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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

News of the classes,   pp. 111-[119]

Page 111

1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Aaron SCHEINFELD,
      Milwaukee, a son, James David, No-
      vember 11.
1916 To Mr. and Mrs- Edmond G. TooM-
ex'17 EY (Ruth EGGE), Helena, Mont., a
      son, Bruce MacEdmond,- October 24.
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. William ENNOR,
      Massena, N. Y,, a daughter, Margaret
      Jean, November 11.
ex '23 To Mr. and Mrs. Robert HESSE, 1036
      Emerald St., Madison, a daughter,
      Dorothy Jean, October 16.
1924 To. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LARSON
1923' (Madge DYNES), Waukegan, Ill., a
      son, David Dynes, November 25.'l
ex'24 To Mr. and Mrs. E. E. McCollum
      (Helen HUFFMAN), Richland Center,
      a daughter, Janet Louise.
1924 To Mr. and Mrs. Earl PLETTNER
ex '25 (Gwendolyn KizN), a daughter, Phyl-
      lis Ann, September 20.
1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Shuman
      (Margaret -BREITENBACH), Kenosha,
      a son, William Edward, May 10.
-4921 To Mr. and, Mrs. R. F. Groves
      (Deirdre- Cox), 6952 Paxton Ave.,
      Chicago, a son, Frederick Jr., March
      15. 1
1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Wayland OsGooD,
     Lansing, Mich., a son, Robert Arthur,
     January 18.
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. Charles RUSSELL,
Milwaukee, a, son, Charles W. Jr,,
      September 25.
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. Eugene CRANE
1923 '(Stella JOHNSON), a son, Robert
      Louis, March 7.
1923 To0Mr. and Mrs. Ralph GREENMAN
1923  (Edith. SUPPIGER), Madison, a son,
      Jack Russell.
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Olson, Jr.
    (Louise MOORE), 924 Garden St.,
      Bellingham, Wash., a daughter, Phyl-
      lis'Anne, September 9.
1923 To Dr. and Mrs. John Walch (Mary-
      Jeanette NEE), Escanaba, Mich., a son,
      John Coleman, June 28.
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence WARNER
1923  (Vera EASTMAN), 9213. Park Ave.,
      Beloit, a daughter, Joan Alice, August
      14.              .
1924 To Mr. and Mrs. Charles BAUER
1924  (Isabelle FAIRBANKS), 100 Ardmore
      Rd. Springfield, 0., a son, Jack,
      July 30.  ,   '
ex '24 To Mr. and ýMrs. Charles Bates
      2 Elizabeth KNECHT), 5128 Kimbark
      ye., Chicago, a son, Charles, August
1924 To Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McCorison Jr.
      (Ruth MINK), Lancaster, a son, July
1925 To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mead
      (Louise DURHAM), Wisconsin -Rapids,
      a daughter, Sarah Louise, August 10.
  DR'. JAMES MONROE LEWIS, Sp. '80, for 40
years a practicing physician in Bloomington',
Wis., died recently at the home of his daugh-
ter at Excelsior, Minn. Dr. Lewis, who was
a graduate of Rush Medical College, had not
been engaged in active practice for the past
two years.
  ALICE SANBORN BROWN, '83, died at Leth-
  bridge, Canada, on November 9, after a brief
  illness. She was buried in the Oakland Ceme-
  tery at Freeport, Illon November 12. -
  She attended the Freeport high school and
  was graduated from the University with the
  degree of B. A. in 1883. Later, while teach-
  ing in Freeport,.she studied for and obtained
  her Master's degree. SShe went to one of the
  Dakotas, took up a claim, lived the required
  period on the land, was elected to the office
  of county superintendent of ý schools and
  served a very successful term. Some .time
  later she came home to. Freeport and was
  married to George I. Brown, who for a num-
  ber of. years was city editor of, the Freeport
  Daily Bulletin.
  The Browns moved to La Grange six or
  seven. years ago and since that time resided
  with their daughter, Mrs. Donald Hartman,
  until this autumn, when the Hartmans
  moved to Lethbridge, Canada, where Mrs.
  Anna Sanborn Stoltze resided. Mrs. Brown
  had accompanied her daughter to Lethbridge
  for a visit. Her death occurred there at the
  home 'of her sister. .Both Mrs. Brown and
  Mrs. Stoltze have many friends in. Freeport
  and in Madison.
  Mrs.- Brown, while a resident of Freeport,
  had been" very active in the civic affairs of the
  city-and served fronf'1908 to 1910 as presi-
  dent of, the Freeport Woman's Club.', For
many-years she was a- member of the Pres-
byterian- Church but later became affiliated
with the Christian-Science Chuirch,
   GEORGE R. BURTON, '95, superintendent
 of schools of Crawford county, met death on
 December 4, when his car skidded off an icy
 road near Eastman, went over an embank-
 ment, and crushed him under it as it fell.
 known in -Madison musical _crcles, died at a
 Madison hospital on November 20, following
- a week's tllnesfs. :
   Mrs. Cartwright was a Madison girl, the
 daughter, of Professor and :Mrs. Thomas
 Henry Brand. After graduation from, the
 University School of Music, she served some
 time as secretary of the school. She sang for
 many years in both'the Presbyterian and
 Congregational- churches. She was a mem-
 ber of the Order of, the. Eastern" Star, the
 Wimodaughsis Club, and the State Horticul-o
