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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 7 (April 1929)

Letters with history of long ago,   pp. 226-227

Page 226

Page 226                           THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE        
                                 April, 1929
Letters With History of Long Ago
                    One Applicant Had the Honor of a Letter From Prexy Saying
                                     He Would Be the Other Junior Enrolled.
LETTERS      and  personal memoirs     alry and served until he was disabled
 strongly built, and much sunburnt.
    are a  ostrevealing kindofhistory.  and invalided home. It may be inter-
 His mouth does not quite destroy the
Whereas an author writing for the public  esting to know  that his Civil
War  usefulness of his ears but it would easily
eye might be guided by expedient       diaries, which have just been presented
 allow a common sized griddle cake to
euphemism  to "pull his punches" on    to the State Historical
Society, are   pass without touching its corners. I
the personal and the bitter, the writer  written in Latin. Mr. Coe became
a   begin to think though that he is the
of a letter to a friend has none of these  prominent editor of Wisconsin,
owning  smartest man I have seen here. He
inhibitions. Then, too, public writing  and managing The Whitewater Register
 makes me think of one of those old
is of necessity quite cold and impersonal  for many years. His son Robert,
an  D.D.'s of the last century like the
while a letter allows a chatty, informal  alumnus, now edits this newspaper.
 minister in Mrs. Stowe's "Minister's
easy-moving style which is all revealing.  A  letter from  Coe to his family
  Some letters with these qualities    shortly after this opening of the
Uni-   Nat and Buck recite to Prof. Carr in
recently came to The Wisconsin Alumni  versity term  on Aug. 8, i86o, sheds
  Chemistry. They are almost carried
Magazine.                                quantities of light on some of the
facultyaway with the subject and the Prof.
  If you were to make written applica-  members and on the eating clubs of
   Two of the class lecture at nine o'clock
tion to matriculate again at the Uni-    the time:                      
        and the Prof. at eleven. It is their turn
versity, would you expect a personal                                    
        to "lecture" Monday. Nat has been
reply from  President Glenn Frank?       Dear Father   Mug. 9 I         
        busy making notes and writing his off.
Most likely not, no matter how import-   I received your letter in due time.
 Buck is going in on his memory without
ant you are in the business world. You  I do not see why you should have
been  notes. The plan is to repeat as much as
would expect it all the less if your    anxious as I did not expect to write
 possible of the previous lecture.
entrance credits were deficient.  One   before Sunday when I went away. 
       The University   has an   excellent
student had such a letter from John W.    We are well settled now and every-
 faculty and its reputation must come
Sterling.                                thing is in running order. I have
not   up. Mr. Coryell is a graduate of this
  Here it is, a letter from Prof. Sterling,  had to study very hard yet to
keep up  Institution and another graduate is the
acting President following the resigna-  with my classes, and have had time
to  Principal of Knoxville University.
tion of John Lathrop and preceding the  get ready to enter the Practical
Survey-  The Cong. Church is without a regu-
appointment of Henry Barnard.     It   ing class, which begins soon. The
In-  lar minister and the Presbyterian has
bears dateline July 13th, i86o:        stitution owns a fine set of instruments
 that Pro Slavery man. It is hard to
  "Peculiar circumstances prevented    and I mean to learn all I can
about sur-  choose which to attend regularly. Prof.
my answering your letter immediately.  veying as it may come handy to me
     Butler preaches in the afternoon, so I
  "You would undoubtedly be admitted   some time. Mr. Caryell has charge
of   shall be sure of one good discourse each
to the Junior Class. In some things    this and we go out into the field
two or  day. I wish I could be at home Sundays.
you would not be up to the requirement,  three times a week and practice.
Prof.  I go into the Supreme Court occasion-
but I feel confident from  the spirit   Butler is our teacher in ancient
lan-  ally.
manifested in your letter that you would  guages. He is a very talented man
and  The grounds are being fitted up for
make up the deficiencies.                an excellent linguist, almost equal
to  the fair. The fences and the buildings
  "If you were the only member of the  Prof. Hutchins; I think I shall
learn  are nearly completed, wells dug and a
class, it would make no difference in  more from him the next term than I
    trotting course laid out, which is well
our instructions. The Junior Class will  should from  Prof. Hutchins, because
 used all ready. I expect to see some of
be very small. Indeed there is no cer-  he knows some things Prof. didn't
and  you at the time of the Fair if not before.
tainty that there will be more than one  he will bring out some points that
Prof.  I don't see a newspaper twice a week.
besides yourself in the Classical Course never did.                     
        Buck has had two Wateitown Demo-
connected with that class, but that one  Prof. Sterling  is our teacher in
   crats. Nat's folks have not written him
is an excellent scholar. I think there  mathematics. He has the reputation
of  at all. It makes him feel quite bad but
will be a number in the Scientific Course  being one of the best mathematicians
in  he says it is just as he expected. When
connected with the class. The other    the State. He is very gentlemanly
and  you send out the box put in The Water-
classes are much larger.                 precise and dignified-everything
in   town Republican and Dodge Co. Citizen
  "We shall be happy to see you here at  "apple pie order."
His manner of con-  for the last three weeks. I wish you
the beginning of the term, Aug. 8th, and  ducting a recitation is much superior
 would put in The Tribune too and one
I trust you will have no occasion to   to that of Prof. Newell.         
        or two copies of The Independent or
regret the choice of this institution."  I recite to Prof. Read in Rhetoric.
        Truly yours &c.,                This recitation I value more
than either  We have about concluded to quit
                     J. W. Sterling.    of the others; he has a good sized
blank  boarding in the Club and go to boarding
                                         book in which he has wirtten a series
of  ourselves.  They have an Irish girl
  This letter was written to Edwin D.   lectures on the subject-partly original
 there, red of hair, splatter footed, slab
Coe, who was at the time a resident of  and partly translated from  ancient
  sided and not over neat. We pick our
Watertown, Wis.    Mr. Coe did not     authors-that are about the best thing
 bread to pieces to get the flies out and
graduate from the University, for the  I ever heard. He reads these to us
slowly  have to scrape the fly specks from our
Civil War broke out the next spring and  while we write down what he tells
us to,  plates before we can eat on them. Our
he enlisted at once. He became a non-  getting the principal points and sub-
 bread is sour and the biscuits half
commissioned officer in the First Cav-  stance. He is a six foot man, very
   saleratus. Nat has concluded that they

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