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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

Alumni briefs,   p. 136

Page 136

                                         1922  Marion A. Spencer to Elmer
A.     1929   Hazel Schroeder, Milwaukee, to
                  Enoagements                 ~~~~WOELFFER on December 9.
Mrs.          Irvin AARON on January 1 at Mil-
                                               Woelifer is a graduate of
Boston        waukee. Mrs. Aaron is a gradu-
1923  Ruth BEEBE, Sparta, to Claire Van        university. At home at 55
Fran-          ate of Layton Art school.
       Antwerp. Mr. Van Antwerp is a           cis st., Malden, Mass.   
        1930   Therese WINSTON   to Arthur N.
       graduate of Ripon College.        1923  Mary E. PURCELL, 'Madison,
to     1930   SORONEN on December 2 5 at Las
1924  Della F. MADSEN, Racine, to Fran-        Prof. Edward B. O'Leary, Dayton,
        Vegas, Nevada.  At home after
Sp. '2 5 cis H. WENDT. Mr. Wendt is prac-      Ohio, on December 27 at Bing-
           June 15 at 1125 E. Gorham   st.,
      ricing law in Racine.                   hamton, N. Y. At home in Day-
1927  Helen Louise Barnes, Milwaukee,          ton, where Mr. O'Leary is
a pro-  ex '31 Barbara. Muggleton, Janesville, to
       to Dr. Sylvester J. DARLING, Fox        fessor of economics at the
U~ni-         Richard M. SEYMOUR, Whitefish
       Point. The wedding. is planned          versity.                 
               Bay, on January 12. At home in
       for the coming summer.           ex '24 Dora Cohen, Milwaukee, to
Sam-           Shorewood.
1928  Elizabeth JAMES, Cincinnati, Ohio,       uel SIGMrAN, Appleton, on
January  1931    Louise Meade ADNEY to Thomas
     27to J. H. MacKay, New York.              I at Milwaukee. At home in
Ap-           S. Shepperd, Jr., on December 27
ex.'2  Alice Rysticken, Milwaukee, to          pleton, where Mr. Sigman is
prac-        at Lebanon, Ind. At home on the
       Frederick GRANT, Wauwatosa.             ticing law.              
               Table Mountain  ranch, Virginia
1929  Marjorie E. Peterson, Milwaukee,   1924  Hannah Buros, Superior, to
A.            Dale, Colo.
       to Dr. Maurice E. MONROE, Hart-         Walter DAHL on December 28
at     1931   Helen MARTIN, Waukegan,Il.
       ford. The wedding will take place       Superior.  At home in that
city.    M.A.'30 to Robert 0. MAGIE, Grand Is-
       in June.                                Mr. Dahl is a member of the
lawlad             Fa.onDcme          24   t
   199 Dorothy JOHNSON, Milwaukee, to          firm of Hile and Dahl.   
               Waukegan.  At home in Madi-
1927  Lawrence TICE, New York.          1927   Ellen Toby, Minneapolis, to
Still-       son. Mr. Magie is doing research
ex. '3 0 'Ruth JOHNSON, Madison, to J. H.          man KUHNS, on January
8 at Wood-           work in. the plant pathology de-
1932  REYNOTLDSON, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.        stock.                   
               partment at the University.
1930  Jean M. SUTHERLAND, Janesville,   ex '27 Ruth May Kurtz, Milwaukee,
to     13      etueA      Aat     aVre0
       to Louis H. Walz, Brooklyn, N. Y.       Robert E. BoNINI, on January
20     191     GerrueenAee  DAEs Moins  Iowa oene
ex '3 2 Isabel LITTLE, Fond du Lac, to         at Milwaukee.  At home in
Ap-Juy1193                    Mr Greenlee,e  ons    oa   is
ex '2 9 Kimball L. CARHART, Milwaukee.         pleron.                  
               aul grdut  of33Drak renle Unvesit
1932  Helen  KUENZL1, Waukesha, to      1927   Dorothy Janet Baird to James
M.          andi grdistrict Draepresntaive oft
1932  John WEIDENKOPF, Baraboo.                NELSON on December 22 at the
            General Fodisrc Salresco.ativ home
1932  Eliza F. Ruiz, Evanston, to Frank-       Little Church Around the Corner,
        GnrlFo        ae   o    thm
       hn B. MEAD. Miss Ruiz is attend-        New York. At home at 144 E.at20SctstDvnoIw.
       ing Northwestern University.            3 6th st., New York.     
        1931   Jean M. BROWN, Peoria, Ill., to
1932  Ruth Vogel,   iwue, to Leslie     1928   Alice Morris, Chicago, to
Irving         Howard R. Murphy, on January
       T. BREGMilaukeeRAN                                   n   eeme    2
t2.0 at Peoria.             At home in that
                             BRUEGGEMAN.       S. TARRANT on December 23
at            city at 926 Hamilton blvd. Mr.
1933  Janet BROWN, Madison, to George          Chicago. At home in Miami
Beach,         Mrh     scnetdwt            h
