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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

What alumni are thinking about,   p. 141

Page 141

February, 1927
What Alumni Are Thinking About
"A    VERY bright and newsy maga-
      Azine found its way into the office
of the Daily Cardinal yesterday afternoon
and to one who-has his eye on gradua-
tion in June it appealed greatly. This
magazine which, we venture to say, few
undergraduates have the pleasure of
knowing, -is called "The Wisconsin Al-
umni Magazine" and is sent to all grad-
uates who have paid their dues and be-
come mnemb-hefsof-the .Alunm Associa-
  "As edited this year by the new alumni
secretary, the magazine represents an,
excellent vehicle for the exchange of
news between alumni, and the Univer-
sity, and is one of the many concrete im-
provements made this fall.
  The reader will find it interesting,
even -from the undergraduate point of
view, because the articles are of so cos-
mopolitan. in interest that even one who
has not attended the University would
become interested in the institution after
perusing the pages of the Alumni Maga-
  "President Frank has contributed the
conclusion of.his speech on 'An Experi-
ment in Education' to the January
number of the magazine, which should
be of great interest to those alumni who
are unaware of the 'experimental col-
lege' idea.
  "A" ;       ,*-,c-rt;n  -n;eV1pI  nf the lPami'e_
         SORRY I neglected writing
    " myou before. I, had for-gotten
about my membership dues. If I hadn't
received the Magazine I should have
realized very quickly something was
wrong, as I enjoy it so much."--ETHEL
HOVERSON (Mrs. L. D. Miller) 'i+.
£ LAST SPRING when I Subscribed
      to the Alumni Magazine, I did so
as a matter of formality soon to be cast
aside! Since then 1 have come to appre-
Ciate its value in keeping up my connec-
tion with the University.
  "But-I find. in the last issue a mere
mention of the University budget and
twice as much space given to a rather
inconsequential football banquet. I for
one, am more interested in the building
needs of the University than 'in such
events of minor consequence.  If the
alumni are to back the University in its
requests, they should be better ac-
quainted. with these requests.
  "Here at Columbia I have met Pro-
fessor Dittmer who is now teaching in
New York University. We have been
busy favorably comparing the Univer-
sity with those of our present connec-
New York City.
"    HAVE no local news, but I want to
      congratulate you for the fine start
you have made. The Magazine which is
better than ever keeps the 'Wisconsin
Spirit' burning." -CHARLES L. AARONs,
Alma Mater talk to us, and in ways we
understand and like. It strikes me you
have injected into it both personality
and 'life' in such a way that in practi-
cally every page one quickly finds him-
self back again on the campus-almost a
part of its daily life.
  "It is my good fortune to pass through
the University section twice each day,
and though I may have more of an op-
portunity to keep in close touch with,
its activities than those many thous-
ands of Alumni who are scattered far
and near, I look for the-'Mag' as eag-
erly as the farthest one possibly could.
  "Whatever one's particular interest
in the University may be, he or she will
find each issue tQ rekindle
and maintain it-the one surest way to
secure and hold the active support% of
every man or woman who has been
privileged to partake of or contribute to
Wisconsin Spirit.
  "I know how anxious you are to have
the publication serve as the live con-
necting link between the institution and
all who are interested in its welfare and
I believe I can fairly well understand the
demands of your task. But in the few
short months you have been 'on the job'
we feel you have carried your full share
of the load with genuine credit to your-
self and the Alumni Association.
  "Call on your readers for whatever
you may want or need in order to bring
the Magazine up to your highest expec-
tations, for I have every -confidence
of Nations in action is presented by
Prof. Pitman B.- Potter, based upon
observations made while he visited
Geneva last summer. An enlightening
story written from the Freshman's view-
point is given by William P. Steven, '3o,
in which the first four months of a fresh-
man's life are reviewed in a rather excel-
lent manner, considering the proximity
of the freshman to his subject.
  "Many other good feature stories are
scattered through the pages, and some
resumes of the sport situation, which
should make the reader watch the sport
page to see how many games Wisconsin
is winning.
  "Mechanical improvements, too, have
been effected which make the magazine
seem less cumbersome than it did last
year. Those who graduate in June will
do well to subscribe to theAlumni Maga-
zine."-J. M. N.
   W]E ENJOY the Alumni Magazine
     . very much and have often com-
mented on the improvement made in it
this fall."-JAMEs T. ROACH, '13, Mar-
quette, Mich.
'95, Milwaukee.,
"THE ENCLOSED check is for a
      life membership in the Alumni
Association. I look forward to theMaga-
zine each month and usually find some
news of acquaintances and friends be-
sides all the interesting general news."-
bing, Minn.
    AM enjoying the Wisconsin Alumni
    'Magazine very much indeed. It
seems infused with life and interest such
as I have not been aware of until
recently.  I find myself reading it
through from cover to cover, and learn-
ing many things I need to know. It
seems to be declaring dividends to its
reading stockholders. Congratulations
all around, and best wishes for the con-
tinuation of your good work."-DR. H.
C. BRADLEY, Madison.
6 AFTER READING the last three
       issues of the Wisconsin Alumni
Magazine-each one from 'kiver to
kiver'-I am   writing to express my
personal appreciation for the splendid
manner in which you are making our
they will respond in a way that will
make your heart glad."--J.W. JACKSON,
'02, Madison.
How the Lincoln Statue Came
         to The Campus
         (Continued from page 140)
  "A paragraph from T. E. Britting-
ham's letter of June 21, I909, presenting
the statue to the regents, shows that the
statue was intended to bring to the
campus something more than its artistic
beauty. A. paragriph culled from the
52 page program arranged by Prof.
Julius Olson and used at the dedication
ceremonies that Juine day in 1919 follows:
  "'Let us hope that this monument,
erected to one of the world's, greatest
benefactors, placed where it will be seen
by countless thousands of young men
and women at a most impressionable
age, may be a constant inspiration to
  The quotation at the bottom of the
opposite page, by a Freshman, testifies
to the fact that the statue is truly serv-
ing the noble purpose 'for which it was

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