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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 7 (April 1929)

Sterling, Susan Adelaide
Class of 1879,   p. 236

Page 236

Page 236                            THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE       
                                  April, 1929
                          Class of 1879                                 
        mencement in June and will be pleased
         to accept your kind invitation to a
PLANS are progressing for our re-      can come will be there. With most
of  luncheon on Saturday June 22."
   union.   Judge Jefferson Simpson    the class, it will be many years since
I  Arthur J. Puls of Milwaukee: "I shall
came to Madison from Shullsburg to     have seen them. With some it will
be  try to be with you, although at that
consult us in regard to our arrange-  the whole fifty years."      
             time of the year, we have always
ments. Mr. Herman M. Egstad, general     Flora Dodge Freeman writes from
   opened our summer cottage in Vilas
secretary of the Alumni Association,   Hinsdale: "Once in fifty years
would  County."
has offered to make possible our sight-  seem not too often to enjoy a reunion
 Alonzo G. Dennett of Lowell, Mass.
seeing tour of Madison, feeling sure he  with one's classmates. Unless something
 wr  i   tes: "It is very uncertain whether
can provide cars in case we have not   quite unforeseen occurs, I shall be
there  I  can be at Madison next June.  I
enough among our members.                and shall look forward to the meeting
 certainly hope I can, for an opportunity
  Our tentative  program, open   to    with much pleasure. I can already
hear  to attend the fiftieth anniversary of a
change and suggestions, is as follows:  the 'buzz' which will be audible
when  college commencement comes only once
Friday morning-June 2ist: Sight-see-  'our girls' get together."   
        in a lifetime."
ing tour, stopping for picnic lunch in  Jeff Simpson: "I am anxious
and eager  W. E. Dennett, who through some
the woods.   Friday evening-Senior     to assist in our having a reunion
of the  error, was reported as having died in
class play at Bascom Theatre. Saturday  best class that the University has
ever  i9i2, writes from Tarpon Springs, Fla.,
-One o'clock, luncheon at the College  turned out. I sometimes think that
it  that he expects to celebrate ourJubilee
Women's Club, given by your secretary,  should have turned out some of us
  Anniversary by a visit to Alma Mater-
followed by reminiscences and a social  before it did. I am glad that you
have  Abby Jewett Cates writes from Mm-
time. Saturday-Six o'clock. Alumni    felt it necessary to extend an invitation
 neapolis: "Count me in for that seeing
dinner at Memorial Union, followed by  to each of the class for your 'eats,'
as  Madison trip."
the President's reception at nine o'clock.  I can see that possibly they
will all want  George Bascom does not expect to
  We hope also to plan for a boat-ride.  to be with us on such an occasion,
if  come from Pasadena, but he writes, to
  Suggestions from  members will be    for no other reason.  The trouble
is  our consolation: "We had a nice lot of
gladly received. Headquarters, i. e., a  that some actually believe that
they are  girls in our class." Thank you, George,
place to assemble and visit, will be pro-  growing old, but even looking
at my  we girls have always known that of
vided for the class at the Memorial    bald head in the mirror does not give
me  course and commented on it. Too bad
Union. Your secretary expects to be    a hint that such a condition confronts
 We have had to be the only ones to
away from Madison April 8 to May i.      me."                      
             recognize it-except you.
Letters addressed to 6i2 Howard place,  Jean Bascom writes from Williams-
    Kate Paul Young writes a most inter-
Madison, will be forwarded.              town, Mass.: "I quite agree
with you  esting letter from Havana, Cuba, which
  Anyone so wishing may communicate   in your idea of the sort of reunion
we  will be read to the class when they are
directly with the Alumni secretary, Mr.  should strive for, a quiet renewing
by  assembled. She said: i  shall certainly
Egstad, 206 Memorial Union, Madison,   ourselves of old ties and memories
and  be present in spirit if not otherwise for
or with Jefferson Simpson, Shullsburg.  no public prominence, still less
any  Cuba Is a 'far cry.' I shall be glad to
We trust all are receiving the Alumni    stunts."                  
             hear all about those who are left and the
Magazine which Mr. Egstad is so            Kemper K. Knapp from    Chicago:
  place they may fill in the sun."
kindly sending to class members.       "I surely will plan to attend
  There will be two more issues of the  which will mark the fiftieth anniversary
Magazine before Commencement in        of.the graduation of the class of
which more definite information will   I hope, above everything that all
be given. Within the last few months  'boys' and 'girls' will be present.
we have received word of the death of  we were all together, we learned some-
 Room 1816 ---5 South Wabash Avenue
two of our members.   Edith Stearns    thing of what we called, I think,
       Marguerite Hewitt McDaniel
Hicks died on December 29, i928, at    geometrical progression. In such man-
         Managing Director
Seattle, Washington, and Lewis Osten-  ner, will our enjoyment of the occasion
son died on January 2i, i929 at Ocono-  increase, as the number of those
who        AND PLACEMENT
mowoc.                                   attend approaches completeness."
  All members from whom I have heard     John Conway writes from Watertown:
   Business---Domestic Science---Social
are anticipating the reunion with plea-  "I certainly intend to be present
at the
sure. Ida Hoyt Sewall writes from Min-  meeting. It will be interesting to
see the  Secretarial Positions for Trained College
neapolis: "How  do I feel about our   different treatments the half
century         Girls Always Available
fiftieth reunion? I think it would be a  has accorded the different members
great mistake not to observe such an   the class. I do hope the boys and
honorable event. I feel that most of the  remaining will all be present."
     Abbot Academy
richest experiences of our lives have at  George Voorhees of Chicago: "I
least been tinged by our years in the  looking forward to the fiftieth reunion
University and going there after fifty  of '79 with anticipations of joyful
occa-  For a century one of New Englands
years wiI seem like a pilgrimage to a  sions and happy greetings. Had you
    leading Schools for Girls.
shrine which has brought us rich bles-  been away from Madison and Alma 
        National Patronage
sings. I also anticipate with much real  Mater most of the time for half
a cen-  Advanced Courses for High School
enthusiasm meeting the friends of old.  tury, you could realize the thrill
of  graduates.  College Preparation.
I am sure we all feel young enough to  planning to tread her streets once
more  Exceptional opportunities in Art
have a very jolly reunion."              as a U. W. man."     
                     and Music.    Outdoor Sports.
  Jessie Meyer writes from Lancaster:   John Mix Thomas is coming from  
   Address; Bertha Bailey. Principal
"I will allow nothing to prevent my   Phoenix, Ariz. "Mrs. Thomas
and I are   B    A ss A er, Mal     ch   tts
being there. I do hope everybody who  planning to be in Madison for the Com-
 Box S. Andover, Massachusetts

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