 tural Society.
   Besides her two children, she leaves a sis-
 ter at Stilwater, Minn., and a'brother "Cad"
 Brand, cartoonist on the Milwaukee Aentinel.
  ALVA JANE UARADINE, -"u, iormeriy OI
Monroe, passed away at Harvard Ill., on
November 22. Miss, Caradine had been in
poor health for about a year and a half.
  After some years of teaching at Piatteville
and-Wauwatosa, she took advanced cofirses
at Columbia University and the University
of California,, and then entered the employ of
the United States _government. She was also
employed at one time with the Juvenile Pro-
te.tive Association of Milwaukee.
mother and two brothers survive her.
  of Dean J. A.zJames of the University College
  of Agriculture, died at her home in Nakoma
  on November 30.
    Mrs. James, who was born in Verona,-Dec.
  12, 1892, was married the day of her gradua-
  tion from the University, and has lived in
  Madison since 1914. She took an active part
  in musical affairs in Madison, being a mem-
  ber of the quartette of the First Congrega-
  tional church for several years, Euterpe Club,
  and Mu Phi Epsilon. She was also a very in-
  terested and helpful member of the Daugh-
  ters of Demeter.
    She leaves her husband, two children,. her
  mother and a Sister. .
    LAURA LEOTA FAY ZUILL, '14, died at her
  home in Whitewater Monday, November 8.
  After graduation from the University, Mrs.
  Zuill taught in the Waukesha cityschools.
  Burial was at Byron, Wis-.
"LILLIAN CLARK- LOPER, '19. pased away
-on November 18. Deathfollowed a lingering
  illness of several months.
    She was a. graduate of. the Oshkosh high
  school, attended Smith' College for a year and
  completed her education at the University.
  In 1921 she was married to Carlton Foster
  Loper of Oshkosh.- He and her two young
  children survive her.
    GLEN H. GUSTIN, '21, died at the Edward'
  Hines Jr. Hospital, Maywood, Ill., on :No-
  vember 23.        ,
    Mr. Gustin was taken ill in Shelby, Mont.,
  where he was employed as a civil engineer..
  Through the efforts of the American Legion
  Post at Berlin he was removed to the May-
  wood hospital for treatment.
    During the war Mr. Gustin served as a
  first sergeant overseas and was awarded the
  eroix de guerre for extraordinary heroism at
  the battle of Blanc Ment' Ridge.
    Burial was at Wautoma.
    RICHARD HARDING STOUT; "21, died as a
  result of injuries received when his plane-fell
  at Ft. Harrison, Ind., on'Sunday, October 3.
  .He was an officer in the 113th aero observa-
  tion squadron, Indiana national guard. -His
  war record is one of honor. Lieutenant Stout
  *was cited for bravery in France, where he
  served in an ambulance corps and later in a
  pursuit squadron.
  '24, wife of.Abram-S. Hewitt of New York
  City and daughter of Dr. William J. Schieffe-
  lin, retired- drug manufacturer of the same
  city, died at Bellevue Hospital December 10,
  from injuries -received after a fall from a six-
  story window of -her apartment at 125" E.
  24th St.
  E. F. RILEY, one Of Madison'& best known
citizens and'aformer secretary 6f the Board
of Regents, passed away on:December 5. His
death marks the passing-of a gentleman who
has been associated with the business- and
community life of Madison for more..t1ban.
fifty-l'be , andh,i 'WTev'" aylarg-e'group. of -
friends among the older alumni who wilf hear
of his death with deep regret.
News of the Classes
'83     John F. TOURTELLOrTT     Den-
        ver, Colo., &n tell some dark
secrets of days when Wisconsin began to
have growing pains but he prefers to
keep them dark.
'87     Charles.L. HovER, Longmont,
        Colo., is part owner of the
Empson Canning Co. He is public di-
rector on the board of the Colorado
Wheat Growers' Association and a di-
rector of the board of the Southwestern
Co-operative Wheat Growers' Associa-
'93     Louis W. MYERS, L.'95, who
      i resigned his oflice as chief just-
ice of California last January on account
of ill health, has regained his health
,and will shortly resume the practice of
law in Los Angeles.
.994    Helen KELLOGG is spending the
        winter in Los Angeles with Mr.
and Mrs. Brigham Bliss, '77. Address
625 N. Gardner St.
'       Dr. Wilson Cunningham',
  '95   Platteville, met with an accident
recenily while alighting from his auto-
mobile and was thrown to the ground,-
fracturing his right arm. This is the
second time the doctor has had a
broken arm.-William A. SCHAPER is
now a member of the faculty of the
School of Business of the University of
797     Mr. and Mrs. Louis Winslow
        Austin (Laura OSBORnE) have
started on a trip to Japan, where they
will spend several months.
        "Gus" SESSINGHAUs, Denver,
            Cl.isreviving along with'the
mining game, in which he is-well known,.
with the result that he hasn't missed
a banquet of the Denver Alumni Club
in two years.-Beatrice MACMILLA4,
Neillsville, has returned from a year of
study and travel in Europe.
100 Mary Louise STRONG is assistant
""" professor of modem languages
in Illinois College, Jacksonville, Ill.-.
Clifford OLDER is a consulting engineer
in Chicago. While he was state highway
7anuary, 1927

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