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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

Mowry, William A.
Student health,   p. 188

Page 188

-    is no -scnoo .o0 meui-
-    ci.  so me ;t h  d: e
direction ot the most competent ex-                                Dinstitutions
do 8not  D
isting body in the faculty.           have departments of
  Third: The cost of medical super-   physical education, in many in-
vision per se should be met by the    stances with a physician in charge.
school budget.                        The theory that physical exercise is
  The first principle seems obvious.  advantageous to health has been ac-
The governing body -of a school, as   cepted almost without question even
our Board of Regents, should by       before the time of Sargent and his
definite action institute and define  lowers. Consequently well equipped
the policy of medical supervision -in  gymnasia  and  athletic    fields
the--same manner that other gen-      were provided years before it oc-
eral administrative measures are de-  curred to any one that possibly
termined.    For example, to    be    health services were needed. physi-
effective, a health service should    cal education departments, of neces-
have the same authority to enforce    sity, performed a number of tasks
its program  for safe-IguIardng stu-  ordinarily within' the province of
-1. Taken from a speech delivered at a meetingof the American Student Health
As3oaiation on
Page  188
BAH~IJEEN-      tion work is an in-
              -  dividual with broad
 medical training and experience. He
 realizes that the health service alone
 must determine the physical eligi-
 bility of all students participating in
 sports and gymnasium work in ad-
 dition to assuming the burden of
 their care when they are ill. Unless
 these favorable conditions are pres-
 sent, an advisory committee- selected
 from the Deans and Faculty and of
 which the director of the health
 service is a member is often the best
 solution. It is evident that much
          (Continued on page 216)
December 31, 1929.

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