                                                  
                   that those who can re-
officers will soon send                                                 
                   main over will be glad
letters to all class mem-                                               
                   to use all the available
bers telling of the plans                                               
                   time on these days for
which have been made                                                    
                   visiting and remember-
for the week-end. The                                                   
                   ing awhen's."
general activities in                                                   
                     This will be the best
which  all aIumin ni,                                                   
                   Class Reunion that '99
whether members of the                                                  
                   has  ever  had.   The
reuning classes or not,                                                 
                   present indications are
take part will be re-                                                   
                   that it will be the larg-
ported in the April issue                                               
of the Magazine.                                                        
                      GEORGE I. HAIGHT
   Class of 1889                                                        
                     '04 Will Reune
                                          GEORGE HAIGHT AND HIS '99ERS
  There will be a meet-                In 1930 they made most noise and had
most fan         An enthusiastic de-
ing of the alumni of the                                                
                   mand from members of
Class of '89 at Louis Hanks' home, 525 Wisconsin Avenue,   the Class of '04
for a suitable celebration of Thirty Years
Madison, for luncheon at one o'clock on Alumni Day,        Out is to be met
this June by the best Reunion that Madi-
Saturday, June 16.                                         son members can
arrange. The Depression, the Dix Plan,
  Letters containing further details of the reunion will be  and other minor
annoyances will be cheerfully brushed
sent to all members of the class shortly.                  aside and the
stage set for a reunion that will be the high-
                                                           light of the year's
events for those who are able to be here.
                   Class of 1894                          Lay your plans
to be among those present. If you have
                                                           attended previous
'04 reunions you need no urging; if you
  This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the gradu-   have not yet had
that pleasure, try it. Be ready for further
ation of the Class of 1894. The powers that be in Madison  details.
are making plans for the reunion to be held in June. Watch              
                    L. F. VAN HAGAN
the Magazine for further announcements.
                       W. L. WOODWARD, President.                       
     Class of 1909
                                                           Dear 1909ers
                   Class of 1899                            Does the date,
June 16, 1934, mean anything special to
                                                           you? If not, put
on your thinking caps, and think way back
  The Class of '99 begins its Thirty-fifth Reunion on the  when twenty-five
years looked like an eternity. The same
morning of Friday, June 15, 1934. They meet at the         has almost expired,
and June 16 is the date set for all
Lorraine Hotel for breakfast at eight o'clock. Among the   loyal members
of the Class of 1909 to be back in the old
guests present will be the surviving members of the Faculty  Varsity town.
of Ninety-Nine's time. Those who have already accepted                  
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