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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

Alumni professional directory,   pp. 82-[83]

Page 82

Of London he says: "London is very ex-
pensive. On the whole our impression
of Britishers is not as favorable as of
the French. 'Britishers are too puritani-
cal. They regulate everything, and it is
easy to d&tect the same puritanical
influence in the United States."--Hazel
MORRISSEY is teaching in one of the
Detroit high schools.-G. H. CUTLER,
M. S., formerly head of the department
of agronomy at University of Alberta,
Canada, is professor of agronomy and
assistant chief of the department at
Purdue University.-Alfred HUDSON,
who has been employed as a student
engineer in the testing department of
the General Electric Co., Schenectady,
has taken a position with the Phoenix
Utility Co., Havana, Cuba. Mr. Hud-
son's home was formerly in San Nicolas,
Argentina, S. A.-Fred KAUFMANN is
teaching agriculture and science in the
Arkansas Teachers College, Conway,
Ark.-Grace FRADENBURGH .is teaching
courses in history, psychology and the
Bible at Grafton Hall, Fond du Lac.-
Harold SPORER has started on a 6oo
(Two Yards -Badger 223
  mile jaunt on foot in search of big game
  in Alaska.-John L. BERGSTRESSER is
  in the investment department of the
  Union Trust Co., Chicago.
  '26     Four recent graduates of the
         University are enrolled in the
   School of Applied Social Sciences at
   Western Reserve University, Cleve-
   land, 0. They are Agnes LARSEN, '25,
   Gladys PHILLIPS, Edna CLOSE, and
   Elizabeth BADGER, M.A. Miss Larson
   and Miss Phillips are enrolled in the
   Child Welfare, Course and both are
   working with the Humane Society.
   Miss Close is taking the Case Work
   course and doing her field work with the
   Associated 'Charities. Miss Badger is
   taking the Group, Service course and
   carrying on her field work with the
   Woman's Protective Association and
   the University Center.--Adolph BIE-
   BERSTEIN is taking the required three
   months ofilce practice for a degree from
   the University law school in the office of
   Bull and-Biart, .Madison attorneys.-
   Roy HESTWOOD is' with   Ernst and
   Ernst, accountants, Detroit, Mich.-
   Edgar FUtN'K is employed by the Strom-
   berg Electric Clock Co., Baltimore,
   Md.- E. Osbourne HAND is employed
   in the advertising department of Proctor
   & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, O.-Mildred
   JOHN is doing research work in Boston
   through a fellowship given by Simmons
   College. Her address is 712 Common-
   wealth Ave.-Selina MARTY is teaching
   high school English and public school
   music in Hanover, II1.-Stanley NEL-
   SON is teaching mathematics in the
   Stoughton high school.-Ruth H. STEV-
   ENS is manager of the college tea room
   and inn at Sweet Briar College, Sweet
 Briar, Va.-Gilman TAYLOR is in the
   industrial sales department of the
   Minneapolis Heat Regulator Co. Home
   address is 3440 Dupont Ave., S.-Jo
   THOMPSON is working in the office of the
   University of Louisville, way down in
   Kentucky.   Her reports sound very
   prosperous.-Rose WALTERS is teaching
English in the Durand high school.--
S. F. WANG, who received his M.A.
degree in '26, took a trip after the
summer session through the eastern
states, which proved of especial inter-
est to him, a foreigner, as it afforded
him greater opportunity to study Amer-
ican civilization. Unwilling to say fare-
well to his Alma Mater, he returned to
the University in the fall and is now-pur-
suing some advanced studies.-Robert
WHEELER, for three years a member of
the varsity wrestling squad, got the bet-
ter of a robber who accosted him in
Chicago. Wheeler, who is now enrolled
at Rush Medical, had just gotten off a
train and turned up a short side street
near the tracks. Ask "Bob" to show you
the diamond he extracted from the rob-
ber in exchange for three dollars.-
E, G. WILLIAMS is now practicing law in
Oshkosh as a member of Ă½the firm of
Williams & Williams.
WisconsinAnti-Tuberculosis Ass'n.
                A Reliable Guide to and for Wisconsin Graduates
Illinois-L. F. HARZA, '06, C.E. '08,
    Hydro-Electric and Hydraulic Engineer,
    919 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago.m.-
California-WILLIAM   F. ADAMS, '00,
    L. '03, 640 Title Ins. Bldg., Los Angeles.
  W. C. HINTZE, '04, Suite 1110 Pershing
    Square Bldg., 5th and Hill Sts., Los
Colorado-CYRUS W. DOLPH, '96, 311
    Bennett Bldg., Colorado Springs.
  JOHN H. GABRIEL, '87, L. '89, 712-13
    Kittredge Bldg., Denver.
    '99,1 221-26 Atlanta Trust Co. Bldg.,
Illinois-FRED B. SILBER, '94 (McGoor-
   ty, Silber, Isaacs & Woley), Corporation
   and Commercial Practice, 614 Home
   Ins. Bldg., Chicago.
   GEORGE   I. HAIGHT, .'99, W. H.
   HAIGHT, '03 (Haight, Adcock, Haight
   & Harris), General and Patent Law, 1041
   The Rookery, Chicago.
   GLEN E. SMITH, '09, L. '13, McCormick
   Bldg., 332 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago.
New York-EDWIN P. KOHL, '13 (Kohl
    & Mathews), Bar Bldg., 36 W. 44th St.,
    New York City; Washington, D. C. office,
    Munsey Bldg.
Minnesota-CLARK R. FLETCHER, '11
    (Allen & Fletcher), 631-39 Metropolitan
    Bank Bldg., Minneapolis.
North Dakota-G. S. WOOLEDGE, '04
    (Wooledge & Hanson), Minot.
Ohio-JOE G. FOGG, '04 (Calfee, Fogg &
    White), 1607-12 Williamson Bldg.,
   '87 1012-1014 Rust Bldg., Tacoma.
Wisconsin-EDWARD     H. RYAN, '74,
   Pheobus Blk., Janesville.
   M. B. OLBRICH, '04    TIMOTHY
   '15  (Olbrich, Brown & Siebecker),
   RICHARD B. RUNKE, '00, Stange Bldg.,
   R. G. HARVEY, '03 (Thompson & Har-
   vey), Osgood Bldg., Racine.
   J. W. COLLINS, '97, W. B. COLLINS,
   '01, L. '09 (Collins & Collins), York
   Bldg., Sheboygan.
   '03, Ph.M. '04, Instr. Dept. Ed. '04-'06.
   Realtor, 201 Mercantile Library Bldg.,
Designs, Illustrations
Photo, Retouching
Printing Plates
  of all descriptions. In color
  or black and white.
  High School Annual Engravers
    109 So. Carroll Street
    Madison, Wisconsin
December, T926

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