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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

In the alumni world,   pp. 137-141

Page 137

             Jui fnoALumfll World
         Class    0f 1885                -Charles H. SCHNIGLAU is supervisor
of              as      o
         Class    of 1885                transportation of the subsidiary
companies        Class     of 1909
   Our old friend, Professor Julius E. OL-  of the U. S. Steel corp. He is
living at    Irma HOCHSTEIN of Milwaukee has been
 SON, has acknowledged in a gracious note   7361 N. Seeley ave., Chicago.
         appointed to take charge of the women's
 the sum of five dollars, given by four                                 
          work division of the CWS. She was a case
 classmates, to increase the loan fund of         Class of 1904         
          worker in the Milwaukee department of
 1885.-Rose TAYLOR, who has beens           Murva R. KELLY is principal of
an ele-   outdoor relief before her present appoint-
 for many weeks, is better. She is adding   mentary school in Dubuque, Iowa.
This     ment.-Oscar GAYTON is a special agent
 strength to strength that she may come to  year she is serving as president
of the Busi  for the Mutual Life Insurance co. of New
 our reunion next year. Recently Rose has   ness and Professional Women's
club in that  York. He is living at 124 Illinois ave.,
 kindly sent some of us copies of her book,  city William F. McELDOW NEY
is selling   Youngston, III.-Sidney CASTLE is western
 "The Last Survivor." It gives us a picture  life insurance with
the Equitable co:- of  manager for the City Co. of New York,
 of To-tu-ya of the Yosemite tribe, born    New York. He and Ella SUTHERLAND
MC-      Inc. He is living at 814 Batavia ave., Ge-
 in their valley almost one hundred years   Eldowney are living at 155 Country
Club   neva, Ill. His daughter, Janet, is a fresh
 ago. She died recently. Rose had known         Chcgmeihsal.nhyhv       
               at the University.
 her the summers of her work in the Yose-   road, Cchicags '       *1s of
 mite. When Rose was last our guest, she  toasc                         
 told us of this Indian woman and gave for        Class     of 1905     
            Mary JAMES Stansbury is living at 283
 us the long drawn our call taught her by                               
          East Bucktelen sr., Akron, Ohio.-Florence
 To-tu-ya. We might add that to our class     Willis P. COLBURN of Wauwatosa
has      HUGILL Townsend is now living at 927
 motto, Kagige Kamig Kija.-Corydon T.     been ill since the first of October
and has  17th st., Santa Monica, Calif. Her former
 PURDY is spending the winter in Florida.   spent considerable time in a
hospital.    husband, Roy Bean, died in May, 1929.
 His address is P. 0. Box 2285, Fort Lau-                               
          After tra
 derdale.-Bertha PITMAN Sharp, Secretary.         Class     of 1906     
          Mr. Townsendlin Lotnhdron years shde married
         Class    of 1886                  Howard W. CHADWICK has been re-
   judge Ellsworth B. BELDEN recently ob-  elected a director of the Monroe
Chamber         Class     of 1914
                                          of Commerce.-A. H. COLE, formerly
served the completion of 44 years in a     sistant superintendent of farmers'
insti-   The December 17 issue of the Los An-
judicial capacity, 32 of them as a circuit  tutes in Wisconsin, is taking
charge of the  geles Times Farm  and Garden Magazine
judge. He was elected county court judge   county agent activities in Grant
county for  contained an article on the activities of J.
of Racine county when he was 22 years    a four months' period.         
         P. HERTEL, assistant county agent of San
old and was the youngest judge in the                                   
         Bernardino county, Calif. The article dis-
state at that time.                              C     s    f 1907      
         cussed several reports on poultry efficiency
         C lass of 1890                              ass       1907     
          study, based on statistics compiled by Mr.
                                            Wildon F. WHITNEY, formerly a
Pontiac    Hertel. He writes: "I was much interested
  W. G. POTTER is the state drainage en-  dealer in Tulsa, Okla. is now head
of the  in Ken LAYMAN'S report in the Class column
gineer of Illinois.                      Pyramid Motor co. in Madison. He
and     a few months ago. If all the Badgers in the
                                          Mrs. Whitney (Elnora DAHL) are
living    Bear State could be assembled, our alumni
         Class    of 1894                 at 722 Huron Hill, Nakoma.-Lacy