1930  WASHA, Milwaukee.                        Fla., where Mr. Tarrant is
con-          Catrpillar Trctorneco. it  h
ex '3 3 Lois C. Johnstone, Wauwatosa, to           nected with the American
Appraisal  exa32    teanilJa GraNGEr, WahigtnD
       Gerald H. BACH. The wedding will        co.ex32Jan.GRNEWsigoD
       take place in the summer.        1928   Elizabeth Crosley M a cDonald,
          C., to WilliamC. Fisher on Au-
ex '33Constance  FAZEN  to  Louis  E.          Seattle, Wash., to Richard
Laos-         gust 22, 1933. At home in Wash-
1931  BECKMIRE, JR.,Freot       Missin             MCKEE onJaur        10
 at           ington, where Mr. Fisher' is an
       Fazen is a senior Freepanort.           ingSetle  r     Januar hlsap-assistant
administrative officer in
       versity.                                sition with the Carnation
co. inthU.SDe.ofarc
ex '3 3 Edna Craig  JONES, Portage, to         that city.  He and Mrs. McKee
    Ph.M.'32 Willa Paulus, Superior, to Max-
       Lewis A. Stocking, Milwaukee.           are living at 633 12th ave.
N.             feieoLGRE.Athm          i   u
       Mr. Stocking is a graduate of Mar-  1928   Alice Josephine PURCELL,
Cedar             peror3M
       quette.                                 Rapids, Iowa, to Joseph Myers,
on ex '3Janice May GRUTZMACHER,      uk-
1933  Iola Belle COOK, Alexandria, Va.,        December 27.             
        1932   wonago, to Frank P. ERICHSEN,
       to Charles U. Holbrook, Northland.12    Ala    .ThmsntLoyV.      
               Milwaukee, on December 25 at
       No date has been set for the wed-       BONNER on December 23 at Mil-
           Stoughton. At home in Mondovi.
       ding.                                   waukee.  At home in that city
    ex '33 Mary Virginia Smith, Nekoosa, to
ex '33 Lorna Lee QUARLES, Milwaukee,           at 1334 N. Astor st.  Mr.
Boo-           Cecil C. PARVIN, Milwaukee, on
       to Philip W. Fox. Mr. Fox is a          net has been with the Goodyear
          January 14 at Madison.
       graduate of Kenyon College.             Tire & Rubber co. for
the past    ex '33 Dorothy  Johnson, Appleton, to
Grad'34 Irma Barkhausen, Thiensville, to       five years.              
               Robert J. NELLER on December 31
       Roy Howard WALTERS, Winona,       1928  R u t h JOHNS,  Milwaukee,
 to           at Appleton.  At home in Los
       Minn.                                   Marion Kenneth Royal on  
 De-           Angeles.
ex '34 Julia GARTON, Sheboygan, to Del-        cember 23   at Milwaukee.
 Mr.    ex '33 Maxine Ciebell, Edgerton, to John
ex '3 4 mar HUENINK.                           Royal is a graduate of Southwestern
     HAMBURG on January 3 at Rock-
1934  Mary M. MACKILLICAN, Hibbing,            university,              
               ford. At home in Edgerton, where
ex '34 Minn., to Charles R. WILBUR, Wau-    1929   Elizabeth  A n ne  PRENDERGAST,
           Mr. Hamburg is a teacher in the
       kesha.                            1931  Madison, to Ralph J. BUSHNELL
           high school.
ex '34 Sarah Brodsky, Terra Haute, Ind.,       on December 27.    At home
in     ex '33 Ingeborg M.   MIDELFART,   Eau
       to Arthur ZITRON., Milwaukee.           Madison, where Mr. Bushnell
is    Faculty Claire, to Walter H. BAUER on
1934  Dorothy J. SWENDSON, Madison,            an assistant in zoology at
the Uni-      December 26. At home in Madi-
1933  to Lawrence N. BIEHN, Milwau-            versity.                 
               son.  Mr. Bauer is an assistant
       kee.                              1929  Priscilla Ann Bishop to Lyle
'T.         in the chemistry department at the
                                                PRITCHARD on October 14 at
Osh-         University.
                                                kosh. At home at 1504 N.
Pros-      ex '3 3 Helene E. GANS, Chicago, to Al-
                                                pect, Milwaukee.        
        Grad'34 bert E. MAY on January 29 at Chi-
                  M arria~~~es          1929   Isabel TORPY, Minocqua, to
Rob-         cago.  At home in Madison at
          1922 Sar   Silev   os  ngees,  ali.,  x '30 err K. Drew, Milwaukee,
on Jan-        2224 West Lawn ave.
            1922  SaraSibley, Ls Angeles  Calif.,uary 20 at Milwaukee. At
home        1933   Dorothy A. FULLER to Dr. John
       to Leigh C. BORDEN. At home at          at 2121 E. Capitol drive,
Milwau-        McCarthy. At home at 20 N. Old
       216 Manhattan st., Los Angeles.         kee.                     
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