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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VI (March 1934)

Board of Visitors,   p. 151

Page 151

cr4d  L     d' eet.A to, Ck6uatje
              Board 0f IVisitors
(Editor's note: The committee does not wish its report to be con-
strued as a criticism, in any sense, of the Board of Visitors. It
believes that the change suggested will stimulate alumni interest
in the Board and its work. It represents a desire to better serve
the University.)
Report of Committee on State-University Relations               BEN KIEKHOFER
To the Board of Directors,                                      Board of
Wisconsin Alumni Association.
  Your committee on State-University Relations, reports as  ation to nominate
eight members of such Board of Visitors.
follows:                                                         The purpose.qf-this
request is to place on the Alumni
  The University of Wisconsin is largely supported by      Association the,
responsibility for the reports and recom-
taxes. It differs from an endowed institution in that its  mendations of
funds are raised every year and that the tax payers of the    Delegation
of such responsibility will furnish the oppor-
State are in effect stock holders. The Board of Regents are  tunity for this
Association to organize the alumni along
trustees of the educational trust maintained by the tax-payer.  broader lines
than at present in order that (1) all members
The faculty and officers are employees engaged by the Re-  may participate
in nominating the alumni members of the
gents to execute such policies as the tax payers desire.   Board of Visitors,
(2) maintain for the University the sup-
  At present the Alumni Association, to a degree, repre-   port of an informed
and active alumni organization, (3)
sents the viewpoint of the tax payers and such represen-   provide the University
means for readily and accurately
tation by the Association can be broadened. The Alumni     obtaining the
views of the tax payer.
Association has members throughout Wisconsin and the          It is our belief
that if the opportunity is offered, through
United States. As a supporting body to the University, its  adoption of the
amendment above recommended, the Asso-
importance in the past has been underestimated. The alum-  ciation can produce
a closer bond between the University
nus is simply a transplanted student, probably more mature  and the citizens
of this state.
and conservative and likewise lacking in the energy and                 
liberal optimism of youth. The individual and body of                   
alumni are interested in the University and its development,            
           L. L. Alsted (Appleton) CHAIRMAN
but have not been brought into that relationship with the               
           Mrs. George Lines (Milwaukee)
University where their interest could be expressed or                   
           Dr. James P. Dean (Madison)
           Howard T. Greene (Genesee Depot)
  At the present time, whatever the cause, it seems clear  Approved by the
Board of Directors January 31, 1934.
that the University in its larger relationship to the state,  NOTE:
needs a closer bond to the people of Wisconsin than just     This report
was presented to Governor Schmedeman by Mr.
th-e-efforts-made -by-the University itself. That-the adminis-  Alsted. Dr.
Dean, and the Secretary on February 9. The Governor
tration of the University recognizes this need is exhibited  reduction in
the Governoratshehad nbection to theopromosed
by the appointment of a Faculty Committee on Public        two. The report
was also presented to the Regents and a similar
Relations.                                                    reduction requested
in Regent representation. The Regents ap-
  Your committee therefore recommends:                        pointed a committee
to consider the matter.
  That the Board of Regents be requested to amend the      B. At present
the alumni appointees on the Board of Visitors are
                lawsof te Reentscretingthe  oardof  isitrs s tha  B.A. Kiekhofer,
'12, Milwaukee, President; F. H. Dorner, '05,
laws of the Regents creating the Board of Visitors so that  Milwaukee; Mrs.
Lucy M. Johnson, '94, Madison; and Judge Evan
such Laws when amended will authorize the Alumni Associ-   A. Evans, '97,
                                                       Page 151

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