HOR-     would show up big out here."
                --The-secndeitio f.-D. He s TON  is an accountant in the
--- --he-second--edition---f F. -D. Heald's                             
                   Cls --- *f-.   9 no
                                          -_Woolen Mills, Appleton, Wis.
"Manual of Plant Diseases," 953 pages,
was published in 1933 by the McGraw-             f'A        f           
           Esther I. ENGLISH, now a solicitor for
Hill Book co.                                    Class of 1908          
         the Commercial Life Insurance co. in Chi-
         Class   0f 1898                   Maud SMITH Bolton of Warm Springs
     cago, testified recently in the trial of Dr.
         Class of 1898                   Mont., a Past Grand Matron, 0. E.
S., hasAlice Wynekoop in Chicago. Miss Eng-
  Frederick W. BENTLY, an active mem-    just been appointed by the Supreme
As-     lish was called to the stand in connection
ber of Technocracy, Inc., and a member of  sembly, Order of the Rainbow for
Girls    with efforts of the prosecution to show Dr.
the Continental Committee on Technocracy  whose headquarters are in Oklahoma,
to be  Wynekoop's attempts to obtain life insur-
gave an address on the subject before the  Supreme Deputy in Montana. She
has com-   ance on her daughter-in-law.
Sheboygan County Council of the Ameri-   plete charge of the work of the
Rainbow                1
can legion in January.                   Girls in that state.-Elvin Douglas
ANDER-         Class     of 1916
                                         SON is with the Internal Revenue
Service in  Dr. J. A. KITTELSON is practicing medi-
        Class    of 1899                 Houston, Tex.-Robert C. BROWN, under
    cine in Sioux Falls., S. Dak. He was a re-
  MAUD MILLER Soillo, whose address is   his writing name of Bob Brown, has
been    cent visitor in Madison.-Dr. Barnett SURE,
  50MorniLgsiER drive, NwhYork, tachresis  contributing to th.mrcn      ecr
       head of the agricultural chemistry depart-
Spanish in the George Washington High    series of pr  aor lWiterarsy reminiscences
in  ment of the University of Arkansas, is the
school. Her husband, Marco Sotillo, a    whcanubroWiosnntblsfg          
         author of a new text book, "Vitamins in
native-of HVenezuelba, diss also a teacher in  ure.-Philip F. SCHWENKER is
with the  Health and Disease.'-Arthur J. MERTZKE
that city.-The    Beaumont-Banning, Calif.,  Federal Land Bank of St. Paul.-Alice
   has been appointed chief economist of the
branch of the A. A. U. W. enjoyed a      BOreSnc  itTfs anoasistan pefrofeMssor
o   Federal Home Loan Bank board. He is
rare treat in October when Grace DILLING-  French at Tufts collgepedfor Mas.
     known as an authority in real estate ap-
HAM, '0spkofher wokin Korea.             VeIA    UHi notoei         ugo 
   ih    praising and land economics. Martin M.
               '00, spoke of  work      ~offices in the Bankers' Trust bldg.,
Des  KLOSER writes: "I am still with the Bow-
Miss Dillingham, now on furlough, is liv-  Moines. He is the father of four
children,  mnDiyc.i        hcg.I      atIhv
ing wit her fahe in Fullrton Calif. 0nk treo     hmgrs-aqAo             
a        man Dairy co. in Chicago. In fact I hav
         ing  ithherfater n FuleronCalf.  ne  three of them girls.-Nancy
Fedon, daugh-  been here since June, 1921."-Fred M.
who especially enjoyed the evening's talk  ter of Marion TORREY Fedon, was
gradu-    HALL is vice president in charge of the
was Lulu B. FISKE, a teacher in Beaumont  ated from the University of Colorado
last  eastern offices of Bell & Howell co. He is
High school.-C. A. HELLER is budget      year and won a scholarship in art
to the   living at 1 Bogart ave., Port Washington,
director of the Commonwealth Edison co.  Paris Areliers of the New.-York
School of  Long Island, New York.
in Chicago.                              Fine Arts and is now in New York.
        Class    of 1903                other daughter, Elizabeth is attending
the         Class    of 1917
                                         University of Colorado, while the
son, Wil-
  R. W. LUECK is a member of the law     lard is at Carleton college, Northfield,
Minn.  Meade DURBROW was elected to the presi-
firm of Lueck and Beggan, organized re-  The Fedons live at 510 Sarrett place,
Elgin,  dency of the University club of Rockford
cently in Watertown.  He has been prac-  Ill. Mr. Fedon is president and
general    for the year 1934, after serving as treasurer
ticing in that city for over twenty-five years.  manager of the Elgin Courier-News.
 and vice-president during the past two years.
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