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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

Are you coming back?,   p. 273

Page 273

April, I931                                                         The Wisconsin
Alumni Magazine
          --Are You Coming Bac ? 1-
W1 ' tITH spring in      P L 4        ntcI to ClBack in J              ne
          the air and theL            Yt)LO~A~flICom,                   
           after the lapse of the years,
          golf clubs being  . Whether Members of ReuninS Classes        
       to another official call to
          taken down                                                    
       man the oars.
from the closet shelf, the      or Not, Committee Appointed             
         Tom Van Meter, Moline,
thoughts of that inevitable                                             
       Illinois, sent out the bids.
spring house cleaning once                                              
       From the responses he has
more coming to mind and the family car springing     compiled a partial inventory
of intentions, particularly
more rattles than ever before, our thoughts are becom-  in reference to a
revival of tub races on Mendota,
ing pretty well centered about the class reunions on  scheduled for Saturday,
June 20.
June 19-22.   Members of the reuning classes are        Captain Ralph D.
Hetzel, president of Penn State
rapidly developing plans which will make it a crime for  College, in a sudden
hiatus from the executive dignity,
anyone not to be back on the campus to partake in them.  allowed as how the
coming rowing exhibition should be
  Somebody asked us the other day if reunions were  scheduled to cover only
300 yards, and that "a stop
only for those in the reuning classes. The answer is an  be made midway for
lunch"! Penn State's building en-
emphatic "No!" Whether or not you are a member of a  gineers will
be interested in that presidential judgment.
reuning class matters not, we want you back on the    Stroke F. Ellis Johnson,
now head of the department
campus for what we think is the best week-end of the  of electrical engineering
at Iowa State College, Ames,
year. There will be something doing every hour and   said he's coming again,
and advised that if neither
these events are by no means for members of only     McNally nor Lucas can
be on hand to steer the boat it
certain classes. In case you have no definite party  should be possible to
draft someone's grandchild. John-
with which to celebrate, the Association is making ar-  son neglected to
say whether he has one, but the in-
rangements for many events which will help you pass  ference is plain.
the time in a way that you'll never forget. Boating,   George S. Cortelyou,
bow, nowlives in Tacoma, Wash.,
picnics, luncheons, dancing, a baseball game and many  is coming if possible,
but must decide later. If he at-
other pastimes are awaiting you if you return. And   tends, he promised to
try again to "break that oar Pa
there is sure to be a large number of your friends from  Jordan cracked and
other classes besides your own who will have felt the  Guy M. Johnson, with
the Northern Indiana Public
urge to come back to the "Hill."                      Service Co.,
South Bend, advised that if he rows it will be
  Pres. Frank has appointed the following committee  necessary to install
air tanks in the boat to keep it
to make all necessary arrangements to insure your    afloat, but that he
will be on hand, as he was five years
having a good time: H. M. Egstad, '17, chairman;     ago.
W. G. Bleyer, '96, Mrs. Carl Johnson, '94, Julia        Coxswain W. H. McNally,
with the Mann Securities
Murphy, '93, R. H. Carpenter, '14, L. W. Bridgman,   Co., Minneapolis, also
will endeavor to join his mates,
'06, Prof. E. B. Gordon, Porter Butts, '24, and Don Hal-  and B. B. (Bud)
Burling, Milwaukee, can be counted
verson.                                               on again.
                                                        William M. Conway,
Madison building and paving
                 The I 9o6 Crew                       contractor, is a sure
shot for the roll call, and, as the only
  When the word went out that the 1906 freshman class  Madison representative,
will be vested with due author-
crew would foregather again to aid in the silver    ity by that token.
anniversary in June, the invitation  met with  a        Hugo A. Kuehmsted,
San Diego, Calif., Frank
quick response. Blood was quickened and memories     Kennedy, Boise, Idaho,
Max Bodenbach, Milwaukee,
                                                           and J. T. (Pick)
Lucas (coxswain), Chicago, are
                                                           to be heard from.
                                                             Van Meter announced
his own start on last
                                                           New Year's day
in training for June's test, and to
                                                           date has taken
on three (3) pounds.
                                                             Reunion plans
for both class and crew will be
                                                           found well under
way during April. Letters may
                                                           be addressed to
Otto L. Kowalke, president, 2012
                                                           Jefferson street,
or L. W. Bridgman, secretary,
                                                           1910 Kendall avenue,
                                                             The other classes
have appointed committees
                                                           which will handle
the brunt of the work and will
                                                           send out letters
to members of the classes within
                                                           the next few weeks.
All of the classes are earnestly
                                                           trying to make
this year's reunions different from
                                                           any held in the
past, and while it is too early to
                                                           reveal any definite
plans, it can be safely said that
                                                           something new
and different will be on hand for all
                                                           those who come
back in June.
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