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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 8 (June 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 251-252

Page 251

                                                   ALUMNI NEWS
                       Alumni please keep in touch with the MA GAZINE and
with your class secretary.
    Notices ofengagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief,
definite and accurate. Correct spelling of proper names should receive
careful attention. Requests to insert pictures should be accompanied by 13
em half tone copper cut of 133 screen, or by photograph and check
for $s.oo.
ex '17 Barbara DONEY, Waupun, to Victol
      Dawson, Los Angeles, Calif.
1919 Helen Krause to Dr. Harold NEBEL,
      both of Milwaukee. Miss Krause will
      graduate from  Smith College thi1
      June. After graduation from the Unis
      versity, Dr. Nebel took his medica-
      work at Harvard Medical College.
1920  Marion Bow to Loring HAMMOND,
      both of Wauwatosa. Miss Bow is a
      graduate of Oberlin College, Ohio,
      with the class of '25.
ex '20 Ruth HULLINGER, Chicago, to William
      ..M......owI-Y-ork    ity.
ex '21 Lillian DULIN to Harry Cushing, both
      of Janesville.
 1923 Deborah OLDS, Madison, to George
      Sherman, Janesville. lMIiss Olds is
      music supervisor in the public schools
      at Janesville. Mr. Sherman is a
      graduate of St. John's Military
      Academy and is now president of the
      Janesville Finance Corporation.
 1923 Marie- McCormick, Madison, to Ed-
      ward ABRAMO17SKY. Mr. Abramofsky
      is advertising manager of the Ameri-
      can Lace Paper Company of Mil-
      waukee. The wedding will take place
      in June.
 1924 Edith PORTER, Washington, D. C., to
 1923 Alfred GANTHER, Oshkosh.
 1925 Marjorie BENTON, Aurora, Ill., to
 1925 Paul MUENZBERG Jr., Milwaukee.
 1925 Helen BUSCH, Darien, to John Mor-
      gan. Mr. Morgan is a graduate of
      usculum College. The wedding will
      take place in June.
 1925 Pearl HOCKING to R. Conrad EM-
 1924 MONS. Mr. Emmons, who received his
       Ph.D. degree from the University in
       '24, is an, instructor in the geology
 1925 Jeanne SHOEMAKER, Eau Claire, to
       Arthur Jones, Stroudsburg, Pa. Mr.
       Jones is an instructor in athletics at
       Providence, R. I., where Miss Shoe-
       maker has been teaching this year.
 1926  Lujean COLBY, Janesville, to Dixie
       Smith, Lexington, Nebraska.  Mr.
       Smith is a graduate of the University
       of Nebrn With the ClAss of 1923-
1926  Margaret Hill, Menomonie, to Clar-
      ence HOCKINGS, Burlington.
1926  Catherine Joslyn, Minneapolis, Minn.,
      to Victor PORTMANN, Currie, Minn.
      Mr. Portmann is directing thee'cam-
      paign of Mayor Leach of Minneapolis,
      who is running for governor. The
      wedding will occur sometime in June.
1926  Florence NELSON, Glencoe, Ill., to
      Frank Morrison, Bloomington, Ill.
      Mr. Morrison is a student at the Uni-
      versity of Illinois.
1926  Myrtle OETTING to Louis Biel; both
      of Chicago. Mr. Biel is a student at
      the University of Illinois.
1926  Vesta TORPE, Chicago, to Robert
1925  Talley, Terre Haute, Ind. Mr. Talley
      is studying at Boston Technical Uni-
      versity. The wedding will take place
      sometime this June.
1927  Dorothy ABROTT, Denver, Colo., to
      Harold Nicely, Chicago. Mr. Nicely
      is a graduate of the University of Chi-
      cago and Princeton Theological Sem-
      inary. The wedding will take place in
1927  Virginia SINCLAIR, Beverley Hills,
      Chicago, to Wendell Stadle, Blue
      Island, Ill. Mr. Stadle is a graduate
      of Northwestern University.  The
      wedding will take place in June.
