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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

Alumni news,   p. 204

Page 204

'llt~g ±;±QUl'gbURi.
Le Wyo-.,- to
Ilie.- At-home:
kroch is con-
e University.
1929 Helen ICKE, Madison, to Jerome B.
     'Harrison, Chicago.
1929 Eleanor WEAVER, Janesville, to Willis
1929 D. FREITAG, Westfield, Wis. The wed-
      ding will take place next June.
ex '30 Elaine AMES, Madison, to Donald E.
1928  MILLER, Cincinnati. Mr. Miller is a
     junior engineer with Proctor, Gamble
     & Co., at Cincinnati.
1930 Catherine WooD, Chicago to Genaro
1929 FLOREZ, Oak Park.
1930 Lenora WEBOER, Gary, Ind., to Frank
1930 L. BRUNCKHORST, Platteville.
1930 Ruth CLARKE, Janesville, to Dr. Rex-
Ph.D. J. ROBINSON. Dr. Robinson is an
'29  instructor in chemistry at the Uni-
     versity of Washington, Seattle.
1901  May DUNN, Madison, to Spencer W.
     Woodworth, Kansas City, on Decem-
     ber 27, at Kansas City. At home near
     Kansas City, where Mr. Woodworth
     operates a cattle ranch.
      Milwaukee, where the couple is mak-
      ing their homes ,
1926 Lavinia BRIGGSON, Sparta, to Duane
     Hoffman, Black River Falls, on No-
     vember 30, at Sparta. At home in
     Black River Falls.
ex '26 Loraine A. Kuenne, Milwaukee to
     Herbert WAGENKNECHT on Novem-
     ber 30 at Milwaukee. At home in Fort
1926 Mollie RAHR, Manitowoc, to Dr. Al-
     bert W. Bryan, Madison, on December
     14, at Manitowoc. At home at 2254
     Keyes Ave., Madison.
1927 Katherine E. Grimes, Glenbeulah, to
     Walter T. FISCHER, Boise, Idaho, on
     December 19, at Spokane, Wash. Mr.
     Fischer is associated with the Idaho
     Power and Light Co. at Boise, where
     the couple will make their home.
ex '27 Verna A. Bork, Randolph, Wis., to
     Erwin A. BEALS on January 3, at
1927 Dorrit AsTRoM, Fort Wayne, Ind., to
1927  Lawrence D. BARNEY,- Pittsburgh, at
     Fort Wayne.
1914  To Mr. and Mrs. David M. Zimmer-
     man (Margaret McGILVARY) a
     daughter, Amy Joyce, on December 7,
     at Beirut, Syria.
191,8 To Mr. and Mrs. Rokert W. LEUKEL
      (Marie LoTTEs) a daughter on Decem-
      ber 15, at Clarendon, Va.
1919  To Mr. and Mrs. Porter H. BROWN a
      daughiter, Moir Dorcas, on December
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Rufus S. PHILLIPS
1924  (Dorothy JOHNsON) a daughter, Ka-
     therine Gilmore, on November 29,
     1929 at Oak Park.
ex '24 To Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul PEDIGO a
     daughter on December 1, at Mt. Airy,
ex '24 To Mr. and Mrs Edward Wittwer
     (Florence EMMEL) a son at Berkeley,
       (ali.       n p   224)
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Page 204

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