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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

Table of contents,   pp. 121-[122]

Page 121

            this   n   that
  A  BOUT 200 seniors had to pay the
      new $5 graduation fee before they                                 
                              1  1     1
  were permitted to graduate with the                                   
                          U                 i Jsa n I
  February class. Levied by the Regents
  last fall, this is the first time the fee                         -M  
  has been collected. The fee will be
  compulsory for all seniors from now              Published at 4400 N. Port
Washington Rd., Milwaukee, Wis.
  on and must be paid before a diploma               THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI
  will be granted.         An unprece-
  dented act of vandalism  occurred on                            77 Langdon
St., Madison, Wisconsin
  the Campus recently whEarl Vits, '14.President                        
            Basil I. Peterson, '12........... Treasurer
  set fire to the recently constructed tool  Myron T. Harshaw, '12 .... Vice-President
 H. M. Egstad, '17 ....... Sec'y and Editor
  house at the top of the new toboggan                            Harry Thorna,
'28.... Managing Editor
  slide. A note critizing the Hoofers                                   
 Board of Directors
  club for collecting a fee of ten cents             Terms Expire June, 1934
                 Terms Expire June, 1935
  a ride for the use of the slide was     RALPH BALLIETTE, '23 . . . Platteville,
Wis.  WALTER ALEXANDER, '97 . . . . Milwaukee
  found near the fire, but nothing has    Louis C. HORNER, '17 . . . . Chicago,
Ill.  DR. JAMES DEAN, '11 . . . . . . Madison
            found near te fire, butnothing has WILLIAM S. KIS '99 . New York
City, N. Y.  F. H. ELWELL, '08 .-'''  . Madison
  been uncovered which would indicate     CHRISTIAN STEINMETZ, '06 . . Milwaukee,
Wis.  HOWARD T. GREENE, '15 .  .Genesee Depot
  that this was the true reason for this  H. DOUGLAS WEAVER, '32 . . Edgeley,
N. D.  MYRON T. HARSHAW, '12 . .. . Chicago
  despicable act..... Eva La Gallienne,            Terms Expire November,
1934              Terms Expire November, 1935
  America's first lady of the stage, was  LEWIS L. ALSTED, '96 . . . Appleton,
Wis.  B. B. BURLING, '06 . . . . Milwaukee, Wis.
                                            JT. B. CARDIFF, '2 5.   ....Racine,
Wis.  MRS. GEORGE LINES, '98 . .  Milwaukee, Wis.
  initiated into the Wisconsin chapter    FRANK DU BANE, '04 .Eagle, Wis.
        HUGH OLDENBURG, '33 . . . Madison, Wis.
  of Phi Beta, honorary speech sorority,  MARC LAW, '12 ....... Chicago,
Ill.     L. F. VAN HAGAN, '04 . . . Madison, Wis.
  during her stay in Madison a few         BASIL I. PETERSON, '12 . . . Madison,
Wis.  EARL VITS, '14  . . . . . Manitowoc, Wis.
  weeks ago. The ceremony took place
  backstage at the Parkway theater.
  . .. In spite of a pronounced rise     VOLUME XXXV                FEBRUARY,
1934                      NUMBER V
  in prices during the past six months,
  students living in the University's co-                              p
  operative houses will pay the same                                 Table
of Contents                          PAGE
  rates for the coming semester as theyTeArotu12
             rates for the coming semester as theyThe Arboretum  ................................
..   .... 123
 have in the past. These houses have
 answered the need for rooming quar-            Whither the Constitution?
.                                    124
 ters for men students who have little          Iron Research .         
 funds with which to get through                He Fought Indians .     
 school .      . Miss Catherine Baillie,        Proposed Amendments to Association
Constitution .127
 a Kappa Kappa Gamma from Ruther-
 ford, N. J., was named Prom Queen               Cage Team Survives Ex  
               am                s     128
 by Chairman Harry Parker, Delta Kap-            It's Fun to Go to School
 pa Epsilon. As an innovation at this           While the Clock Strikes the
Hour        .      .134
--year s-Prom, Miss-Baillie-was- attended  -
by a "Court of Honor," consisting of                          
six of the outstanding co-eds on the            In the Alumni World     
Campus. These girls were Mary Flynn,           This and That About the Faculty
      .       .142
Madison;   Edna   Balsley,  Madison;            With the Badger Sports  
Helen   Ladd, Lockport, Ill.; Joan
Parker, Evanston; Agnes Godfrey,
Hibbing, Minn.; and Norma Fritz,           Subscription to The Wisconsin
Alumni Magazine  Change of Address must be reported ten days before
Milwaukee. These girls will also com-  Association for whici obtained by
membership in The Wisconsin Alumni  date of issue. Otherwise the Association
will not be
           Milwaukee  These grls will lso com- Association for which annual
dues are $4.00, $8.00 of repnilfodlvry
 prise the so-called beauty section in   which is for subscription to the
magazine. Family
 the 1934 Badger.      Three Chinese     rate membership (where husband and
wife are alumni)  Discontinuance-If any subscriber wishes his maga-
              tlle 1y9s Dauge.............. hree mnese$5.00. Life membership,
$50.00, payable within the  zine discontinued at the expiration of his subscription,
 students presented a most unique radio  period of fire years. The Association
earnestly invites  notice to that effect should be sent with the sub-
                                           ail former students, graduates
and  non-graduates, to  scription, or at its exiration.  Otherwise it is
 program  during January when they        membership. Others may subscribe
for the Magazine  derstood that a continuation is desired.
 presented songs and music of their       at same price, $4.00 per year.
                                            Entered as second class matter
at the Post Office  Issued Monthly-October to July, Inclusive, Mem-
 native land over W H A, the Univer-     of Milwaukee, Wis., November 8,
1933, under the  ber of Alumni Magazines, Associated, and The Gradu-
 sity station.... . Thirty graduate       Act of March 3, 1879.         
           ate Group, Inc.
 students and doctors, because of the          'IV2      VVXW    wwWx   
   *,- w     A+X 1W XXXA        A XW, W. +++W, , +a+W W W
 progress they have demonstrated in
 their research experiments, were elect-  being made for the second series
which  writers for the Daily Cardinal resigned
 ed to Sigma Xi, honorary scientific     is to start in March .... . Undaunted
  their positions recently because the
 fraternity, recently ..... Twenty farm  by the fact that no one had- asked
     Board of Control and the faculty ad-
 boys were recently granted the $75       them  to Prom, several co-eds adver.
   visor refused to permit "name call-
 Regent scholarships for short course    tised for Prom   dates in the Daily
    ing" to creep into the editorials. Those
 students ...    The gold standard,       Cardinal. They stated what type
of      who resigned are Morris Rubin, Aldric
 inflation, and related topics in the    man they wanted and offered to pay
     Revel, Arthur Jacobs, and Maurice
 national recovery program will be in-   part or all of the expenses. Their
      Blum ..     The enrollment for the
 terpreted in a popular lecture course   ads had effect for about twenty
lads    second semester showed a drop of ap-
 to be offered to Wisconsin cities by    sent in their reply to the fair
maidens.  proximately 600 students. This was
 the Extension Division. The first series  We never heard whether any were
      partly due to the graduation of several
 is now in progress and bookings are     accepted or not .... . Four editorial
  hundred seniors.
                                                       Page 121

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