1927  Margaret OLDS, Madison to Paul
1928  LONG, Spokane, Wash.
1929  Charlotte GRATIOT to Edward Toell-
1929  net, both of Madison.
ex'28 Florence Huss, Madison, to Parvin
1928  EvEs, Berwyn, Ill.  Miss Huss is
      secretary to the manager of athletics.
      Mr. Eves is a student in the College of
Faculty-Helen Everett, Providence, R. I.,
      to Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn. Miss
      Everett is on the staff of the Institute
      of Research in Economics at Wash-
      ington, D. C. Her father is professor
      of philosophy at Brown University.
      The wedding will take place early in
      the summer.
1914 Agnes HALL, Elgin, Ill., to Richard
      Elas, Hollywood, Calif., April 20.
      Mr. Elias is a graduate of the Uni-
      versity of Colorado. After several
      months 'in Europe, Mr.. and Mrs.
      Elias will be at home in Hollywood,
      where Mr. Elias is an importer of
      Italian art goods.
1918 Wilda Ultican to Clemens FLECKEN-
      STEIN, December 26, at Covington,
1920  Emma DERNEHL to Walter ZERVAS,
1922  November 21, 1925. They are living
      at 1465 Murray Ave., Shorewood.
1921 Sada Buckmaster, Madison, to John
1923  ROPERTS, Milwaukee. They will live
      in Battle Creek, Mich., where Mr.
      Roberts is employed as an efficiency
1921 Alice EVANS to C. M. Geer, Septem-
      ber 21, 1925. They are at home at 709
      S. Chester St., Gastonia, N. C.
1921 Gladys HADLEY to Hugh Houck,
      September 5, 1925. They are at home
      at 301 W. Crawford St., Findlay, 0.
1921 Alice McCutcheon to Raymond HAW-
      KINS, both of Milwaukee, April 29.
      They are at home in Milwaukee.
1921 Vera PHILLI1 S to F. R. Hanson,
      September 19, 1925. They reside at
      1147-44 St., Milwaukee.
1921 Marjorie STROCK to T. B. Caldwvell,
      February 2, 1924. They make their
      home at 7211 Yates Ave., Chicago,
1922  Margaret GORMLEY to Ralph Ortel,
      September 17, 1924, at Spokane,,
      Wash. They are at home at Apt. 1,
      Cambridge Court, Spokane.
1923  Doris HAMILTON to E. L. Alexander,
      August 20, 1924. They are at home at
      Waggoner, Ill.
1923 Adeline Bakken, Madison, to Eldyn
      VAN LONE, Jefferson, April 16 . Mr..
   lrdnLoneiudnordatesuen tthe~
      University andT_ assistant in genetics.
1923  Olivia FENTRESS, Hubbard Woods,
      Ill., to Herman Behlen, New York
      City, May 22. They are at home in
      New York, where Mr. Behlen is an
1923 Esther HARRIS, to Robert NELSON,
ex '27 both of Cuba City, April 1, at Galena,
1923  Margaret Connelly to James FRAW-
      LEY, April 7, at Harrisburg, Pa. They
      are at home at 1504 State St., Harris-
ex '23 Isabel Joerns, Stevens Point, to N. J.
      LAU, Hartford, March 6. They are
      at home in Hartford.
1923  Gertrude COLLINS to Norris Levis,
      October 25, 1924. They are at home
      at 1913 Sherman Ave., Evanston, Ill.
1923  Esther SCHLIMGEN, Madison, to Clif-
      ford Tucker, formerly of Montford,
      April 10, in New York City. Mrs.
      Tucker has been studying under
      Josef Lhevinne and is engaged as a
      professional accompanist as well as
      being on the faculty of Hunter Col-
      lege. Mr. 'Tucker is with Child's
      New York office. They are at home
      in New York City.
1923  Elizabeth VAN   BRIMMER  to Paul
      Huntzicker, June 14, 1923. They are
      at home at 300 W. Orman Ave.,
      Pueblo, Colo.
1924  Georgiana KERR to Elmer Glaeser,
      January 16. They are at home at 4104
      N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago.
1924  Della MANN to William Gorham on
      June 20, 1925.
1924  Helen MOORE to N. W. BROWN, June
1918  25, 1925. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are
      at home in St. Louis, Mo., where Mr.
