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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 276-277

Page 276

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                   April, 1931
                      '7a2/xi/c f~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~igu
                             WCLOC1%~                                   ftkqs
be hour
About    The raids made recently on the Michigan     "he made the place
over into an educational institution
Student University campus have once again brought    in every sense of the
Drinking forward the question of student drinking on  At Amherst, Dr. Barnes
said, his efforts were resented
the Wisconsin campus. Some time ago a false rumor    by the faculty and his
head was demanded.
was circulated that a raid would be staged by federal  "The Experimental
college was far more expensive
officers on the campus and it is reported that many  to maintain than the
rest of the university in proportion
fraternities hastily made away with what supplies might  to per capita instruction
units," he asserted. "Meikle-
have been on hand. Statements were also made in the  john's experiment deprived
members of some depart-
press at this time about the great prevalence of drinking  ments of money
which might have gone to insure pro-
at Wisconsin and everybody, it seems, entered the    motions and salary increases.
conflict.                                                "He prevented
other departments from securing an
  Your editor does not claim to be a campus know-all  increase of staff.
No amount of success in provoking
or anything of the sort but there are a few observations  heightened intellectual
activity could compensate for
which have been made after eight continuous years on  such sins. Hence his
head was demanded once more."
the campus that might be interesting. How much drink-  Studies here have
shown that the student cost of
ing there is would be difficult to say. Roughly, however,  the Experimental
college does not exceed that in the
at least 50% of the male students drink, if not more.  rest of the university.
This does not mean that fifty per cent of the students
are drunkards as many humor magazines would have
us believe. Secondly the drinking that is done today is  Regents Table With
the prospect that the University
for the most part of "harder" liquors than in the past.  Dormitory
 may in the near future construct two new
Hausmann's and other favorite beer parlors are no                  men's
dormitories, the committee on con-
more. It is also, necessarily, more secretive. Wisconsin  struction and development
recommended to the board
however, is no worse than most of the other schools,  of regents that the
proposals from two construction
and is far better than some which have been visited.  companies to erect
and operate new dormitories on
  Another observation made while serving on the hill  University ground,
be laid aside.
and living in a fraternity house is this, the incoming  The report of the
committee stated that both the
freshmen are much more sophisticated than formerly   proposals contained
the assumption that the University
and their drinking habits for the most part are formul-  would lease the
grounds for the new dormitories. The
ated before they come to college. It would seem that  bids of the construction
companies, it asserted, how-
the situation now is one in which the senior has a hard  ever, were considerably
higher than the estimates of
time keeping up with the freshman. This fact is no   Arthur Peabody, state
fault of the University.                                 Mr. Peabody has
submitted the estimate to the com-
  The accusation has been made that a large portion of  mittee that the University
can construct two new
the faculty drink as well as the students. Certainly one  dormitories to
accommodate a total of 500 men, to-
would expect tofind ina faculty ofsover twelverhundred  gether with an addition
to the refectory, for about
wgoudl exp  bet tofindinvaifacualt hof oerj twelve hundred  $870,000. This
estimate, it was pointed out, however,
a goodly number of individuals who enjoy their "nip'  is a minimum possibility,
and unless building materials
now and then. The days of the instructor who came to  continue at their present
low price, it would be neces-
class with a potent alcoholic breath are past, however.  sary to begin the
construction within six months.
And after all what a man does in his own home, whether  th din       oth
possibilityio ein twotnew
he be a laborer or a member of the University faculty,  The discussion of
the possibility of erecting two new
should rightfully be his own business.                 dormitories centered
around two questions, namely,
                                                       whether there are
sufficient funds available for the
                       0--Kel"M                       project, and whether
there is sufficient demand for such
Did the  Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, educator and writer   J. D. Phillips, University
business manager, stated
Faculty  for the Scripps-Howard newspapers, in his   that no surplus revolving
funds are available at present.
         column in the newly combined New York        Funds may, however,
be forthcoming from the surplus
World-Telegram recently intimated that the "suspen-  accumulated from
the operation of the men's dormitor-
sion" of the Wisconsin Experimental college was be-  ies, it was suggested.
cause of faculty resentment and expensiveness of the   The dormitories have
acquired a surplus of $104,000,
project.                                               the report stated,
and they are, therefore, six years
  Commenting on Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn's declara-  ahead of their amortization
schedule. In case the con-
tion that the experiment has been halted to assess the  struction of the
dormitories is begun, the regents may
results, Dr. Barnes traced the development of Dr.    draw upon these funds,
it was intimated.
Meiklejohn's theories of education, characterizing him  The regents then
discussed the problem of student
first as an "extraordinarily effective teacher of phil-  demand for
dormitories and the ability of the board to
osophy at Brown" and as president of Amherst where   fill them. The
abandonment of the experimental col-
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