      Brown is manager of the Executive's
1924  Catherine SCHMIT7, Waunakee, to
1925 Joseph POLIbKA, -April 27, at Oak
      Harbor, 0. They are at home in Oak
      Harbor, where Mr. Polivka is con-
      nected with the Ohio State Experi-
      ment Station.
ex '26 Mamana Markley, Yellow Springs,
      0., to Joseph BERTRAND, Madison,
      in April, at Chicago. They-are at
      home in Portage.
1925  Grace PARIS, Prarie du Chien, to
      George Chatterton, Madison, May 8.
      They are at home in Madison, where
      Mr. Chatterton is employed with the
      Burgess Battery Company.
1926  Mrs. Emma Darling BRINDLEY" Madi-
      son, to Anthon-y    h, Chicago,
      April 27, at Rockford, Ill. Mr. and
      Mrs. Kyhos are at home in Chicago.
1926 Eleanor Crowley to Jalmar SKOG-
      STROM, both of Madison, September
      26, 1925.
ex '26 Vivian LANSWORTH to Milner HAW-
1925  KiNs, both of Madison, January 2, at
      Ironwood, Mich. They are at home at
      Caspian, Mich., where Mr. Hawkins
      is doing engineering work.
ex '26 Catherine MACKIN to Joseph BAILLIE,
ex'15 both of Madison, April 10. They are
      at home in Madison.
1926 Phyllis WOLL.EN'ERG to Ralph JONES.
1925 both of Madison, April 11. Mr. Jones
      is instructor in* the pharmacology
      department of the University medical
      school. They are at home in Madison.
ex '27 Alma Ross, Madison, to Frederick
      BANTA, Stroudsburg, Pa. They are at
      home at 306 Norris Ct., Madison.
1928 Eugenia YOUNG, Janesville, to Henry
t926 BERNEr, Antigo, March 13. They are
      at home at 108 Breese Terrace,
 1914 To Mr. and Mrs. Arnold FITGER,
      Los Angeles, Calif., a daughter,
      April 1.
ex '15 To Mr. and Mrs. Vincent VALLETE, a
      daughter, October 4, 1925.
 1917 To Mr. and Mrs. T. C. NELSON
 1.16  (Dorothy LEwIS), 77 Adelaide Ave..
      New Brunswick, N. J., a son, John
      Eric, October 1. Mr. Nelson received
      his Ph.D. degree from the University
      in 1917.
 1917 To Mr. and Mrs. Irving WooD, San
      Francisco, Calif., a son, Irving Went-
      worth, April 28.
 1918 To Prof. and Mrs. Graham STUART,
      Berkeley, Calif., a daughter, Ann.
      Professor Stuart, who received his
      M. A. degree from the University in
      1918, is a member of the department
      of international law of Leland-Stan-
      ford University.
 1919 To Mr. and Mrs. Emil STERN, 6347
      Wayne Ave., Chicago, a son, Burton
      Louis, March 27.
 1920 To Mr. and Mrs. Howard BRANT 303
       Princeton Ave., Madison, a daughter,
       Elizabeth, March 30.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Harvey BROKER
 1922  (Geneveve PAL&ER), 434 Harvey Rd.,
       Racine, a son, Robert Harvey, March
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Edwin DAANE
 1921  (Gertrude KOWALKE), 103 LakeCourt,
       Sheboygan, a daughter, Mary Jane,
       December 13.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Emil HoFsoos,3218
       Clairmount, Detroit, Mich., a daugh-
       ter, Mary Louise, April 22.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Frasier MacIver
       (Lois BURNHAM), 560 Astor St., Mil-
       waukee, a son, March 24.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Carl Steiger (Ruth
       STORMS), 43 Frederick Ave., Oshkosh,
       a son, Donald Carl, October 27, 1924,
       and a daughter, Constance Ruth,
       April 2, 1926.
 1922  To Mr. and Mrs. James DICKINSON
 1918  (Margaret CHAMBERLAIN),1011 Mary-
       land Ave., Milwaukee, a daughter,
       Mary, April 13.

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